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SVTWEB October 15th, 2001 07:43

MFA Cluster Conversion Installation Information
I've (tongsli)made this copy to try and compile all the factual information from the mammoth 19 page thread started by SVTWEB.

The original thread is still in the Upgrades section located HERE

Parts that are needed:

From the information that I have there is no difference between the part numbers for Auto/Manual. When you code the cluster, if your option code show automatic it places the PRND321 at the bottom of the display.

1. European Cluster 1J5 920 926CX $375.00
High-pixel cluster 1J5 920 946CX $600.00

2. Wiper Stalk with MFA toggle button
GOLF4B0 953 503 H $85.85
Jetta 4B0 953 503 G $84.15

3. Outside Temperature Sensor 99(mid year) or later 1J0 919 379A $34.77
4. Clip for OTS 1J0 971 845E $1.62
5. Housing connector for Outside Temperature Sensor 1J0 973 702 $1.62
Outside Air Temperature Sensor and mounting hardware

After mid year 2000, the sensor could have been TWO different numbers:
1J0 919 379
1J0 919 379A

if you look in 2002 or 2003, there is only ONE part number:
1J0 919 379A

The part numbers and their proper connectors are:
1J0 919 379 and 357 972 752 using repair wire 000 979 133
1J0 919 379A and 1J0973 702 using repair wire 000 979 131

000 979 131 is slightly smaller than 000 979 133

6. VW electrical repair wires for OTS 000 979 131
7. VW electrical repair wires for Wiper Stalk 000 979 133 $1.74 each(2 connectors per wire)
8. VW electrical repair wires for Instrument Cluster harness 000 979 008 $1.74 per wire(2 connectors per wire)
Repair Wires - various sizes
From the left:not needed, #7, #6, #8

9. 10-15 feet of wire, 18 gauge

10.Vag-com and dealership to get 7-digit number

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SVTWEB October 17th, 2001 06:55

Re: MFA Cluster Conversion Installation Information
Vag-com and coding procedure:

As far as can it can be determined, the cluster will work in all MK4's. When a quesry is made on the part number it shows that it will work with all the compression ignition engines. 99-02.......

The whole cluster can be programmed via a VAG-COM including the updating of the cluster to the correct milage.

Coding the module was very very easy with the VAG-COM. A footnote on 2002's. They have the Imobilzer III system that requires a different coding procedure. You need to have the SKC (Secret Key Code) from the OLD cluster to adapt the new one. It automatically pulls the milage and safware coding all on once. Earlier years require you to do this in separate steps.

Here are the details. The only differences are in the way you have to program them.

You also need access to a VAG-COM or a cool dealer.

Diconnect the battery before performing any work. On 2002 and later vehicles, get the IMMOB. code with a VAG-COM before you disconnect the Cluster. Also, write down you mileage for future coding.

Removing the cluster takes about 10 minutes. Unfortunately I didn't know the secret to removing the trim at the bottom so I had to order a new one. [img]images/icons/confused.gif[/img]

Remove the top Steering column trim, then move the steering wheel to the bottom, outward position. Using a small flat blade screw driver, release the small tangs that hold the lower trim from the bottom of the cluster. At the bottom of the cluster are 2 T20 Torx screws. Remove them and pull the cluster out. Disconnect the 2 connectors on the rear of the cluster. That's all that's to it.

Next, remove the Airbag, and steering wheel. With the steering whell out of the way you can remove the lower steering wheel cover. This will now allow you to remove the Wiper stalk.

You have to make 3 wires 18" long with the pin for the wiper stalk on one end and the pin for the cluster on the other. You then need to make 1 wire 18" long with a pin on one end for the wire stalk and a round terminal end.

Connect the 3 wires to the appropriate terminals, and the 4th goes from the stalk to a ground screw behind the cluster.

Make a wire 10 Feet long with a cluster terminal on one end. Place it in the appropriate pin #26 on the green cluster connector. Feed it through the firewall towards the front left lower grill. This is where the temparature sensor goes. Cut the wire to the correct length and attach it to Pin 1 of the connector for the temperature sensor. Make a wire and connect it from Pin 2 to a ground under the battery.

Reverse the assempbly procedures. Power up and code with the appropriate procedures for your year of vehicle.

