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maktas September 2nd, 2009 12:29


Originally Posted by oilhammer
That's only half of it. ;)

Hehe, lets applaud mediocrity... :rolleyes:

GM bandaided that poor engine for 20 years beyond what its lifecycle should have been simply because they could not come up with anything better. And they even sold that engine to AMC then bought it back! LOL!

1960's technology!!! Yeah, I guess if it works, it works. Not my cup of tea. Seen plenty of 'em with problems, too. No longer in production. I guess even GM finally had to come to grips with the fact that not everyone wanted the same thing their father had. :p

OH... can you retrofit a 3800 V6 in my B5.5?? :D ...seriously

oilhammer September 2nd, 2009 12:31

LOL..... :p

maktas September 2nd, 2009 12:48

Guys... don't get me wrong, I am not very anti-VW (just slightly now ;) ), I grew up driving 2 VW rabbit non-turbo diesels, my dad destroyed one by over-torquing the cylinder head, cracked it, and we ended up selling the other one with 1/2 million KMs on it. These engines were good...why? because it was simple and it worked (just like the 3800 ;) )

I am royally pissed off at primarily 2 things on my $30,000 CDN BHW B5.5; 1) the fact this engine was released to production with a fundemetal engine design problem 2) VW sticking their head in the sand and sticking us with the bill to fix it.

These 2 facts have forced me to deal with a crooked extended warranty company, a lawyer, a useless, pathetic stealership with a service dept that has no clue....

So I blame the ROOT CAUSE of this fiasco, because we all know how insurance companies, dealers and lawyers behave!

Benjamin September 2nd, 2009 12:57

The 3800's were better then the 3100/3400's from that same era. When I worked in the small independant shop out here I saw many intake gaskets from those engines. The worst were the minvans as with tight fit and design was a total pain to work on. My wife's Passat will probably be the only PD engine I will own if I can help it. Since I don't drive much right now I know I will be waiting to see how the CR engine goes.
Another thing that I am watching is the new toureg as my wife loves how it looks and already has her heart set on that being her next vehicle in a few years.

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