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Keli_OR May 6th, 2004 20:24

Tail lights burned out-coincidence?
Last Friday evening I'm driving down the freeway, cruising along with the CD blasting and the sunroof open when a truck pulls up beside me and the guy driving whistles to get my attention. He motions for me to roll the passenger window down and then yells that my taillights are out. I give him the thumbs up to thank him and proceed on to the nearest offramp (which is where I was headed anyway).
After meeting my GF we proceed out to the parking lot and begin investigating the taillight problem.
I figured it was a blown fuse because they were both out at the same time. We took the taillight bulbs out and one looked burned out, and the other didn't.
We took out nearly every fuse looking for one that was blown.
Finally, I put new taillight bulbs in on both sides (luckily I happened to have them!) and problem was solved.

So I got to wondering if my burned out bulbs were coincidently both at the same time, or something more insidious.

Could it have anything to do with the 5 light brake mod I did the week before?
Is this a common occurrence?

BTW I have to mention how awesome it is to have a great friend who is capable and interested in investigating my problem in a dim parking lot with my little flashlight as the only real light.
Most of the other women acquaintances I have wouldn't have the slightest idea where to start.


weedeater May 6th, 2004 20:54

Tail lights burned out-coincidence?
Maybe the bulbs didn't like the music.

alhutch May 8th, 2004 19:57

Tail lights burned out-coincidence?
Keli - I've done the 5 light brake mod on both Golfs in my household (GTI has had it for 2.5 years, TDI for 1.5 years) and have never replaced a bulb on either car.

Probably coincidence on your Jetta or maybe one bulb had been out and the other failed recently? Kind of strange, that's for sure. - Al

gern_blanston May 8th, 2004 20:35

Tail lights burned out-coincidence?
Yeah, I think it must be some sort of weird coincidence. I've done the mod on my Golf and my brother's Jetta, and we've had no trouble. If it happens again, you'll know something's wacky.
Great mod, by the way!

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