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VW Derf July 30th, 2004 14:12

Avatars & signatures
Due to mounting problems with (and related to) Avatars and signatures, there have been some changes to the requirements As a review here are original tips the original tips.

  • Size is currently 100x55. There is a bug in the program that causes the images to scale to this no matter what size the are, throwing off the aspect ration sometimes. Best practices is to resize to something close to this
  • If the images is hosted off of the pics server, just the thumb nail image. It's a pretty close match and is automatically resized for you when you upload the images. This also makes the images smaller in size. You can get the location by right clicking on the thumbnail image and going to properties (URL will be shown there), or add "-thumb" before .jpg or .gif in your image file name (without quotes of course)
  • If you are using one hosted on your own website, resize it to something small in image size and file size. Not only does it reduce your bandwidth, but also makes it faster to download pages, particularly those on modems. Case in point one member had a 0.5MB avatar without realizing it. 20k or less is the suggested file size.
  • Make sure you have permission to link the image if it is not from your own site. This can cost the website owner where the image comes from.
  • Avatars must now be Diesel, TDI, VW, or similarly related to the forums. (Ie political ones no longer are OK).
  • Images ok, but lets keep them down to 3 or so lines
  • Files size should also be around 20k or less
  • Let's keep it TDI related

Since some of these things are new I'll give everyone a week or so to make the required changes.



kabatc August 21st, 2004 22:06

Avatars & signatures
When is this going to start?

christi August 24th, 2004 16:45

Avatars & signatures
what's an "avatar" ?

I'm guess it's the waving UK flag on my posts.

Rustynuts August 25th, 2004 03:28

Avatars & signatures
Yes. Right on that one.

TheLongshot August 26th, 2004 08:12

Avatars & signatures

For some reason, my signature hasn't worked in a while. I've sent you PM about this before, but didn't get a response.

Basically, when the message goes into preview, the sig text gets appened to the end of the message directly, with no seperation line. When the message is saved, the sig doesn't appear in the message.

Any solution to this?


JettaJake August 28th, 2004 13:36

Avatars & signatures
Good move!!

you folks wanting a political placcard:

go stick it

on your front lawn

Mass. Wine Guy September 3rd, 2004 17:46

Avatars & signatures
I don't use avatars, so I can't comment there. But the signature change sucks bigtime. Why the need for this change? Grownup people should be able to express themselves peacefully and not in ways that attack other tdiclub members. Grownups also should be able to accept politically related statements, whether they agree with them or not. Remember reading about democracy in high school?

But then again, perhaps there are not many grownups on these boards.

What gives, Fred?

NRU73 September 3rd, 2004 18:11

Avatars & signatures
Grownups should also be able to suck it up and deal w/ any changes to the forum rules.

dvsails September 4th, 2004 15:12

Avatars & signatures

Why the need for this change? Grownup people should be able to express themselves .....blah, blah, blah....But then again, perhaps there are not many grownups on these boards.

U.S. Out of Iraq. Show Bush the door in 2004:

<font color="red"> It's Fred's TDI-CLUB website and he's very correct in keeping politics out of it!
It's all about TDI's and has absolutely nothing to do with Democrats and Republicans.

sdcatdi September 4th, 2004 19:51

Avatars & signatures
Hear, hear. Political discussions should take place elsewhere. There is no protected right to free political expression on this website. There are plenty of other websites for political head-banging and affronting.

Mass. Wine Guy September 5th, 2004 08:12

Avatars & signatures
Hmm. Ok. But Kerry would drive a TDI and Bush would certainly drive a Lincoln Navigator.

compu_85 September 5th, 2004 11:41

Avatars & signatures
Ummm, they prolly don't drive themselves anywhere anymone

Come on... save this for a political forum. It only get's people pissed of at each other.


mtltdi September 5th, 2004 17:38

Avatars & signatures
gotta hurry and take a pic of my dog in the TDI.

TornadoRed September 7th, 2004 23:41

Avatars & signatures
So I suppose my signature will have to go (or change)?

craig01b September 8th, 2004 18:31

Avatars & signatures
I am a canuck, born and bred in Montreal....don't start on political association by car types...or us canucks will all be lost....

Craig B

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