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Kevinski February 7th, 2004 12:59

egr mod on 2004?
Tried the egr mod on a 2004 per tdi faq instructions. It would not accept the login code of 12233. Am I doing something wrong? I have the latest version of vag-com/hex com. Thanks, Kevin

DeathEngine February 7th, 2004 15:30

egr mod on 2004?
From what im told, there is currently no egr mod for the 04 tdis. Not yet anyway,.

Uwe February 8th, 2004 10:20

egr mod on 2004?
That's correct. The 2004 PD engines use an EDC-16 engine management system. We think we've identified the adaptation channel which would tweak the EGR, but the standard Login won't allow changes to that channel.

Futhermore, since these cars have an Oxygen Sensor in the exhaust (to provide a feedback loop so the ECU can supply an optimal amount of EGR to keep NOx emissions to a minimum), even if EGR tweaks were possible, they would likely result in Check Engine lights and DTC's.


Kevinski February 8th, 2004 11:07

egr mod on 2004?
Thank you both for the response(s). Was not aware of the O2 sensor either. I wonder if this feedback system will help reduce the possibility of intake manifold clogging?

Just a side note, they do make "dummy" O2 sensors for at least my GMC pick-up. It basically tells the computor "all is well" even if no catalytic convertor is in place. I wonder if this is an option for trying to get around the problem.

BTW, the latest version of Vag-Com seems alot easier to use, nice layout, nice features, great product. Thanks again, Kevin

Uwe February 8th, 2004 13:58

egr mod on 2004?
The post-CAT sensor on gassers is not a very sohpisticated sensor. Typically a "switching" sensor (as almost all 02 sensors were until a very few years ago). It's also not user for mixture feedback much (if at all). It is, as you've said, an "All is well" sensor. That means it's pretty easy to fake the signal.

My guess is that the 02 sensor used on EDC-16 engines is a wide-band sensor (meaning it gives a voltage proportinal to the oxygen content of the exhaust gasses rather than an on/off signal indicate the presence or absense of oxygen).
I don't believe that you will achieve the desired result by trying to fake this signal using a commerically available post-cat "dummy" sensor.


PS: Thanks for the kind words. We strive to continually improve the product.

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