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Cap'n Kirk, no pictures. But here is a more detailed A3/B4 set of instructions posted in the How-tos. It really is easy, but messy.

Ventectomy for the A3/B4

1) Remove the cap on the filler neck, and put a rag in the filler neck.
2) There is a metal ring in the edge of the rubber boot around the filler neck. Remove this.
3) Pull up on the rubber boot to remove from around the filler neck. Now you know why there is a rag stuffed in your filler neck. Massive quantities of caked mud/dirt. Clean out what you can by hand. There is a rubber hose connected to the boot that drains spilled fuel. Disconnect it from the appropriate place. You'll see what I mean. While you have the boot out, clean the drain tube. Chances are that it's partially plugged with gunk.
4) Put the filler cap back on. Use a hose to clean out what you can of the dirt. This will take a bit of time.
5) When clean, remove the filler cap.
6) Reach rearward of the filler neck. About 2-3 inches back, you will feel a knurled knob. Unscrew this, and remove it.
7) Take an object, and push against the vent button inside the filler neck. I have found that the rubber covered handles of a pair of large pliers work perfectly.
8) You will notice that there is an object emerging from the area where you removed the knurled knob. Grasp it, pull it rearward, and remove from car.
9) You will see the vent button, a spring, and a plastic retainer ring inside of the housing that was removed. Remove the plastic retainer ring, the spring, and the vent button.
10) Put the spring back in the assembly, and replace the plastic retainer ring. Why? No particular reason. I just leave them in place as they cause no future problem. Put the vent button wherever you prefer (garbage, trunk, shelf, etc.).
11) Slide the assembly back in place. Note the shape, and match it to the orifice shape before you push it back in place.
12) Screw on the knurled knob
13) Replace the rubber surround for the filler neck after you have cleaned it of mud/dirt. Don't forget to hook up the hose.
14) Replace the metal retaining ring in the rubber boot
15) Replace the fuel cap. You're done
15) Go the your favorite fueling place. Place the nozzle on low or medium setting. When it kicks off, slowly top off the tank. You will be amazed at the additional fuel that will go in there.

Note: A3 Jetta is the same, except that there is a tab in a slot on the underside of the housing for the vent assembly. No knurled knob. Press the tab upward with the screwdriver, and follow all the other directions.
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