All of the functions for mesurement are based on the country code that you select when in your basic programming. There is a 5 digit code that sets the basic program of the cluster.

Example 07232

The first 2 digits tell the cluster what options you have. IE- brake pad inticator, Low coolant, Etc.
The 3rd Digit is the Country Code.

1 - ECE
2 - USA
3 - Canada
4 - UK
5 - Saudi Arabia

The 4th Digit is for Service Interval, we in the US don't have one so it is set to 3.

the 5th digit is for the pulse constant for the speedometer. This is set depending on what engine/Transmission combination you have.

The County Code's do the following.

1 - ECE: 24-Hour Time, Milage in KM, Fuel in Liters, Outside temparate in Cel. , No buzzer when door is and keys are in ignition, Default Language is German.

2 - USA: 12 Hour time, Milage in Miles, Fuel in US Gallons, Outside Temparature in F. , Open Door Buzzer, Default Language is English.

3 - Canada: 12 Hour Time, Milage in KM, Fuel in Liters, Outside temp in C Default Language is English.

4 - UK: 24 Hour Time, Milage in Miles. Fule in IMPERIAL Gallons, Outside temp in C. Language is English.

5 - SA: Not Idea... Didn't try it.

You can also go into one of the configuration channels and change the language to suit your needs.

You can also do an adaptation on the Fuel guage and the MPG indicator to more closely match your cars actual.

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thomas wilk December 9th, 2001 15:46

Re: MFA Cluster Conversion Installation Information
I was able to switch country code after all. I was using 07244 to recode the cluster which was getting rejected. 4th digit is no longer # of cylinders but Service Interval. 07204 worked fine and now my cluster shows temp in F.

Thanks SVTWEB and others who contributed to this mod.


PTC January 31st, 2002 13:43

Re: MFA Cluster Conversion Installation Information
Michael, since you have such a nice cluster, here are the instructions :-) (I think these should work):
Do Adaptation(10) of Instrument Cluster(17). Go to channel 04 and use one of the following numbers:
00001 German
00002 English
00003 French
00004 Italian
00005 Spanish
00006 Portuguese
00008 Czech
From what I've read, you'll see only last digit (1 for Deutsch i.e.)
Hope this helps!
Also, it seems that one of those bulbs is for cruise control (the green one). Is that only on MY02 or was it on MY01 too?

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Michael Moore February 17th, 2002 20:39

Re: MFA Cluster Conversion Installation Information
I had the front bumper assembly off the car today for because I was doing some other work, and this provided an opportunity to install the outside air temperature (OAT) sensor for the multi function display. I suppose it is not really necessary to remove the bumper to install this sensor, but it is easier to run the wires when the bumper is off.

In the large photo below, you can see the little plastic tang that is moulded into the front bumper assembly, at the rear of the opening where the lower left air intake cover goes. The smaller photo, inset into the bottom corner of the big photo, shows the sensor installed.

There are three parts used here:

- a metal clip that fits over the plastic tang to hold the sensor, P/N 1J0 971 845E
- the temp sensor itself, P/N 1J0 919 379A
- the plug housing that connects the two wires to the sensor, P/N 1J0 973 702 (not shown in the picture)

All of these parts are available from any VW dealer in North America or Europe.

The wire from pin 1 of the sensor goes to pin 26 on connector T32. T32 is the green 32 pin connector that goes into the back of the instrument cluster. The wire from pin 2 of the sensor goes to ground. The pin numbers are clearly marked on the plug housing.

Michael Moore February 19th, 2002 01:04

Re: MFA Cluster Conversion Installation Information
I did, however, complete the installation of the new wiring harness needed to control the MFI display, and finished the wiring from the OAT sensor to the instrument cluster. Below are photos and some suggestions, to make it easier for those who do this in the future.

It’s not necessary to take the airbag off to just do the wiring. The upper and lower covers that go around the control stalks and ignition key can be removed using a Phillips screwdriver. Just twist the steering wheel around as needed to access the 4 screws. There is a 5th screw (Torx) on the bottom near the handle for steering wheel tilt adjustment.

I was a bit surprised to find that my Golf already had the 6 pin connector (connector T6e) in place. Pins T6e/5 and T6e/6 contain wires used to control the intermittent windshield wiper regulator (ref wiring diagram 52/20, tracks 253 & 254). Pins 1 through 4 were empty, and will be used for the MFI control wires.

