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Default Kudos to all!


Thanks to everyone that helped out. Because of your assistance we were able to have more competitors than anticipated and we still finished right on schedule. Thanks so much. I hope you enjoyed competing or spectating as much as I.

Of the 48 runs there were only two 'clean' runs with zero cone penalty points added to the time. There were but 6 runs with only one cone penalty. There were also 5 runs with 10 or more cones and three that we were disqualifed because of too many cones.
Driver #70, Meganuke's winning run was in 1:07.97 seconds plus three cones for an additional 6 seconds. His total score was 1:13.97.
Driver #163 (T.G., e-mail me your screen name and I'll post that) was second with a 1:12.81 time and a one cone for a score of 1:14.81.
Driver # 103, Turbosprezarka had the third best score with a time of 1:14.09 and one cone for a total of 1:16.09.

I had thought that an expected course time of 2 minutes would be average, but you guys and gals are nuts about competing. Only two of the scored runs were over 2 minutes, and then by a mere 3.2 seconds at most.
The average of all driver's fastest runs was 1:21.97, far faster than I had anticipated. The fastest time works out to an average vehicle speed of 10.73 mph. From what I saw the front tires were rotating at about 30 mph and the rears at 5 mph!
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