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Looking to be added to the Member Recommended Mechanics List or have someone you want added?

There are many that ask how does one get on this list.
I will do my best here to help you understand what it takes.
After reading this, if you have any further questions, feel free to PM me.

First and foremost this is not a list for any and all mechanics.

If you are a TDIClub Vendor, this does not mean you bypass the rules below.

It's for Member Recommended Mechanics, specifically TDI Specialty mechanics.

The formula to qualify for this list is quite simple.
You must prove competent in repair & maintenance of our baby's that we paid a lot of hard earned money for.
You must use the right tools.
You must do things BY THE BOOK as VW intended.
This means using the right tools.

Secondly, you must not go replacing a turbo thinking its going to fix the car. You need to KNOW it's going to fix it. This is our hard earned money, remember? If the turbo is truely the problem, does the whole thing need replaced? This is an assembly. This means lots of parts on there that could be replaced rather than the whole assembly.

We look for member vouches on a mechanic to get on this list. How many we need may vary. If we have a high level technician on the forum here that refers a mechanic, chances are its going straight on the list. Otherwise we need more than one person to give a good word.

If you are referring, please be sure to have the confidence in whether this mechanic is doing things by the book and using the right tools. This means you gotta have knowledge of the manufacture's procedures yourself.

Also, be descriptive on why you are referring. Be sure to cite facts on proving to us this person should be on the list. Let us know what the symptoms were, what work was done, what tools were used, how much was charged. Does this shop specialize in only TDI’s, all European, any car on the road type shop.

Please utilize the following format when listing the shop:
ABC Shop
123 Road
City, State Zip-code
(123) 456-7890
Any short blurb you may feel is relevant for the list

BTW, please post this rather than private message so others may comment.
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