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goodmonkey October 31st, 2015 14:04

2006 Jetta
Picked this up today to replace my '96 B4V. With 228k miles, it is 4k overdue for a timing belt change. I plan on parking it until I get that done, hopefully in a few weeks. I'm curious if anyone on here owned it. Last registered in Mount Pleasant, SC. Looks to have been a single owner who did some upgrades on it at 144k. Picked it up near Myrtle Beach.

I was going to save this name for a gray car if I got one, but I'm going to use it on this one. It will be Ghost. My wife likes it, and says it is appropriate as I bought it on Halloween.

goodmonkey November 1st, 2015 08:50

Sunroof Drain Leak
It is raining this morning, and I went to the car for something. Noticed how it smelled, and started looking around. Found water on the upper C-pillar, and I'm not too happy about it. Confirmed the back floorboard on that side also wet. Wonder if this will require the headliner to come down to fix. A shame, as the headliner seems in good shape. Nose was pointed up hill, so I turned the car around to see if it will keep it out for now.

cobra390t November 1st, 2015 13:53

Nice looking TDI ... Sunroof drain's are clogged . Do not used compressed air to clean open them up either ...

j_martell November 1st, 2015 17:29

weed eater line from the drain exits back up.....push the crap the opposite way it flows.....

Nice car

goodmonkey November 1st, 2015 19:23


Originally Posted by j_martell (Post 4930976)
weed eater line from the drain exits back up.....push the crap the opposite way it flows.....

Nice car


Yup, I've read about how to clean them, I've just never seen it on the C-pillar like that. For the rear drains it is from the bottom up, for the front drains it is from the top down. This per the Bentley service manual. It is a low priority if the front drains work, easy enough to back in for a few weeks.

goodmonkey November 13th, 2015 13:18

Life with a BRM
Replaced the timing belt yesterday, took me longer than I'd like to admit. Nearly 8.5 hours of work, but it is done. Torsion value is off, as it was 0.5 before and -2.9 now, but I'll sort that out later. Intake hose popped off when backing out of the garage, so I got to hear what that problem is like. Easy fix though.
Found this while working on it. At first I thought it a rat's nest, but on closer inspection it looks to be a shredded belt.
Saw this too. Wonder if it is an issue.

goodmonkey December 18th, 2015 17:52

Radio Change Out
This week I replaced this:

With this:

The exact name of the radio I'm not certain of. I think it is just an updated RCN-210, though some sites also call this the RCD-320. I bought it through AliExpress, and I like it so far. I hope to give a write up on how I did it, and a full list of features and how to use it. Until then, just enjoy the picture. :)

goodmonkey January 17th, 2016 18:41

Clearing the sunroof drains did not do the trick. I finally had to throw a tarp over the car and drive the JSW. Once I was back in town and had the time, I would tackle the issue. That is what I did this weekend. I dropped the headliner and there I saw what the issue was with the back drains. The tubing had collapsed just enough to allow water to pass through the coupling and the tube, which allowed the water to travel down the outside of the tubing. If my job will hold up or not is yet to be seen.

After I got the headliner back up I removed the seats. I shampooed the carpet with our Spot Bot in hopes to get not only any mold out of the carpet but any smell too. In the end there is a wet dog smell coming from the back right corner. I'm working on getting rid of that with the back seat bottom still out.

goodmonkey January 22nd, 2016 18:50

Finally going for it
This is going to be my next upgrade:

Now I just have to wait on my tool to arrive to program it.

Unfortunately does not appear that my sunroof drain is working on the left rear side still. It will be time to put tape over the sunroof until I have more time to work on it. I can't afford another day right now to take the headliner down again.

goodmonkey January 26th, 2016 21:37

Instrument Cluster Upgrade
Tonight I went from this:

To this:

I played over the weekend with getting VCC to work. It did not work with my VCDS cable, so I had to wait for the VCC cable to come in. Got it working, and even with taking some screen shots I was able to do it in about an hour. The time on the cluster in the second picture isn't right, so no, it didn't take me all that time. I have no control over the screens yet, but the default one is what I'd most likely have up more times than not.

hardint January 26th, 2016 23:27

How much of a PITA was the headliner removal ? My 06 has the sagging problem bad and want to recover it this spring,
You sure must have some spare time to work on it !!! Time is my missing element as well as my get up and go got up and went the last few years !!!
Where is your parts donor coming from ?
Good Luck, be sure to check the cam lobes out too.

goodmonkey January 27th, 2016 08:57

Free time is an illusion anymore. I had to take a day off to drop the headliner, and last night's adventure was done after my daughter went to bed. I should have been doing other things but pushed them off because it would gnaw at me until it was done.

A look at the cam lobs is upcoming.

The headliner took about an hour an a half to drop, but I didn't take it out of the car. The DIY I was following failed to mention the clips and band around the sunroof, so that took looking at the repair data from ERWIN to figure that out. Putting it back up wasn't bad in itself, once I figured out how to bend the clips for the grab handles back into shape. Those are a big part of what hold the headliner up, and when I needed 8, two local VW dealerships only had 3.

CLLARK1 January 29th, 2016 22:31

Just picked up an 06 myself.I am wanting to upgrade the cluster.They seem to be difficult to find.Where did you buy yours.

goodmonkey January 30th, 2016 05:11


Originally Posted by CLLARK1 (Post 4995961)
Just picked up an 06 myself.I am wanting to upgrade the cluster.They seem to be difficult to find.Where did you buy yours.

I picked it up from ebay. You are right, they aren't easy to find. I almost pulled the trigger on one out of a '09 before I realized the IMMO differences. If you can't find one there I'd start looking for others parting their cars out. There are other cooler options too, but a little harder to do.

goodmonkey February 7th, 2016 16:10

Yet more "upgrades" coming
Here are a couple of the things I've picked up to install sometime soon.
That is a 30-byte highline CECM (suffix AJ) which could allow for some neat things like cornering fog lights (if I ever install them). From the plugs included I can see that the car it was pulled from didn't have factory fog lights.

Next to it is a MFSW, and now I have a problem. After purchasing this I decided to also buy a MFSW out of a GTI, this one with the flat bottom and more pronounced bolsters. It isn't in yet to inspect it, but I'm not certain which one I want to use and which to keep. I'm really leaning towards keeping the GTI one, and selling the one pictured above. If so I'll let everyone know. I have some time to decide: the steering wheel control module I ordered is coming from China, so I'll have most everything before that gets here.

Also still to arrive: single turn signal/cruise control stalk, and MFSW airbag harness. That last one I'm certain I'll have to take apart my old one to integrate it all, as I'm certain I'm going to find I have a two connector air bag, where I could only find the single connector harnesses.

Next to ponder: fog lights (wired into the CECM), upgraded the CCM (not certain I really need to other than to see options in the MFD), rain/light sensor with or without the auto dimming mirror. I've not been impressed by the auto dimming mirrors in the NMS Passats, so I think I may go the no auto mirror route.

The duct tape over the sunroof seam has cut out the water from getting into the car. So that saves things and allows me to drive it without having to worry about a never ending battle with water and mold. I need to look into tires soon too. Other than that and an upcoming oil change I think things are going good, other than the plastic windshield washer hose. It needs repaired to help return full pressure to the nozzles.

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