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jollyGreenGiant January 16th, 2008 15:11

VAG-COM Plotting Software
The Windows-based log plotting application you've all been using for a while... No changes, moved host.

Dropbox link -

A few caveats:

Obviously you need to know how to use VCDS and log data to file before using this application, this is simply a log viewer if you will.

You can't open the log file with this app if VCDS still has control over it, you need to choose the done/close button on VCDS to gain access to the file. Nothing on the log file will be changed, it's a read-only affair with this application.

It should be capable of taking any measuring blocks setup under any of the three groups provided under VCDS measuring blocks. If three groups are logged, there will be three tabs and thus three plots when the application runs.

If you start and stop the log, VCDS will insert the block headers into the datastream, this is not handled so well in the current version, don't use log files that have this... Also, I developed this against current versions of VCDS, I don't know if anything changed in terms of the log file formats in the past, if you have historic logs they might not work.

I use whatever units and block headers that are supplied by the VAG-COM log file, I modify it to some degree to incorporate the legend description and units while eliminating redundant text if found. The naming and units are only as good as what is provided in the log file. The x-axis is time based and is not necessarily second-by-second, it is based as far as I know on sample rates from VAG-COM.

Right clicking on each plot gives you many options of printing, saving as an image, copying to clipboard, etc. When printing, the page setup is not landscape by default, I'll fix that at some point...

You need to zoom, pan and if a mistake is made "set scale to default" and try again.

Some measuring blocks have bit data such as 0 1 0, this isn't a numeric value and can't be plotted, thus it is displayed as a 0.

A red line is drawn at 100 for duty cycle's sake, most pertinent measuring blocks include this but some don't, if you are looking at a block that doesn't the line is still drawn but won't really do anything.

You need to have the Microsoft .NET framework ( 2.0 or greater ) installed as a prerequisite.

You can drag and drop a log file onto the executable or a shortcut to the executable and it'll open right up.

Let me know if you find this useful or have any issues with it.

I'm not responsible for anything that might happen to your computer or log files or whatever with this OK?

daedalus January 16th, 2008 16:06

Thanks very much...

jollyGreenGiant January 16th, 2008 18:22

I should have also mentioned that 1024 X 768 is really the minimum for it to run so I know a lot of folks have cheapo laptops with VAG-COM, sorry but a higher resolution really helps this application's abilities and may in fact be necessary. I haven't tested out the usual resolutions yet and mine is 1910 X 1200 which is great when you maximize the form as the plot will grow and fill accordingly...
Any Copy to Clipboard or Save As command will produce an image resolution the same as the window size.

On a laptop, you can often get middle click for panning by holding down both buttons simutaneously and using the touch pad to do the pan movement, if you have a mouse with a clickable scroll button you can zoom with scroll and pan with click, very helpful for zooming in and out and generally moving and resizing the plot however you want.

Copy to Clipboard is a vector based metafile.

Don't be afraid to zoom into a small area ( Y-Axis -10 to 20 ) especially when you are looking for something like injection advance ( Group 004 ) and the units is 0-18 but the RPM is also causing the X-Axis to autosize up to 400 due to RPM.

One of my favorite combinations of 3 logging groups is 011, 003 and 004, what's yours?

Here's an 011 plot:

schwechel January 18th, 2008 10:53

Very cool, I'll have to try it out.

jollyGreenGiant January 18th, 2008 11:00

I have noticed that some VAG-COM logs put a space between the line with ECU part # and GroupA,B,C headings and some don't. I wrote the application to read files that HAVE the extra line there. If you don't get any keys or group headings, open the file in notepad or even Excel and then save it back to .csv and insert a carriage return after the line tha
t has the ECU number.

lost1wing January 18th, 2008 11:49

I can't wait to try it. Thanks.

jollyGreenGiant January 18th, 2008 12:02

I'll post back when I make changes and post new versions. I have a slight weakness currently with the quality of the image saved, copy to clipboard into a Word document say produces super duper quality, most other methods aren't so great... I'm on it though...

Lightflyer1 January 20th, 2008 18:43


Grigg3 January 23rd, 2008 12:40

This is a great program!

I needed to first download the .NET 2.0 framework (as noted in the first post)
Here is a link for the rest of you who need it:
Just click "download" and a few more clicks and a few minutes later it's done.


Fix_Until_Broke January 24th, 2008 21:30

I have not tried your application, but I do recall that there is a VagScope.exe application available when you download VagCom which seems to do what you describe/show.

Maybe you've tried it and it does not do what you want, but just in case you didn't know about it...

Honeydew January 25th, 2008 07:49

JGG- I like your software, it works well and is much quicker than excel graphing. Thanks

tdiguy308 January 28th, 2008 15:10

Thanks for the program!

greenskeeper February 1st, 2008 14:39

whats the best way to convert the EMF image to JPG for posting on tdiclub?

jollyGreenGiant February 1st, 2008 19:17

You can save it as anything when you right click and save as. I think .PNG is the best quality for now. I'm working on better output.

If you already have a .emf file, open it with MS Paint and then save it as .jpg or .png from there. Alternatively you can use another application but MS Paint should be preloaded on all PC's with XP and 2000 as far as I know.

jollyGreenGiant February 7th, 2008 13:34

Just uploaded a new version with a lot of improvements, dual y-axis scaling for example. On any group that has RPM, this should make a big difference in terms of scaling and what you can view.

I find the .png format is best for image quality when saving and TDIClub servers accept this as well as all browsers display them, this is now the default format when saving. The resolution is 1920 X 1220 so if you want to post the plots up for viewing, you better resize them, in XP you can just right click the image file, choose resize and then whatever resolution you want ( 800 X 600 ) for example.

A mouse with a clickable scrollwheel makes this app very user friendly BTW.

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