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dubCanuck1 May 22nd, 2012 19:22

The Swap Saga Strikes Back!
Well, I figured having to dig up my original post again after VWFixx changed URLs again was a sign.....Get off your @$$ and finish it up. I had started a part deux thread on another forum. Since that was pretty short-lived, I'll catch that all up in post 1.

The original saga....

So, quick status update, then onto pics and status:

Assumption 1: Anything you read that is older than 2 years old may or may (read as, most likely) not still be accurate or my intention any more....:eek: :D

Rehash of Part Deux...saves me updating 3 sites. Updated where appropriate...

-------------------- Jul 13, 2011 ---------------------------------
Well, it's only been on the shelf for about 3.5 years, but I had it towed back this evening and I have the means to complete this.

Start (or should I say, re-start): MK2 Golf NA Diesel 2-door, nothing special. fair amounts of rust, especially since it's been in a field for 2 years.

The plans:
  • 2001 TDI swap
  • 02J trans
  • Cable shift, hydro clutch
  • Drive by wire
  • 98 NB harness, cluster, and ECU
  • VNT20, then VNT22
  • Passenger Performance Intake manifold
  • custom turbo manifold - Just using an adapter on a K03 TD manifold
  • 3-bar MAP
  • FMIC
  • bigger injectors
  • Corrado dash
  • Scirocco seats
  • Custom upholstery, including headliner
  • Power sunroof and doors convo
  • RS2 or Honda door handles
  • pulled fenders (16V flares to start)
  • Modern B5.5 Passat round fuel door (with electronic release) - I like the MKIV Jetta ones better......Squarish like the car
  • MKIII license plate tub
  • Power trunk release
  • Power windows
  • Quad rounds to start (Euro early Passat lights eventually) - My neighbor is from Germany, so his friend was able to source these for me. No rounds now....just straight to the Passats (with foglights!)
  • Newer mirrors (heated, lighted backs)
  • M3 style tails
  • signal light relocation (MK3 bumper markers)
  • fender vent for intake (that's why I'm relocating the markers)
  • Dual fan shroud
  • oil cooler, fuel cooler
  • 2.5" exhaust
  • metal Kamei-style hood extension
  • Custom sideskirts (to match the wider arches)
  • My "other" set of Mille Miglias
  • suspension (duh)
  • upper and lower strut braces
  • Sound deadening
  • replace undercoating
  • Brakes from a MK3 Jetta GT
  • 22mm master cylinder
  • battery relocation
  • Paint

So yea.....pretty much all custom.

So, the car showed up tonight. I'll let the pics do the talking
Car showed up. Smelled kinda funky. No mice inside thankfully. Probably due to the rubber tires in the cab and the radiators.
Brakes were seized. flat deck did a nice job sliding it off the bed. Kinda like how you'd drop a pizza off that 4-foot paddle.


-------------------- Jul 14, 2011 ---------------------------------

I had an hour to kill today, so I vacuumed up some spiders and whatnot. I also pulled the interior. The seats will need new foam and upholstery. Sitting in a field for 2 years. All I have to say is ****ING NASTY! Completely dripping with swampy water. I pulled all the insulation and tossed it. I tossed the back seats (I suppose I'll shop for some MK3 or MK4 ones to put in

I sprayed the whole interior down with some cleaner. The trim and headliner are next on the block. I'll be building one out of fiberglass, so if this one is any good, I'll make a mold out of it. Otherwise, more custom stuff.

The engine and whatnot come out this weekend and the TDI goes in for mechanical fitment and plumbing


-------------------- Jul 23, 2011 ---------------------------------

Got some more work done tonight.....

Familiar territory:

dubCanuck1 May 22nd, 2012 19:39

-------------------- Jul 24, 2011 ---------------------------------
Well, I made HUGE progress tonight. It's in! All I have to do is plug it in and go.


Yeahhhhhh, not that simple. I did clearance the frame rail and sit the engine in the bay. I'm going to focus on the electrical first as the rest of the stuff is relatively trivial (and I've done most of it before.....perhaps in a past incarnation somewhere....hmmm, let me think...)

Proof that if you don't use it, it's going to rust. No point in pulling off the rust just yet (except) where I have to weld some more stuff to it

I might actually rebuild it out of lighter-weight stuff. that's 3/16" steel plate and Princess Auto Square tubing. It's about 5-8 lbs heavier than the original. It is going to hold up my intercooler and skidplate though, so yeah.....maybe add a few lbs to the front of the car.

When I think about it thought, I should probably build an upper rad support bar like that so that if someone hits my car with their monster truck, that I have the slightest chance of survival.

That, and a rear half "defense" cage, so that if that guy decides to ram me from behind, my man cubs don't suffer the wrath. I'll call it weight equalization :D

The wife's out of town for an extra week, so the long weekend is all mine to work on the garage and get this bad boy rolling..

-------------------- Jul 25, 2011 ---------------------------------

Not a lot done tonight. I bolted up the crossmember and started fiddling with the turbo orientation. I pulled out boxes of parts that have been sitting for far too long.

