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BHarrison June 30th, 2009 06:00


Originally Posted by JetPuf
Hey, found this over on Bora parts if anyone is interested...

Is this a trusted source? Can anyone vouch?

Zambee500 June 30th, 2009 06:09

Although I've never bought from them, Bora is considered trusted around here. That's a pretty good deal. $65 or so cheaper for the standard kit, plus includes shipping which is close to another $100.

TheTDIGuy June 30th, 2009 11:50

Great price!! Do you actually have these in stock, or do you obtain them on an order-by-order basis? Also, do you also have a BHW timing belt kit (incl. water pump) for sale? With the price on your balance module, I'd figure you'd have to come in with an excellent price on the timing belt kit. Thx

MOGolf June 30th, 2009 13:46

Links of known vendors of kits are posted in the first post. If there are other sources (obviously all VW dealerships are possible sources and too numerous to post), please send a PM and its information can be added to the first post.

If you have questions about vendor's ability to supply the kit or other parts, contact the vendor directly.

leicaman July 3rd, 2009 12:15

Hey MoGolf have you dicerned any differences between the gear sets of the upgrade kits that have new parts numbers? Just wondering, IIRC Oilhammer said he was using the new part number parts. Of course anything is better than that old noisy chain...

MOGolf July 3rd, 2009 14:23

No. It could just be a subtle difference such as a supplier change or perhaps a manufacturing lot. Only VW can answer for why the change part numbers/suffixes.

Mine is still holding together at 15K miles with the "old" part number of the one gear.

leicaman July 3rd, 2009 15:41

That is what I thought. Only the trolls at VW will know. Oh and btw, tommorow my contact from the home office in Germany will be here in Sheboygan and she will hear that my car is now chainless! ;)

aja8888 July 3rd, 2009 16:03


Originally Posted by leicaman
That is what I thought. Only the trolls at VW will know. Oh and btw, tommorow my contact from the home office in Germany will be here in Sheboygan and she will hear that my car is now chainless! ;)

is she bringing you a check from VW to cover the replacement?:confused:

leicaman July 3rd, 2009 16:17


Originally Posted by aja8888
is she bringing you a check from VW to cover the replacement?:confused:

That would be very interesting. I won't hold my breath. When I send her all the data about this issue, I eventually got a response from VWoA. However, I don't know how much of a coincidence is in the fact that a month or so after contacting her MoGolf and Oilhammer found the fix. I would venture to guess that there is no coincidence.

She is just a cog in the big VW wheel and I am sure she is pretty low in the food chain as she was on the floor putting doors on golfs and now she works in the PR office. She is just a nice person who visits this area every year.

vw4life July 3rd, 2009 18:49

Well you can tell her that VW is on the verge of having a TDI PR boondoggle here in North America. You never know what strings you pull, it might ring the bell at the top. Got to try all angles.

leicaman July 3rd, 2009 19:48

I will tell her that. I will tell her that there are many dealers (fortunately not my local dealer) are using the wrong oil in their TDI cars, etc.

v8volvo July 4th, 2009 00:09

I bought another old Volvo diesel at a "green car" dealership around here a couple days ago. They have a diesel-oriented service department as part of their operation. When I was checking out the Volvo I could not help but notice that in this small shop there were no fewer than four B5.5 Passat TDIs there needing work. I heard 3 of them run and 2 of those sounded like they were about to explode, the third was not as bad but still noisy. The 4th wouldn't run. :eek: I asked the tech, who works on many TDIs every day at this shop and knows them well, if he knew anything about the BS chain drive issue. He was clueless. None of the owners of these cars had mentioned anything to him either, presumably they don't even realize how bad their motors sound. Four ticking time bombs sitting there that are going to catch people completely by surprise when they go off.

After seeing that scene, I fear the worst is yet to come with this problem. There are so many cars out there whose owners are NOT car people and don't follow this forum, and most of those cars are getting up near failure age/mileage right now. Most techs have no idea the problem exists either, let alone being qualified to do anything about it. These B5 TDIs are about to start dropping like flies.

v8volvo July 4th, 2009 00:27

Another thought I'd add:

The sad thing is that these cars are still practically new, at most 5 years old. The ones I saw Wednesday were clearly near death but at the same time were very nice cars, clean and well-maintained, obviously with owners who cared about them and were interested in doing what it took to keep them in good shape. If they knew about the problem I figure they might do something about it, even at their own cost. But they don't, so they won't and the car will blow up. Only VW can prevent this BS thing from turning from a fringe issue that a few fanatic owners on TDIclub have taken steps to prevent into a major epidemic that hurts the TDI brand.

Obviously recall action or some kind of compensation would be ideal, but even if not that I think they have a minimum duty to notify owners that the threat exists so that they can at least be aware and take care of it themselves if they want to. As it is, VW pretends nothing is wrong, the engines blow, and the expense to the owner is way more than it woulda been if they had known and dealt with it preventatively. If awareness of the deadly oil pump failure syndrome on Passat TDIs gets around only by word of mouth, as it is doing now, it will become an urban legend about bad durability and support that affects all TDI products, like what GM had when their diesels were eating headgaskets and rods. Even after GM corrected those problems their diesels could never be considered good again. If the same happened to the TDI after so many years of good products, it would be a sad story.

Unfortunately what I have been hearing about durability and dealer manglings of the '09 CR cars makes me worry that those will be the ones that really send VW diesel in the US to the grave...

oilhammer July 4th, 2009 10:57

Yep, it is a shame we cannot have a nice mailing list of everyone in North America that owns one and we could send our own letters out. :(

Only VOA could do this, and it has become clear they are not going to do a thing...and the more time that goes by the more will be out of warranty and away from their dime.

Amazing so many people have no idea, even those who work on them. I mean the noise they make is pretty obvious. :rolleyes:

leicaman July 4th, 2009 11:01

I just finished talking with the lady from Germany who works for VW. She reports that the Phaeton production has tanked. All the small cars are going great guns. They are excited that the Polo is now going to USA. I think the Germans themselves didn't like earlier decisions.

When I told her of what VW has said on the Passat issue, she didn't seem surprised. I also said that VW is clearly mis-calculating in this circumstance at their peril. (said it in a more friendly manner of course) Mind you we were drinking beer and eating brats, so we were being social of course.

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