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California tried ramming EVs down their residents' throats a few years back. They mandated every manufacturer that was going to sell new vehicles in that state had to sell a certain percentage of EVs. It was a big deal in the trade magazines, because there is always the fear that a lot of their rules and regulations, like George Clooney's smug cloud, will drift east and become an issue for the rest of us. While sometimes this does happen, thankfully the EV nonsense fizzled pretty quickly.

It did give Californians access to hastily designed and built electric versions of Chevrolet S10s, Ford Rangers, Toyota RAV4, and others. These were of course mostly sold to gov't agencies on taxpayers dimes and I would imagine hardly any are still in use today (although the ICE version of all of these could easily still be in use, many probably are ).

When the manufacturers realized that nobody was going to guy them, they just decided they would not sell cars in California. Kind of like when the CARB folks would not let Volkswagen sell new TDIs there. So, people that wanted them just paid MORE to buy "used" ones, thus not only thwarting the rules, but also robbing California of sales tax and other dealer revenue.

CARB caved, and in one magazine there was a nice article about an apology from them for such a bonehead move that clearly was doomed to failure. However, the idea was certainly sound. They just needed a little better planning, and really more time for technology to mature. California is WAY behind Germany on that front, in that Germans already tend to buy more economical cars to begin with, and do not have the huge fleet of old cars on the road. SoCal is chock full of old (and I mean OLD, pre-emission control of any kind) cars. If nothing rusts out, and you can still get parts for them, and you do not crash them....

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