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surfstar June 9th, 2018 22:39

2011 Golf No Start - help please!
Got a bit of a project:
This car sat for an unknown amount of time (up to a year+ possibly?), then I got it a few months back. Couldn't work on it until recently, and I knew the battery was going out and causing a no crank issue then. Only info I had. I pulled codes (only have OBD11 not VCDS) and got
P2463 - Diesel Particulate Filter - Soot Accumulation static
P2016 - Intake Manifold Runner Position Sensor/Switch Circuit Low static
Then it sat for a few months and the battery fully died.

Finally got time to grab a new battery today to throw it in. I was hoping it could be the fix, as these cars seem picky about proper voltage according to my research.
Car sat long enough with a dead battery that doors wouldn't lock, etc, and codes cleared I believe.
Cranks now, still no start. See video of attempts, if it helps.
Pulled codes: same P2463 and P2016.
Cleared codes, then did only one start attempt and the codes didn't set. Fuel issue?

I've been researching what I can and don't have much experience with TDIs. Anti-Shudder Valve (ASV) - can't find it. On a CJAA I think its integrated into the intake manifold, correct? Can it still cause a no-start? P2016 related?
Fuses seem fine.
Afterwards, I checked the fuel filter and didn't see signs of metal debris (2011 w/ 146k mi, unknown service history). Will priming possibly solve the no start? Didn't crank after cracking open the fuel filter. I need to manually prime without VCDS, unless I can find a way with OBD11.

Apparently a flashing glow plug light doesn't mean that they are bad.

Other avenues to explore?
Any and all help appreciated!

surfstar June 21st, 2018 21:00

Bump for any thoughts...

surfstar July 11th, 2018 19:49

Primed the fuel system with OBD11, tried again, cranks - no start still.

Tempted to try starter fluid! ;)

I've read the debates on that, though...

surfstar October 1st, 2018 20:05

So, I couldn't get it to fire on WD40 - but a bit of stater fluid and it did fire.
I disconnected the glow plugs first.

Wouldn't stay running, but it might have been enough to get me a new code:
P0087 - Fuel Rail/System Pressure - Too Low Short circuit to B+

now to read up on FP issues... and hope its not the HPFP

turbobrick240 October 1st, 2018 21:16

Sounds like it might be an immobilizer(ecu) issue. I'd leave the ether alone and prime again with the fuel line from the filter disconnected and routed into a container. Maybe one of the electric pumps crapped out.

surfstar October 2nd, 2018 21:39

yeah, looks like HPFP

Pulled the fuel metering valve and found glittery bits all over the mesh. Looks like its time to investigate the cheapest way to limp around the dealer lot with a replacement / fuel cleaning / etc ...

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