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Angus1 March 7th, 2018 12:18

Ea288 tune
Well, I did it. I ordered a tune and Q loader from kerma for my tdi. Still waiting for it to ship,(not sure how long that takes) but looking forward to getting it all together.

Angus1 March 8th, 2018 15:38

I got notice my package shipped yesterday, scheduled delivery is sat.

GreenLantern_TDI March 8th, 2018 16:16

Looks like we should have done a group buy here....

Dieseline March 10th, 2018 12:13

Does kerma sell off road tunes? I'd like to purchase their Q-loader and the 1+ tune. Then down the road after the extended warranty is over, have the option to go with an OR tune in case of a failed emissions system. I just don't see any other options for their EA288 tunes. It's the only thing holding me back right now from making the purchase. I'm waiting on a response from kerma, but figured somebody here might know. Thanks.

GreenLantern_TDI March 10th, 2018 12:21

I seem to remember someone got a tune similar to what your talking about for a completely "off road" golf. It removed all emissions and def related parts. Not sure if it was kerma tho.

Dieseline March 10th, 2018 12:28

Thanks greenlantern, I know Malone does, have used them before. I got an email from kerma the other day, saying that the Q-loader will be able to flash dsg as well soon. So to make 1 purchase of the equipment and be able to keep it and upgrade my tune down the road is a big selling point for me. I believe I have read somewhere that kerma doesn't do OR tunes anymore though. Just can't find that post. How do you like their tune btw? Really wake your TDI up?

St.Hubbins March 10th, 2018 13:43

just ordered as well - 10% off special was a bonus surprise!
can't wait to unleash this thing

740GLE March 12th, 2018 09:55

I believe the new Qloader can do the DSG, but the old one can't. Not sure what shipped for you.

Also I haven't noticed a need for a TCU tune on our '15 Passat, shifts are lightening fast in day to day driving.

Only thing I do notice that could use improvement is it doesn't keep a gear an use the extra torq at say 2K, when prodded, it always down shifts to +3K and then quickly up shifts, where I'd rather just ride the torque wave.

Owain@malonetuning March 12th, 2018 11:15

The powergate 3+ Won't be out until the end of the month, hopefully it's a smooth launch. We've had DSG tuning for the 2015s using another tool for well over a year now, but can limit lower RPM torque a little and get away without running one. Definitely worth it for doing lower RPM pulls though.

Dieseline March 12th, 2018 11:57

Owain, the powergate 3? Is that a loader like kermas? Is Malone going to offer the same type of setup, tune ecm and dsg with the same tool? I'd much rather have the option to get an OR tune down the road , from the same tuner using the same equipment. I loved my 09 with both tunes! Thanks

KERMA March 12th, 2018 12:30


Originally Posted by Owain@malonetuning (Post 5389276)
The powergate 3+ Won't be out until the end of the month,

I don't know what you mean, we've been shipping them for some time now. It's what our customers have been getting lately as we go through a LOT of these programmer units.

The DSG functionality will be done thru virtual reading just like the ECU is now.

Owain@malonetuning March 12th, 2018 12:31

Kerma and Malone use the same tools from alientech The powergate 3+ isn't officially available until the end of the month.

We also use tools from several other companies since we deal with a lot of custom builds and oddball gasser projects. Also bought a few tools to use as rentals for 2015 DSGs to tie us over while AT worked on DQ250 DSG tuning for the MQB platform.

KERMA March 12th, 2018 12:57

what you mean is: not officially available from malone till the end of the month. We got our order in week before last I think and been shipping only the 3+ since then.

The old version was discontinued and hasn't shipped for maybe the last month and a half. The new version is the only one that's available now. We ran out of the old ones and there were shipping delays because of it.

It's actually a lot less buggy than the older ones so we are finding it is an improvement. Just some initial setup required, then seamless.

it is a really sweet little unit, improved touchscreen responsiveness and larger screen.

Maybe one of the guys who got it already will post a picture.

Owain@malonetuning March 12th, 2018 13:12

Massimo told us end of the month for the "official" release. Glad to hear, the V3 could be a pain at times.

740GLE March 14th, 2018 10:12

You guys are too cute!!!! I love your passion for the platform, wish you both the best

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