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surfstar June 9th, 2018 21:39

2011 Golf No Start - help please!
Got a bit of a project:
This car sat for an unknown amount of time (up to a year+ possibly?), then I got it a few months back. Couldn't work on it until recently, and I knew the battery was going out and causing a no crank issue then. Only info I had. I pulled codes (only have OBD11 not VCDS) and got
P2463 - Diesel Particulate Filter - Soot Accumulation static
P2016 - Intake Manifold Runner Position Sensor/Switch Circuit Low static
Then it sat for a few months and the battery fully died.

Finally got time to grab a new battery today to throw it in. I was hoping it could be the fix, as these cars seem picky about proper voltage according to my research.
Car sat long enough with a dead battery that doors wouldn't lock, etc, and codes cleared I believe.
Cranks now, still no start. See video of attempts, if it helps.
Pulled codes: same P2463 and P2016.
Cleared codes, then did only one start attempt and the codes didn't set. Fuel issue?

I've been researching what I can and don't have much experience with TDIs. Anti-Shudder Valve (ASV) - can't find it. On a CJAA I think its integrated into the intake manifold, correct? Can it still cause a no-start? P2016 related?
Fuses seem fine.
Afterwards, I checked the fuel filter and didn't see signs of metal debris (2011 w/ 146k mi, unknown service history). Will priming possibly solve the no start? Didn't crank after cracking open the fuel filter. I need to manually prime without VCDS, unless I can find a way with OBD11.

Apparently a flashing glow plug light doesn't mean that they are bad.

Other avenues to explore?
Any and all help appreciated!

surfstar June 21st, 2018 20:00

Bump for any thoughts...

surfstar July 11th, 2018 18:49

Primed the fuel system with OBD11, tried again, cranks - no start still.

Tempted to try starter fluid! ;)

I've read the debates on that, though...

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