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Syncrogreg September 19th, 2017 21:55

Stage 4 tdi cr bug!
Hit me up if you want one setup! It's what I'm doing full times these days. I build plug and play harnesses with engines kits up to spec and I can integrate all types of sensor up to customer requirement.
I like the using EGT sensor and oil pressure sensor on all my builds for good monitoring. I use 4bar Bosch sensor MAPT, and billet aluminum Intake and coolant parts.
Hit me up for quotes:

turbobrick240 September 20th, 2017 03:29

Wow, that looks really cool! Are you building them on custom chassis or original bug? I've seen some of your other diesel conversions and am quite impressed with the quality work you do. I'd love one of these- I'll have to get in touch for more details.

Syncrogreg September 20th, 2017 04:35

Thanks man, yes I have production molds to make more. While it is my plan to build whole cars in future I'm focusing on engines at the moment.

Syncrogreg November 29th, 2017 16:22 swapped that unknown transmission with code with the DVZ longitudinal transmission from VR6 PASSAT 5 speed manual and I'm running into an issue...
the flanges that were in the unknown transmission were 108mm with a small size stube spline and the DVZ have bigger CV that look like 112mm??? and also have a larger stub spline for the diff side.
If any body know where to find a flange that is the wide spline with the 108mm CV that would be awesome help right now I'm stuck
Thank you!

Syncrogreg December 10th, 2018 13:48

I just changed the base engine for our Pikes peak car with the ea288. I found the head to breathe a lot more to start with!

PickleRick December 10th, 2018 15:58

The 1.8t passat 5 speed b5 passats used the smaller foot print cv axles. I have no idea if you can swap the flanges from the dvz over to the smaller flanges or not.

The b5 1.8t passats also used the smaller ID wheel hub bearings if I'm not mistaken. I have no idea if they changed the later b5.5 1.8t over to the larger style or not but i do know that the outer wheel bearings on all 98 to 2005 5 speed v6 passats are all the larger style as are all the 04/05 diesels. Your DVZ came from a v6 passat but it was not a VR6.

I wish i could give you more info but all i buy are the 04/05 diesels and any of the v6 5 speeds for the transmissions.

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