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Sip'n Diesel June 11th, 2009 00:05

LMAO! just ask Jimmy if he can supply a copy of either an MSDS or a bill of lading;)

I agree though, to a certain extent. if your TDI runs SIGNIFICANTLY better on his "remium diesel" then I would say we're onto something here:D

it's also a possibility that some places selling "premium diesel" are only simply blending it with bio-diesel, as it increases cetane similar to how additives like Stanadyne and PowerService do

:confused:IIRC, if <5% bio no label is required in Illinois. 6%-20% bio gets the "one-size-fits-all" label, and >20% bio must say what BXX blend it actually is. also, IIRC, B11 is where the $$tax break$$ begins??

totally off-topic: I bought some B99 today @ $3.07 X 4 gallons and I got a copy of the MSDS... 50.8 cetane:p

I need to scan it and post it in a different thread FWIW:cool:

dzcad90 June 11th, 2009 17:58


Originally Posted by PalosParked

All kidding aside...Jimmy's is at 260 N Cass Ave(47th and Cass), Westmont, IL. 630-969-2323 Owner (Jimmy of course) said that he has high turnover even at $3.259 per gallon.

Filled up here once a few years ago when I was much less familiar with the burbs. Was rolling down Ogden Ave in my MkIV going west and stopped everywhere but nobody sold diesel. A guy told me to head down Cass and someone sold diesel. The light had been on for a LONG time and I was desperate. Paid their gorilla prices for about 3 gallons and went home. I now avoid this place like the plague on principal alone.

I guess the only guy selling water in the desert can charge what he wishes though :)

Thunderstruck June 11th, 2009 22:09

That's good, because in the past the one at Ogden and Main has had good prices, I think due to the Speedway down the street. For those just passing through, you can go down Highland Ave which turns into Main around Ogden.

BTL June 12th, 2009 11:41

Any ideas where to get petro near Joliet? I can't find anywhere but a Meijer....

Thunderstruck June 13th, 2009 20:34

Correction to post #40 from a while back-I stopped at the Shell at 83 and Higgins, and now the pump does have a sticker stating the fuel contains bio from 5-20%. Ah well. Wound up heading down the road to JAM trucking to fuel up instead.

PalosParked June 13th, 2009 22:50

Jetta09, While you're editing please add:
Worth Marathon
(Woodstock Petroleum)
WORTH, IL 60482

Manager confirmed D2 current price $2.659 @6/13/09

PalosParked June 15th, 2009 12:46

Chicagoland D2 service stations, requested list from Chicagoland Distributor
Hey guys,

I just realized that I had not asked Texor Petroleum, if they could give us a list of greater Chicagoland service stations to which they distribute D2. Arnie at Texor was one of the people who helped me to understand diesel winterization and gave me Fullers in Hinsdale and Marathon in Markam. He's willing to help us. Arnie said he'd put together a list of D2 stations for us. Just give him a couple of weeks.

Guess what? ..Just like every other industry now-a-days, there is some consolidation going on in the Chicagoland wholesale fuel distribution industry.... They (Texor) now service the Marathon listed in Worth (above). There's now one less petroleum distributor. Seems Texor, like Atlas, is buying.

FYI - Diesel (and RUG) prices are going up. If you find a service station with low price, fill 'er up before they get their next delivery.

Jetta09Chicago June 16th, 2009 10:00

PalosParked, thanks for all your great work getting in touch with the diesel distributors! You always have good info to share.

CornfieldCraig June 16th, 2009 10:37

This study examined the use of B5 and B20 blends with a DPF in a CR engine. It's very interesting, if very scientific:

I'm not a scientist, so I may be misinterpreting the results, but as I read it, the Diesel Particulate Filter actually performed better with biodiesel blends than with petrodiesel, as it reached a "Balance Point" (DPF inlet temperature at which the rate of particle oxidation approximately equals the rate of particle collection") at a significantly lower temperature and burned away particulates at a faster rate as well.

My main concern with biodiesel blends in my 2009 has been the DPF, but maybe that's misplaced. It could be that the real concern is the oil dilution, related acids, and the resulting corrosion. If so, then maybe this new oil additive from Chevron is the solution, or maybe we Illinoisans need to plan to change our oil more frequently.

I don't think this took into consideration the effects of ambient temperature, so I wonder how winter weather might affect the DPF performance results.

Has anyone found the Chevron Lubricating Oil Additive in stores or online?

CornfieldCraig June 16th, 2009 13:47

UPDATED 7/2/2009

Feece Oil in Batavia, Minooka, and Ottawa has 100% petrodiesel (not correct...see below). The price today is $2.65/gal, which is the same price I paid today at Meijer in Aurora. The pumps are open 24x7. This is a great family-run operation. Very nice people. Ironically, I used to go there to buy biodiesel when I couldn't get it elsewhere.

1700 Hubbard Drive, Batavia (B1 or B11, depending upon the time of year)
517 Twin Rail Drive, Minooka (B1 and B11)
701 Hitt Street (Route 71), Ottawa (no retail pumps)

The phone number for all three is 888.879.1911.

CORRECTION: Apparently, the person I spoke to the first time wasn't completely well-informed. Sorry about the misinformation.

Feece sells both B1 and B11, but no straight petrodiesel from their retail pumps.

BTL June 17th, 2009 06:48

Joliet/Romeoville/Crest Hill Area....Weber Road and Renwick Road.

Phillips 66 Diesel Pumps are labeled as ULSD, no mention of Bio Blend. Now, I know this does not ensure it is petro, but I wanted to mention it. Perhaps someone can confirm?

BTL June 17th, 2009 13:36

One more...Rt. 34 and Orchard Road in Montgomery/Oswego. Mobil. New station, well-maintained. Did not have a chance to talk to the staff, but ULSD label, no mention of BD blend.

N8116B June 17th, 2009 19:28

Found another ULSD station
SCHAUMBURG, IL 60173-4117
(847) 397-2244

lovemybug June 17th, 2009 19:42

If anyone gets up to the border area, the BP station in Genoa City, WI, just off Hwy 12 has posted right on their sign they have no biofuel in their diesel.

jcrews June 17th, 2009 22:12


Originally Posted by N8116B
I did not see this one listed yet.

Cary, IL
800 NW Hwy
At the corner of NW Hwy and Three Oaks Road.
They carry ULSD

2 pumps, one on each end of all the islands and it is the smaller nozzle that fits into the Jetta filler just fine.

I get fuel from there all the time and it's always been B11. Did they change to straight petro?

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