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BKmetz March 14th, 2009 10:29

Vendor Accountability Thread
This thread is for members (not vendors) to post issues about vendors. We want to know about vendor's who are not holding themselves accountable.

The vendor registration program is simply for vendors to declare that they have a product or service available to the members in exchange for money, and that their contact information is valid at the time they were contacted. Vendors are responsible for notifying TDIClub in any change of their contact information. It makes no difference if the vendor is a weekend hobbyist or a real store or shop. The definition of who should be registered as a vendor is anyone who accepts money from the membership for any product or service.

There is no TDIClub seal of approval for any vendor and TDIClub does not resolve any conflicts. When someone becomes registered as a vendor, there is no automatic inclusion to the 'Trusted TDI Mechanic's - By State' thread. Admission to that thread is by referral only. I discourage vendors from adding themselves to that thread as self-promotion can make their credibility suspect. Referrals are earned, not granted. Vendors are expected to have the integrity to hold themselves accountable. Simply put, the vendor is his own warranty for the product or service they are selling.

Members and vendors are to resolve issues privately, just as in any other transaction one engages in.

Members should only post their complaints here after they have tried to resolve their issues privately. TDIClub's forums are the last venue for resolution, not the first.

The rules in no particular order:

Members can post about vendors who have not responded to repeated attempts to resolve any issue. Simply put, when normal and reasonable communication has failed, then post the complaint.

1. No vendor Vs vendor issues.

2. Posts should be factual and civil. Vendors ARE allowed to post their side of the story. So think before you post. Members have embarrassed themselves posting a complaint about vendors when in reality the member was at fault.

3. Only first person accounts allowed. No 'I heard it from whoever' posts.

4. No flaming, trolling, baiting, attacking, etc.

5. Nofanboi posts allowed trashing the competition. This also includes 'reverse shilling' for lack of a better term. Phony accounts that post bogus complaints will be removed and the accounts banned.

6. No whining about petty issues, e.g., shipping was late, parts were back-ordered, item out of stock, price changes, wrong part shipped, etc. This stuff happens in every business. The world is imperfect, TDIClub's vendors included.

7. New members who sign up to trash a vendor will not be allowed, especially if the complaints are about some outside entity that is not part of TDIClub. I have banned a few people for this in the past.

8. Posting about Ebay listings/stores, Craig's list, Autotrader , etc, are allowed if it is about obvious scams, counterfeit items, etc. We want to know about frauds like Dr_boost,rodbuilder, Chinese nozzles, etc.

9. No links to outside whiner sites like, etc. That is not a first person account.

10. No posts allowed except for first person complaints and replies by the mentioned vendor. All other posts will be removed regardless of content. Members who post here must make their contact information available to the mentioned vendor. Vendors do not know their customers TDIClub user-names.

11. Members and vendors, PLEASE post if resolution was reached or not.

12. When special circumstances warrant the action, a dedicated thread will be allowed for discussion of vendor issues.

13. No fanboy, cheerleader, praise posts for one's favorite vendor. All that will do is encourage everyone to post about their favorite vendor and we will end up with pages and pages of noise.

The rules will be a work in progress so I will add/edit as needed as this thread evolves.

Again, I repeat myself; think before you post. I have banned members and vendors who tried to use TDICLub to seek revenge and further their vendettas. I have also removed vendor status from vendors and blocked their access to the for sale forums and the high performance forums. I have also blocked members' access to certain forums when they just can't stay out of trouble when discussing certain issues.

We want to know about and weed out the bad apples.

One area of commerce that deals with customer complaints is when a business has to fire a customer. The customer is not always right. Some people thrive on conflict and are not interested in any reasonable resolution. They simply want to promote their victim status as they feel it empowers them to something they are not entitled to. SPV's (Self Proclaimed Victims) will not be tolerated. The link explains SPVs A to Z.

Anyone whether it be a member or vendor who tries to paint themselves a SPV will get a long time out, maybe even perm-ban.

Thank you.


BKmetz March 14th, 2009 10:35


From this point forward any vendor complaints are to be posted in this thread.

Thank you.


Topolog March 15th, 2009 18:17

Stay away from M I N I O N!
Hi All,
Just wanted to share my experience with a member of this forum M I N I O N, who performed geared balance shaft (BS) module upgrade on my Passat TDI. I was referred to him by another TDIClub member. After the upgrade the car does not run as smoothly as it used to. The engine sounds much rougher at idle and during normal driving. There is more vibration coming from the engine, even at low speeds, than before the BS upgrade, and the engine simply sounds louder. After contacting Oilhammer and MOGolf, the members who came up with the upgrade procedure, I found out that the job will have to be re-done, because proper tools weren't used in the first place. This includes replacement of all improperly torqued tension bolts, intermediate balance shaft gear (w/ washers) and timing belt tensioner. Timing will also have to be reset to the proper mark.

Although this pissed me off, I decided to be civil about it and give him a chance to correct the problem. We all make mistakes. I've tried to contact Josh (M I N I O N) for several days (text & voice mail messages on his cellphone, PMs, email) and did not receive any response. Thus, I decided to share my experience to prevent other club members from going through this. It appears that he does not stand behind his work. If you want to save yourself a lot of headaches, stay away from this guy and do not let him touch your car!!!:mad:

P.S. I've also found out after the fact that I am not the only club member who has been screwed by M I N I O N.