I disconnected the connector, popped it open, and installed the 4 repair wires in slots 3 to 6 of the connector.

6 Pin Connector (T6e) with repair wires in place

The photo below shows connector T6e in place as I found it in the car, and connector T32a Green in place behind where the instrument cluster normally goes. The repair wires need to run between these two connectors. T6e uses medium size repair wire connectors, and T32a uses the very smallest size. By using half a length of each repair wire, I had enough overall length to complete the harness without needing additional wire in the middle.

View with cover off steering column and instrument cluster removed, showing connector T32a

The only really annoying part of the job was removing the existing, blank pins from connector T32a. These pins have a small barb on the left side (left side when viewed with the wires exiting from the top), and I used the tip of a pocket knife to press the barb to the right, while prying the pin upwards at the same time with a jeweler’s screwdriver. The photos below illustrate the process.

Releasing the barb on the OEM blank pin

The OEM blank pin halfway out (it slides straight up)

What the OEM pin looks like, showing the barb on the left side

Once the OEM blank pins were out, it was pretty easy to put the replacement pins from my wiring harness in the empty slots. The wiring diagram you need to follow is number 5/13 dated 12/98, it is on page 97-116 of the 1999 through 2002 Bentley repair manual. The pinouts go as follows:

T6e/1 to T32a/24. This is the MFI call up button bottom (display switches up).
T6e/2 to T32a/23. This is the MFI call up button top (display switches down).
T6e/3 runs to ground. This is shown on track 138 of wiring diagram 5/11.
T6e/4 to T32a/25. This is the MFI memory reset switch.

At the same time you have the instrument cluster out and T32a taken apart, you can run the wire from pin 1 of the OAT sensor connector to T32a/26. The wire from pin 2 of the OAT sensor runs to ground.

If you’re really keen, while you have the instrument cluster removed, you can take apart the other 32 pin connector, the blue one on the left hand side, and run a repair wire from pin T32/14 to the pin 9 of connector T17, which is the connector used right behind the light switch. That way, if you ever hook up a rear foglight, you’ll see the orange ‘rear fog’ icon displayed on your instrument cluster. The wiring diagrams for this icon can be found on diagram 17/9, track 1 and diagram 17/4 track 40. These are pages 97/173 and 97/175 of the Bentley manual.

The photo below shows connector T32a after the MFI control harness has been installed in it, but before the cover is put back on the connector. You can also see the unusual recessed bolt that holds the steering wheel in place. As mentioned earlier, you don’t need to take the airbag off if you plan to install the wire harness only. The airbag and steering wheel will need to come off later, when you remove and replace the left hand control stalk.

Wires in place in connector T32a

The photo below is just a close-up of the finished job, again, before the cover was put back on connector T32a. I used a marker pen to put dots on the end of the wires, indicating what pin location on T6e they came from. Hopefully I didn’t screw up and confuse the wires when I put them in the connector. The blue wire in the background goes to the OAT sensor on the front bumper.

Close-up of T32a with cover off connector

When you are putting the wires in place running along the channel from T6e along the existing wire bundle in the steering column, be sure that the wires don’t foul when the steering column is moved up and down, and also in and out. Be especially careful to be sure that the wires are not crushed against a large metal flange near the wire harness when the steering column is moved to the full ‘up’ position.

I disconnected the battery before I started this work, because I intended to remove the airbag. I was surprised that the radio did not ask me for a code when I reconnected the battery. Also, there were no programming problems with the instrument cluster (other than needing to reset the time), and no problems at all with the Immobilizer or anti theft systems, even though I completly removed the instrument cluster from the car.

Michael Moore February 19th, 2002 18:41

Re: MFA Cluster Conversion Installation Information
Thanks very much to SVTWEB, who educated me to use a Torx-55 socket to remove the nut in the middle of the steering wheel. My local automotive shop sold them for CA$ 5.

Removing the airbag, steering wheel, and loosening the upper and lower covers around the switches was simple. The right hand stalk just slides aft and out once the steering wheel is removed.

Total time to take everything apart, install the stalk, and put it back together was about a half an hour. I was surprised at how simple it all was.

