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Thumbs up thanks, Nitrowolf

Originally Posted by Nitrowolf
If you've got a MkIV Jetta, take off the bottom panel to the drivers side dash. Reach up into the dash and feel around for the METAL reinforcing bar (or whatever it's for)... curl your hand up around on top of it. What you feel there is just under the top of the dash, and is pure plastic above it.
My dear wife just gave me a Sirius S50 last night as an early present and I've found a very similar mounting location in my 2006 MkIV Golf. Not as simple to get to, but it works perfectly and no external antenna needed - your clearcoat & paint will thank you.

1a. Pull out the instrument cluster - no need to disconnect the wires. Even my big mitts can fit back there easily enough to place the tiny mag-mount Sirius antenna. There are a million threads on how to do this. Just lower the steering wheel as far as it goes, pull off the trim panel right in front of/below the instrument cluster, take out the two T20 screws and gently pull it out. See the VWNavi instructions for a bunch of pictures. Don't do this with your key in the ignition, don't disconnect any cables. Be careful. Don't yank, be gentle.

1b. Remove the three T20 screws and take off the lower kick panel.

II) See picture on step #8? That big round steel thing? Plop your antenna right on it. Fish the six miles of thin coax down through the bottom panel with something handy. I used a broken cell phone hands-free earpiece thing to fish it through and down. Now would also be a handy time to bypass the starter interlock clutch switch.

Three - Bundle up the excess 5.75 miles of coax with cable ties. Put all the panels back.

#4: Enjoy being able to listen to twenty pound f-bomb being dropped on radio.

This mounting location is completely out of sight, out of weather, out of mind and gets completely 100% full reception on both the satellites & terrestrial repeaters.

Pix of my install to come later. Again, this was an awesome suggestion, Nitrowolf - thanks for pointing it out!

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