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SpamJ December 9th, 2005 06:17

MN Chat Thread
Place for GTG, sightings, and general talk about MN TDI's.

Route 66 December 9th, 2005 07:36

How many miles are on your wagon Sam?

SpamJ December 9th, 2005 08:40

still about 93k, I need a trip.

tango_28 December 9th, 2005 12:24

Saw a silver Jetta TDI wagon at Afton Alps last night. Anybody around here owns it? Also there was Golf TDI too.


burpod December 9th, 2005 14:17

just got some blizzak revo1's on my gf's golf w/black steel wheels... $650 :( couldn't find anything cheaper.... should be $80x4 for tires and $30x4 for the steelies = $440. at tires plus. the tires weren't all inflated right either. 30, 32, 34, and 35psi. hmm... been wanting to put on the splash guards as well, but been to cold/frozen and not a chance to get the wheel wells cleaned nice before putting them on. i've seen a couple TDIs here in bemidji. a dark green and black jetta.

Route 66 December 10th, 2005 08:38

Sam lets drive Route 66.

jettawreck December 10th, 2005 12:44

burpod, if you see a 2000 Jetta white w/darktinted glass traveling hwy 2 between Grand Rapids-Bagley give me a wave!!

somepunk22 December 10th, 2005 17:11

Spotted my twin (black 4dr avus wheels TDI) at Hyland on Friday. Anybody here?

KomarekTDI December 10th, 2005 17:18

Just put in my TDIHeater - wow, was that easy. Seems like a great deal to get everything you need in one box. Looking forward to easier starts and warm heat!

I have VAG-COM and am in Forest Lake (work in Wyoming) so if you need a code read or reset let me know.

See you on the road,

SpamJ December 10th, 2005 17:57


I'm thinking about challanging anybody going to the TDI fest next year, to a mileage contest. What do you think, WI border, and then see how far everybody gets, on a select route, makes you kinda sad you don't have the Jetta Wagon anymore eh?

Saw one Passat Wagon TDI on my trip to the cities today, then told one guy about the TDI Club at the dealer (after my car wash). 100 miles today, 200 miles tomorrow.

tango_28 December 10th, 2005 18:01

I also have a Vag-com too.


burpod December 10th, 2005 18:24

i got a vag-com too, usb cable, but no windows laptop (only linux) as of now so. no USB support for WINE :(

btw, anybody around this area (northern MN) or down near st. cloud or the cities who is experienced enough to install a VR6/G60 clutch kit (from dieselgeek most likely) for a decent price if i do need an upgrade in the future? thinking of upgrading from RC2 to RC3, and don't have near the experience to attempt such a job, though i'd like to watch/help/learn...

i still haven't installed my tdi heater. i'd like to put it in my gf's golf, just haven't had the time or garage to do it in.. i'm also hoping to do an FM-100 fuel filter install sometime soon... something along the lines of:

Route 66 December 11th, 2005 02:22

Sam good idea, have you ever thought of driving the Alcan again? Burpod did you know Marilyn Shutter?

burpod December 11th, 2005 10:09

who's marilyn shutter?

canast December 11th, 2005 11:05

You know sometimes you just have to teach the dealer how to do their job. I messed up last weekend and did not add any additive and she stalled on way to work on Monday. First time in 4 years. I called Wednesday was getting the run around on how busy they were. I suggested that all they had to do was park it in the shop overnight. No technician required, and I would still pay there diagnoses fee. Thursday morning she was working just fine. Just happy to have my car back. Only left over problem from ordeal was that clock was behind by almost 3 hours and locking sequence is messed up. I am thinking that something glitched on the ECU maybe. Anyone in North Metro have time to Vag it for me?

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