Just a 'heads-up' for anyone removing the airbag for the first time - the airbag has a very short electrical cable on it, only about 2 inches long. Be very careful, when you pop the airbag out, to not let it come out too far or it will damage the cable or the connector. The airbag is surprisingly heavy.

I can't believe it - it all works now.... [img]images/icons/shocked.gif[/img]

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Michael Moore March 6th, 2002 13:20

Re: MFA Cluster Conversion Installation Information
This information is excerpted from a post I made in the thread about the factory nav system. I am cross-posting it here because it applies to the standard MFA display upgrade as well.

2002 Golf/Jetta MFA Part Number Decoding Instructions

First 3 digits – 1J5 if you want chrome rings around the speedo and tach, 1J0 if you want a flat black display like the pictures above.

Middle three digits – 920 for everything.

Last three digits – 826 if you want kilometers on the speedometer, 926 if you want MPH on the speedometer. By the way, if you want a plain old cluster just like the North American standard one - no MFA at all - order 806 for km/h and 906 for mph. If you want a large pixel MFA display (suitable for use with the factory navigation system, otherwise doesn't do much on North American cars except display a doors open picture and repeats your radio information), order 846 for km/h and 946 for mph.

Letter Suffixs - There is a whole range of letter suffixes, to indicate what range of speed will be shown on the speedometer face, and where the redline will be put on the tachometer face. C is for diesel motors, and CX is diesel motors with an exchange, in other words, you bring back your old instrument cluster and trade it in when you pick up the new one. Saves you about € 30 (US $ 20). The European dealers don’t want the North American displays back, so forget about that.

The letter suffixes are different for non-MFI displays, and for gassers. You have to specify what kind of engine and transmission you have. I won’t get into that here, because if you want to order a non-MFA display, you can get one from any VW dealer in North America. Let them figure it out for you.

Michael Moore March 11th, 2002 15:35

Re: MFA Cluster Conversion Installation Information
Here is a technical note from Volkswagen, intended for reading by the service technician, which provides some cautions and instructions for changing instrument clusters in cars equipped with the Immobilizer III system.

Immobilizer III Service Procedures This contains ALL the information your dealer needs to install and code your new or used instrument cluster.

Here is the brochure provided by Volkswagen for the car owner, which explains the Immobilizer III system.

Understanding your Vehicle's Theft Deterrent System

Both documents do a good job of providing information about the Immobilizer III, and I recommend that you read them both before you plan on doing a swap of the instrument cluster.

They are both in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

Michael Moore March 11th, 2002 21:54

Re: MFA Cluster Conversion Installation Information
On the topic of part numbers, if anyone wants to buy a cluster for a TDI (Immobilizer III) that has chrome trim rings and speed in kilometers, here are the part numbers:

MFA Cluster LOW PIXEL Part Number - Chrome Rings, km's, Immo III, half height pixel display

This is what the low pixel (half height) display looks like:

MFA Cluster HIGH PIXEL Part Number - Chrome Rings, km's, Immo III, full height pixel display

This is what the high pixel (full height) display looks like:

PTC March 11th, 2002 23:48

Re: MFA Cluster Conversion Installation Information
2k2 model, Golf/Jetta(Bora) - euro(probably same for US)
32 pin connector, blue: MFD NAVI connections in BOLD
1 - terminal 15 positive
2 - warning lamp for turn signal, right
3 - ouptut signal 1 from speedo AKA, speed signal(needed for NAVI install)
4 - warning lamp for trailer towing
5 - fuel gauge
6 - airbag
7 - terminal 31, sender earth
8 - coolant temp gauge
9 - terminal 31, earth
10 - oil pressure switch
11 - vacant
12 - warning lamp for alternator, terminal 61
13 - backrest lock warning lamp (certain countries only)
14 - warning lamp for rear fog light
15 - vacant
16 - open tailgate/boot lid warning lamp (CCO)
17 - warning lamp for main beam, terminal 56a
18 - warning lamp for turn signal. left
19 - ABS
20 - dash panel insert illumination, terminal 58b (needed for NAVI install)
21 - signal for driver's door open
22 - coolant shortage indicator
23 - terminal 30, positive
24 - terminal 31, earth
25 - self diagnosis/K-wire (needed for NAVI install)
26 - parking light right, signal for "lights on" warning buzzer
27 - parking light left, signal for "lights on" warning buzzer
28 - input signal to electronic speedo
29 - warning lamp for brake system
30 - S-contact (needed for Navi install)
31 - Seat-belt warning system
32 - vacant

green one will follow shortly...