Remember me?

Blocked off and mounted

A little engine porn, hehehe

So, at the end of the night, after scratching up the shiny one, I dug through a box of parts and found my old 1.6 TD manifold. It doesn't have the mounts on the back of it, so it makes for easier positioning of the turbo.

Tomorrow, I'm going to use some strapping/flat stock to position the turbo where I want it for the manifold, then plan the downpipe, cooling hoses, etc...

You can't see it, but I have an 8V exhaust manifold flange on the back there.

-------------------- Sept 1, 2011 ---------------------------------

So, things have been on hold for a bit since the wife and kids have been back. I now get every Wednesday evening to work on the car (hahahahahhaahah, yeah...that happened.....NOT), starting next week. First on the list is to rough in a manifold for the VNT22.

I picked up a Miller Diversion 180 over the summer (forgot to mention that) and so will be welding most of my stuff. It's been a while since I TIG'ed, so I'm probably going to burn through a lot of material practicing. Then I'll be able to make a lot of the stuff I want (like a damned Power Steering relocation reservoir).

My neighbor recently went to Germany, his homeland, so I'm expecting some early Passat headlights to arrive sometime before Christmas. I'm not sure if I posted it, but there was a maroon MKII in PVW years ago with Passat 2-piece headlights and the Porsche 99x dual wipers. I haven't been able to get it out of my head since seeing it. I guess I'd be the second one I know who has that setup. I'd consider that relatively rare.

Anyhoo. Wednesday is fab night.

-------------------- Sept 2, 2011 ---------------------------------

Ahhh. There it is....

dubCanuck1 May 22nd, 2012 20:23

....and that brings us up to the last Internet update...Now for NEW stuff..
I had mentioned that I might pick up some MKIII or MKIV rear seats. I grabbed some dark gray cloth ones from a local guy.
Those Passat lights came in a while ago. I'll grab some pics tonight. I also picked up some M3-style rear lights from a guy, so we're all OK on that front.
Some updated pics:
The tails (red/crystal ones)
Headlights, compared to Aeros. Some cutting will be required.....
What I want to do with the banana lights. We need side markers here, so as opposed to getting pulled over by the cops every 20 mins, this seemed like a workable solution. Should look pretty decent too.
The Scirocco seats...
So that's the parts stuff. Onto the recent updates:
This weekend was a long weekend for us, so the wife allowed me 4 days of man-cave time.
  • Pulled the rest of the interior
  • Pulled the pedal cluster (only to find I had sold my hydro swap stuff....back to the wreckers. This won't be fun)
  • Pulled out all the electrical and marked it.
  • Several hours of poring over wiring diagrams
  • Measured (forever) and fabbed up an adapter for the VNT20 (not the final version, but this is for mocking up the plumbing.
  • Put the cable shifter into the car (thank you Dremel. Much easier than it was on the last chassis).
  • Started on welding the intake tube.
  • built a couple versions of a 1-5/8"->2.5" downpipe transition. I might make several more before I get it exactly where I want, but v2.0 looks pretty decent.
Shifter (still needs to be adjusted and the front holes drilled)
Turbo clearance (about 2").
The turbo mounted with the "super soaker canister"
Clearance of the turbo and the manifold. I'm going to make an aluminum heat sink to fit in there for some heat dissipation. the intake is ceramic coated (and not just tape) which should also help.
The wiring diagram from jhax
The interior...

dubCanuck1 May 22nd, 2012 20:28

Oh, and the adapter setup for the turbo. The turbo in this orientation has the same angle of pitch as the k03, but has a 5 degree slope from one side to the other. The welds are gnarly, but this is just for mock up.

and it mounted (unobscured):

Oh, and the anecdotal part of the weekend. After almost a year of having the Diversion 180, I finally wired it, only have have sparks fly out the back vents when I hit the power on it. It's at the "Miller Doctor" now getting warranty work.

....and now we're up to date....

jhax May 22nd, 2012 23:52

Damn good job sir, i hope that diagram helps you. You have a PM which you will probably have already read by the time i push the post quick reply button.

JFettig May 23rd, 2012 07:34

Looks nice. Make sure you port the snot out of that exhaust manifold. It is extremely restrictive.

dubCanuck1 May 23rd, 2012 08:50


Originally Posted by JFettig (Post 3812604)
Looks nice. Make sure you port the snot out of that exhaust manifold. It is extremely restrictive.

Yeah. I'll be making the opening round.....helping with the turbo side of things. The real end goal is a tubular manifold, but seeing as it's been 7 years in the making, "get it done" has taken higher priority.

