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TdiRacing June 6th, 2006 17:03

New RallyVW raffle is up
We are running a new raffle in the TDI Motorsports section. Injectors, chip, metalnerd tools and Fred donated some license plates. Check it out.

Yes, I have permission from Fred to cross post.

Thanks for everyones support.

Crew Chief Rally VW

TdiRacing June 7th, 2006 16:47

Will be adding a few items in the next few days as well. The deal ust gets sweeter. Thanks for everyones support.

TdiRacing June 16th, 2006 19:03

Not much activity. There is a lot of good stuff up on this one. Check it out.

TDI2some June 17th, 2006 15:34

-Bump for a good cause!-

10000ft June 17th, 2006 17:17

Link to Raffle info:


whitedog June 17th, 2006 17:20

Ssshhh. my odds keep going down. :)

ofhs93 June 17th, 2006 23:12

Well WD...lets just hope that your odds and mine are both very long by the time it comes to draw the winners ;)

TdiRacing June 18th, 2006 20:26

Thanks everyone. We are really struggling to continue this season.

ofhs93 June 19th, 2006 07:20

Comon would be a REAL shame for them to have to abort the rest of the season due to lack of funds when they are sitting in 1st place in a division where they are competing with factory sponsored cars. ANY amount that folks can spare will help. I can't afford much myself but every bit helps.

MikeS_18 June 28th, 2006 06:09

Sent some american paypal bucks to you!

Good Luck!

TdiRacing June 28th, 2006 12:27

Thanks. It not looking very good for us to continue. Not much money coming in. I guess we may just be able to do one more event.

ThatRickGuy June 28th, 2006 13:25

Just out of curiosity, how much does an event cost all told (including travel, lodging, food, fuel, race related costs, etc)?

Any luck trying to get local VW Dealerships to chip in something? Any love from VW themselves?

Like most forum members, I don't have huge money to put up, but I'll toss $20 into the hat if you take the sound off of your web site's front page. ;)


TdiRacing June 28th, 2006 19:35

Thank you very much. We have no large sponsors other than Rocketchip and Kerma, but they are by no means LARGE. It cost about $3000-5000 per event. It would be great to have a corporate sponsor, but we have had no luck with that.

We do appreciate all the donations and we will continue to hope that we have enough to continue the fight.

We are all just regular working guys, taking to the big dogs with unlimited money. That sure pisses them off.

CGR June 29th, 2006 11:12

It is really dissapointing that VW has not got behind you with some factory sponsorship especially considering how well you are doing and that you are competing against other factory teams.

ThatRickGuy June 29th, 2006 14:41

You could also see about getting a Biofuel Co-op to chip in a couple of bucks for some add space on the car. Heck, maybe you can talk a local co-op into filling your tank at the race. It'd be free fuel for you, and a great advertisement for them.


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