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Default Clean Diesel Technology is responsible for our current cleaner air

Diesel Haters

Just because VW cheated (on purpose), choosing to save a few hundred bucks & didn’t use the available technology correctly, people should know that Clean Diesel technology currently used in Trucks/Busses etc. is responsible for the cleaner air quality we currently enjoy now in the most polluted USA cities compared with 2005, & it continues to get even better.
The air coming out the exhaust of an 18 wheeler or Bus equipped with DPF/SCR is actually cleaner in many instances than the air going in! Trucks, buses, etc. are currently driving around in the most polluted USA cities like a fleet of air scrubbers cleaning the air.
Watch this BLUE SKYS Commercial I personally posted 8 years ago
ALL 100% of Diesel cars currently registered in USA only makes up 1% -2% of the 253 Million cars currently on the road, All our cheating TDIs combined in USA since 2009 only make up about 20% of that 1% to 2%, that’s less than 0.4% of all the cars on USA roads.

What is the real impact of all our polluting TDI’s?
Since 2005 Pollution is down by as much as 50%, mainly because of CLEAN DIESEL TECHNOLOGY used in Trucks, Buses, & cars over the past 7 years.
All our VW TDI's Cheating 10X to 40X over the limit (within that same time frame) have been running wild in USA since 2009, YET... total pollution has been reduced, cut substantially by as much as 20% -50% during the same time period from 2005 to 2014.

THIS map shows USA pollution in 2005:

And with all of our entire combined 0.4% USA VW cheating TDI FLEET polluting 10X to 40X over EPA Limits, this is how the map of pollution looks as of 2014:

And it continues getting better every year despite our .4% of cheating TDIs.

Europe’s total pollution has also dropped since 2005, but not nearly as much as USA because Europe has not (yet) implemented Clean Diesel Technology on all their lorries & buses like USA has.

Gasoline cars reign Supreme in China
Finally, the most polluted country in the world (CHINA) has the LEAST Diesel vehicles of any country! only 0.4% of vehicles in CHINA are Diesel!


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