JFettig May 23rd, 2012 08:57

Get in there at an angle too

dubCanuck1 June 6th, 2012 21:10

So, Not many actual car-related updates. I've spent a week or so getting things sorted with my MIG welder, but along the way, I did get a few things completed:

Transition for downpipe completed (it looks super nice in this pic. It's not quite as pretty as the picture seems to make it.).
I cut six slots in the edge of the tubing, terminating in a drill hole. Then I welded them up and ground them down. Then I cut the piece so that the end was the same size as the flange opening (I made the transition go down to about 3/4"). Then, I used a tailpipe extruder to make it a bit more round.

Then........I went and welded it to the flange. That ended up looking like a can of smashed @ssh0l3z! So I spent some time on and got some stuff sorted out. Now my welds are a lot nicer (wish my technique was, lol). I'll have to cut the downpipe transition off and regrind it to reweld it to the flange nicely. Then I can start fabbing the rest of the downpipe.

I finished bolting in the shift box. Now I have to fill in some spare holes, hahaha. No pics of that needed (look at my other ones and you'll get the idea).

Then, I started playing with Intercooler placement and figuring out which rad/shroud setup I want to use. . Here's some pics of approximately where the FMIC will sit (it'll sit about 1/2" higher.

The top view of the IC. There's room for the air to move around. I'll trim a very small amount of the lower vent openings in the bumper to make it hit more of a cross-section.

I put some mounting brackets on the rad support so that the IC can bolt to it. I'll tap them this weekend and drill holes in the I/C tabs and mount it up. I'll probably eventually weld some more supports to the bottom of the I/C collectors, but that will take some more seat time on the TIG. Not ready for that just yet :D.

I'm trying to do one thing on the car each night, even if it's small.

dubCanuck1 June 7th, 2012 01:12

Yeah, so I got tired of reading for work, so I did a bit more.
Drilled and mounted the Intercooler onto the brackets I built. BTW, if you want M8 bolts and are too cheap to go buy some, just hit the boneyard and rob all the 2.0 L MK3's you can find of their upper intake manifold bolts. They're about 1.5" long and are handy everywhere! The wrecker usually won't even charge you for them.

The gap I gave it

I also clocked the compressor and started fitting the boost plumbing, but it being 2 AM, cutting the tack welds to rotate the tubing might get me in trouble with the missus.

dubCanuck1 June 9th, 2012 02:30

So, the wife went out with the kids tonight, so I had a few hours to kill.....I decided it was time to fab up the boost tubing. Actually relatively easy stuff to mock up. Takes a bit of patience.
If anyone is wondering, I got the mandrel bent tubing from Columbia River (
I clocked the compressor of the turbo yesterday so that I could get a decent angle on the tubing to go around the corner. I ended up the night with this (I had previously cut out the flap that was tack welded closed by VW).
The compressor:
Today I tweaked the upper and added the other half of it
Another shot of it, showing all of it going down beside the frame rail.
A bit later, I started on the lower I/C tubing.
All of it hooked up. just need to go buy a bunch of T-Bolt clamps.
Closer pic of the driver's side stuff:
...and kinda what it'll look like when I get the Intake tube sorted out.
Tomorrow I have some more time. Hoping to button up the welding and build some brackets to hold the tubing in place. I also cut the reducer off of my exhaust flange, and will build a new one to weld on tomorrow.

GTiTDi June 9th, 2012 07:51

Looks pretty sweet!

dubCanuck1 June 10th, 2012 02:27

So, my attempt at a new reducer went a little bit awry. Good news though, I was able to scavenge my old one and carry on fabbing the downpipe. I'm kinda proud of myself. I bought 1 builder kit of tubing and still have a 90 degree left to use for the over axle stuff. Although in all honesty, I'll be redoing this all in stainless once I get enough seat time on the TIG to feel comfortable doing it.

Anyhoo. Pics...

Downpipe tacked.

View of the clearance as it goes under. It's got about 1.5" clearance on the cable shifter and steering rack.

And a pic of the downpipe out of the car. I'll be welding a small extension to the end of that and a V-band to mate up with the rest of the exhaust. I haven't decided if I'll use a flex section on the downpipe or if I'll put one on the front of the mid-pipe.

Now I just have to build a pressure tester for my other tubing. Off to the plumbing supply store tomorrow.....

dubCanuck1 July 3rd, 2012 08:18

Small update.
  • Picked up a hydraulic clutch setup from a B3 Passat TD and put that in.
  • Pressure tested the boost tubing to 50 PSI
  • Fabbed some mounts for tubes to anchor to car.
  • Modified a dual-fan shroud to work with the MKII radiator
  • Traced a bunch of wiring
I'll get some pics up as soon as I get my Hosting sorted again.

On the list for this week:
  • Finish fabbing the mounts for the other half of the boost tubes.
  • Get a coupler for the MAF
  • Weld in the MAP bung
  • Finish fabbing the intake tube
  • Fab up brackets to hold the rad fans to the rad
  • Start running wiring and splicing into MK2 harness

jhax November 15th, 2012 21:13

looking good, i just got bitten by the bug again and i'm looking at taking the first step soon (boring out the block). i just need some money blah. i did lower it though and it looks much better. Yours looks like it's coming on nicely.

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