BKmetz March 19th, 2009 16:46

How not to post a complaint:


SBAtdijetta March 28th, 2009 13:48

Well there were "some" issues I had with StreetToys. Some were asking about issues in a S/T for sale thread here so I thought I should give my .02


Originally Posted by johnnloki
There's a vendor accountability thread just above this one. Nobody's participating.

I thought because nobody else had posted here I should. I would not recommend anyone buy anything from S/t, Nick, or anyone else selling out of that business or address FWIW. A few links to threads below that you can read for yourself and decide if your money is worth taking a chance on...

Blown S/T 1956 SV turbo - my thread
Pic's of my new parts for S/T - by O.C.TDI

in response to: Pic's of my new parts from S/T - by Street Toys
Turbo Reman process/questions - by Street Toys

And several more in this post here in the above thread in a post - by crazyrunner33

Questions and allegations have been tossed around with just cause, and Nick with S/t has never answered any of them, buyer beware (understatement of the year).

More S/t related posts:

Beware fellow TDI owners of this vendor
- by midge4

BKmetz April 7th, 2009 18:45

Due to the unusual circumstances of this event, and to keep this thread on topic, IndigoBlueWagon is going to start another thread specific to the TDIParts' server getting hacked and the affected TDIClub members. I will then move all the germane posts from this thread to his new one.


IndigoBlueWagon April 7th, 2009 18:51

It's here:

BKmetz June 10th, 2009 08:28

Some posts were removed due to the fact that the member never contacted the vendor about the perceived problem, even after the vendor publicly invited the member to do so. This was over two weeks ago.

The poster has not logged on the forums since posting the initial complaint. We conclude the poster was a troll, without credibility and integrity.


Raimieb July 4th, 2009 10:40

Called Paul At Who Sold Me A "new" (street Toys Remaned) Turbo 20k Died Already....all Precautions Were Taken, Professional Installation, Oil Changes At Correct Intervals, Rc3 By Jeff, Never An Over/underboost Issue Whatsoever....paul Was Not Helpful And Would Not Take The Turbo Back, So I Am Stuck Without A Car For The Next 4 Months Until I Can Save Up For A New One Or Sell The Car As Is....thanks Kerma For Not Standing By Your Product And For Deceiving A Hard Working American Consumer...

KERMA July 4th, 2009 12:31

I can't find any record of KERMATDI having sold a turbo to anyone with your e-mail address ( according to your e-mail address in your user profile here on the forums)

If this is Walter Bateman I spoke with last week, Where did you buy your turbo, and who did you pay? (it wasn't us) When did you buy it? Who did you buy it from? There's no Walter Bateman in our customer records at all, not even a store profile under that name. I'm afraid we can't reasonably be expected to "back up" something we didn't sell to you.

Regarding any warranty: If you had purchased a brand new turbo from VW, for example, the warranty is 12 months and 12k miles. That's the best you will find from any vendor. At 20k miles of service, it's clearly past any warranty period.

If this is a case of mistaken identity, please reply to me privately with your contact details, and details of the purchase, I will look into this matter a bit more. We might still be able to help you somehow.

Raimieb July 4th, 2009 14:42

kerma turbo from BB (aaron)
The turbo was purchased from aaron kammemeyer and it was a kerma either way it was ultimately one of yours. honestly, i understand the 12 month, 12k warranty, just feel like for the money paid for a turbo it should last a little longer than that. and the fact that you don't do business anymore with your turbo rebuilder street toys indicates other people have had this problem and you all have done the right thing by distancing yourself from them. the next right thing you ought to do is realize they did not do as high a quality job rebuilding them as you claimed when selling the turbos for a premium $$$$. if a factory turbo can last 100k plus, in my case 162k, how does such a high quality one like yours fail at 20k? twice the price and 1/7 the longevity, that is not a highly sustainable business model. also on the phone you were of no help. i can and will dig through my bank statements to find the date the turbo was purchased from aaron. Also, i did purchase nozzles from you guys so i am amazed that there is no profile by walter bateman. Guess I will dig up and put into .pdf my bank statement showing the purchases.


Bush Hopper July 13th, 2009 08:42

Problem, resolved. Thanks

darkscout September 12th, 2009 16:03

Kerma gave my personal information to a business partner.

ultrasparc September 12th, 2009 16:21

Bora Parts ?
I ordered a DC clutch kit and other parts (suspension bushings, temp sender) from Bora parts on 8/15. After a week or so I didn't hear anything, so I emailed on 8/26 requesting a status. Aaron responded that his clutch guy was having issues and asked me what I had received. I emailed him back I hadn't received anything.

Several emails have been sent since then, he has been slow to answer them. I finally sent a email requesting a refund. He emailed me back stating his clutch guy had a family emergency. He told me he would process a refund for me when he got into the office last Wednesday. I have not heard anything and my bank has not been charged back so I just sent him another email.

At this point I am considering calling my bank and having the charges reversed claiming fraud. Its been a month since I payed him $623.43 from my credit card and he has been fairly un-responsive.

I know he gets rave reviews on this site, maybe I am just unlucky ? Maybe he is having financial difficulties ?

I like to think of myself as a fairly reasonable guy, I think I have been very patient about the issue. But in 3 days it will have been a month since he accepted my money and I have received nothing. All communication with him has been after I sent a email to him.

Since this happened I ordered some parts I needed from TDI parts. Peter sent me a tracking number right away and I received my parts when promised, quickly.


This issue has been resolved, Thank you Aaron.

Bob_Fout September 13th, 2009 15:30

My ST DP is two years old and is rusting. Two different exhaust shops have said it'll need replaced within a year. Anyone else have rust issues with an ST DP?

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