PTC March 12th, 2002 00:08

Re: MFA Cluster Conversion Installation Information
2k2 model, Golf/Jetta (Bora) - euro:
32-pin, green:
1 - vacant
2 - reading coil for immo 1
3 - warning lamp for side lights
4 - data bus (CAN), screening for input signals
5 - W-wire
6 - washer fluid shortage
7 - brake pad wear
8 - vacant (CAN + High) connect to T23/9 of the ccm**pre 2002, Immo II cars only.
9 - vacant (CAN - Low) connect to T23/6 of the ccm** pre 2002, Immo II cars only.
10 - vacant
11 - signal for vehicle stationary
12 - aircon system cut-off
13 - warning lamp for hand brake
14 - warning lamp for ASR/ESP
15 - vacant
16 - vacant
17 - reading coil for immo 2
18 - oil temp & level warning signals
19 - data bus (CAN), high input signal
20 - data bus (CAN), low input signal
21 - vacant
22 - bonnet switch input signal (connect to T15/5 of the CCM)
23 - MFI call up button, top
24 - MFI call up button, bottom
25 - MFI memory switch - reset
26 - ambient temp input signal
27 - data bus (CAN), high output signal
28 - data bus (CAN), low output signal
29 - vacant
30 - clock**
31 - data**
32 - enable**

**used for 3LB FIS to Navi Unit D only

20-pin, red:
1 - vacant
2 - vacant
3 - vacant
4 - vacant
5 - telematic shield earth
6 - vacant
7 - vacant
8 - vacant
9 - vacant
10 - vacant
11 - vacant
12 - radio/navigation - clock
13 - radio/navigation - data
14 - vacant
15 - radio/navigation - enable
16 - vacant
17 - vacant
18 - vacant
19 - vacant
20 - vacant

Hope it helps. (garrett & anybody installing MFA or NAV system).

Michael Moore March 13th, 2002 19:26

Re: MFA Cluster Conversion Installation Information
Instrument Cluster Part Numbers.pdf Warning - 1.7 mb file

Understanding your Vehicle's Theft Deterrent System

Michael Moore March 15th, 2002 16:23

Re: MFA Cluster Conversion Installation Information
Hi Kevin:

I'm not too much of a subject matter expert on codeing the clusters. I just took my cluster to my VW dealer (where I bought the car) and asked them to install it. They thought it was quite neat and were happy to do the work. They did have to make a few phone calls to VW Tech Support to ask about it, because this cluster is not common in North America.

I suspect (just a guess) that the date information the dealer was referring to was perhaps a request from the VAS 5051 programming unit for a date. It is possible that the cluster EPROM retains an 'in-service date' or a 'last programmed date'. I know that the EPROM retains the identifying code number of the dealership that last did any programming work on it, so it makes sense that it would also retain the date the work was done.

There are a few real electronics wizards on this BB, check back in a week or two and you will probably find a better and more accurate answer than this.

PTC April 11th, 2002 04:01

Re: MFA Cluster Conversion Installation Information
Since I see there are people in trouble who can't make their Immo2 car work with Immo3 cluster, here are the instructions. - these instructions refer to coding of Immobilizer III cluster (1J5 920 926 CX and similar) in an Immobilizer II car (MY01 & older), these instruction WORK (at least a person used them and told me it worked from the first try), but you have to follow them LETTER BY LETTER (notes too). - these instructions refer to coding of IC part of IC. They contain coding, language adaptation, odometer adaptation and service interval adaptation. They are for Immo3 clusters ONLY (car MY is irrelevant, cluster MY is relevant here, and all the clusters except vhunter's are MY02/Immo3; part nr same as above).

The procedure on how to code Immo3 IC in Immo3 car is outlined in the new Bentley and differs from this one significantly so do not try to use this one (first file).
I hope this will help out all of you that don't know what to do.

Also, check if your CAN Gateway (address 19) is properly coded. It's coding should be 00006 (assuming you have both ABS & airbags).

Good luck & may the force be with you [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

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