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I don't have a flat parking area at home to measure my clearance, but having just put on a skid plate and having been less than pleased at the loss of clearance on stock tires I'm quite happy with my lack of ground scraping after putting the larger tires on.

In spite of my lack of measurements I do have some additional info from today. I just ran a rallycross*, and offroad at speed, I did catch my driver's front fender once (page 4 notation on fit updated). I did not break the paint but it caught pretty badly. I rolled the lips on both sides real quickly between laps with my multitool and subsequently removed a bit more of the shoulder tread of the tire on the fender lip - I removed some shaved pieces of the tread from the lip. I also rubbed *through* the top of the driver's fender liner today. Just like the passenger rear having an extra bulge inward, the driver front has less upward clearance than the passenger. There is sheetmetal right behind the liner there that I'm rubbing now, so that will take more than just some heat and massaging. I have contact on both sides on the inner fender to the inside of the tire fore and aft as well. With the rolled fenders, rub on the metal wheel arch continued, but seemed not to be a major issue.

I would NOT suggest anyone to go and run 225/60r16s (60s not 50s. I'll edit my earlier typo) unless they will either drive gently or accept some serious rubbing at full compression and possible body damage from full compression while steering. Personally I'm happy with it, and I'm not going back. A same-diameter tire that's narrower would not suffer the same issues. This gives me worries on the 245/45r18s, but I'm liking the 205 or 215 Grabbers from that earlier post......

In my opinion, the ultimate setup would be a 1"-2" lift with these tires - but with slightly less available compression and ideally more droop for longer overall travel. Today's racing has redoubled my motivation to find a longer set of struts to run a taller/longer spring on. maybe coilovers would be where to look instead? Everything targetted at our cars is for slamming them, but perhaps the right parts from those parts can be swapped to longer bodies? With a nice side effect of a LOT of tunability from spring rate selection and valving changes. I'm liking that idea.

*rallycross: rally meets autocross. roughly 1:30 laps, mainly in second gear pushing redline, roughish dirt track. I beat the living snot out of my car today, Subaru style. For the record, it is asking for more
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