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p930man May 19th, 2020 07:16

2006 jetta groans!
Hello Folks,

I just replaced the Timing Belt in my Wife's 06 Jetta. Had an issue but with your help that has been fixed, I had the timing 1 tooth retarded. This car makes a groaning noise, mainly at low speeds. It has had this noise since we have owned it, about two years. It doesn't seem to be engine related nor transmission. It occurs mainly when you just start to drive at low speed. I don't think its anything critical, but ? Maybe dog bone mount or maybe struts and springs? Don't know what it is, its just annoying enough to me to drive me nuts. Just part of my nature, but I'm always attuned to unusual noises.
Pease tell me to go drink a Beer and shut up. lol

pedroYUL May 19th, 2020 08:32

Wheel bearings, specially if still original....all four corners.

p930man May 20th, 2020 10:08

Bearings? interesting. She has 181k miles. I was thinking maybe muffler hangers, dog bone mount etc and maybe some vibrating plastic pieces, these always seem to break from pot holes and running over objects. The rear I believe is relatively easy, just standard bearing replacement. Race and Bearing. The front has to be pressed off and the new bearing pressed on, unless I buy a new set of hubs which is way easier. Any good to check? Maybe jack her up on jack stands and let her spin in drive and listen for the noise??

pedroYUL May 20th, 2020 10:46

In the mk5 they come as part of the hub (both back and fronts), which makes life easier, but more expensive (compared to pressed ones).

bl00tdi May 20th, 2020 11:09

They bolt onto the knuckles (hub and bearing come as one removable assembly).

MrBigTruck May 20th, 2020 14:26

If you replace the wheel bearings get a good brand and not junk or they'll last 20,000 miles and you'll be doing them again.

narongc73 May 22nd, 2020 19:31

That's pretty early for wheel bearings on the brm. Mine was still good at 210k. I replaced the front thinking it was causing some other issue, but it was fine. Rears are at 287k now.

p930man June 8th, 2020 12:26

ROUGT ROUGH Shaggy, lol I bought a set of Detroit Axle's bearings, complete set. about $120. DETROIT CHINA??? I have not stuck them in yet, maybe I wouldn't. I ran another test today, Car in drive and the ebrake on, I'm getting a lot of noise from the tension er, the belt is jumping around a bit as viewed from the front. I shut the AC off, and most of the noise goes away. Checked the pressure in the AC compressor and it shows up in the green, but maybe compressor is failing??? I still think their is another noise as the car begins to move that maybe is the bearings. By the way, I replaced the tension-er about a year ago. Who knows, maybe another piece of Chinese junk? Want to jack her up one one more time and check the heat shields for vibration against something else?

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