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Wingnut October 12th, 2006 11:25

New/Alternate VAG-COM locator websites
It appears that the vag-com lists linked in the quote below are all dead. So if you need to locate a member close by with a vag-com, there is a new thread with a Google Maps page that has started to build a list. Please have a look and add your name if you choose to do so.


I have made the new thread a sticky and removed this thread as a sticky as it is no longer up to date.

There is also the VW Vortex thread to use as well:


Originally Posted by Ponch
Seems there are a few of these sites poping up since Steve decided to stop supporting his. Here are the 3 available to choose from: - Very similar to Steve's original site but no way to make changes or remove your profile from the list. - New look, but I find very hard to quickly locate anything. - My favourite. Worked with Steve to have his site redirected to it, new look with a very easy way to locate help and the ability to log in and modify your profile. This site also hides your email address to make sure no "spider" grab ahold of them to increase the spam you get. Privacy and security was thought of on tis site. Not to say that the others feel that your security isn't important, it just wasn't added in. This site also offers links and downloads that users send in.

It would be ideal to centralize all of these list, but until that happens your support will determine which will last the test of time.


EDIT: Note to Ed: I merged your thread with this one to reduce the amount of stickeys at the top of the TDI 101 forum. Its getting cluttered up there, so no point in having 2 Vag-com list stickeys. If you need me to edit anything, please let me know.

Growler October 12th, 2006 12:18

added myself. to both lists.

Wingnut October 12th, 2006 15:30

Thanks Growler.

It seems that the link from TDIClub is now working. But i have heard a few reports of it not working from time to time, so its good to have a backup list.

DeafBug October 12th, 2006 15:38

Hey Wingnut,

It is nice to your post got a sticky and not mine.


;) :cool:

Wingnut October 12th, 2006 16:04

Its 2 years old :eek:

If I had seen that one before, I would have made it a sticky.

Sorry Brad.

Ironforger January 8th, 2007 17:05


Originally Posted by Wingnut
It appears that there are some problems accessing the vag-com list that is linked at the top of this page.

You mentioned "Linked at the top of this page" What list? I don't see the link. I added myself to the steve hall list, but where is the other list you are reffering to? Am I missing something here?

Wingnut January 8th, 2007 18:59


Originally Posted by Ironforger
You mentioned "Linked at the top of this page" What list? I don't see the link. I added myself to the steve hall list, but where is the other list you are reffering to? Am I missing something here?

Right above the liscense plate frame and under the Articles link. There is a link for the vac-com list.

davebugs January 15th, 2007 09:44

Link works but I can't see the list when I submit for USA/PA. I was going to add myself to the list but not if I can't see the list - guess I'm funny that way.

I'll see if I fare better with the backup list.


Fyrman March 23rd, 2007 19:33

I'm in!

majesticj May 16th, 2007 09:44

is this down right now?

ksmooth August 10th, 2007 12:38

VAG-COM info ?
vag-com 101--what is vag-com, how might a mere mortal like me access this technology? I"m wanting to do some more investgative work regarding cruise control issues. Just had the brake switch replaced by dealer under recall, didn't bring back my cruise control. Brakes are fine. THe CC light come on, but cruise does not work. The switch they installed is the 1CO 945 511 A. I was expecting it to be a "d"-- most recent version, but from what I can tell it is different than the original A switches. ( I gleaned this from photos from"how to install brake light switch"post--very helpful.

Hope I'm putting this question in the right place--
the ride is a 05 GLS WAGON, 5-speed.

rdkern August 10th, 2007 14:15

Do you have access to a VagCom?

If so, further instructions will follow.

ksmooth August 11th, 2007 09:11

I've looked at the login page from the list link above, that's all. I looked for explanitary links but havn't found em yet. 'preciate the help.

Ed's TDI October 1st, 2007 20:07

New VAG-Com Locator website
I tried to post this in the "TDI News/Tech" section but apparently it has to be approved by the mods first so I figured I'd post it here. This is a link to the new VAG-Com Locator website. Please take the time to register and enter your info so we can make sure we don't lose this invaluable resource.


Ed's TDI October 2nd, 2007 16:20

Bump! Let's see if we can get this hread "stickied" so people can see it! :D

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