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Josh_WA July 14th, 2015 12:53

TDI AHU to 93 Eurovan
After reading just about all the TDI into Eurovan posts from a few different forums over the years, I’ve decided that it’s my turn to delve into the fray. I had been liking the idea for some time, but just seemed out of my technical reach. We just bought a 2014 TDI jetta in the summer of 2014 and have loved the car. I think the enjoyment of driving that has pushed me over the edge to plunge into my deep end. And this is deep water for me. I have experience changing out wheel bearings, brakes, water pumps, gaskets and things of that level. Small pull and replace items. Nothing of this degree. But the internet has definitely evolved into any amazing library of information of how to, and lots of experienced converters who are willing to offer help. At this point, I’m working most of this project on my own, but do have a friend who will be loaning me his skills and engine lift to do the pulling of the old and placing of the new. I plan on completing the project by New Year if all goes as expected. I’m trying to keep this under a $2000 budget. We’ll see how that goes as well.

With that said, here’s what I’ve got going. My Van. 93 MV Weekender. Manual transmission. A little shabby when you look a bit closer, but not too bad. Out of a wild hair and inexperience, I ended up having a rebuilt Transmission put into the van. It’s a CPW. A little better final drive than the standard CHP. I also installed a .71 5th gear set. So having the van as manual already and my slight overdrive gear in, I thought this may be a little more manageable to complete the TDI swap.

I originally assumed I would amass my parts over a few years’ time. As timing would have it, an AHU engine popped onto the Craigslist, but not too far over the border in Langley, BC, Canada. It had already been pulled from an early 99 Jetta and included most of all that I needed from the donor car. $1500 Canadian, with amounted to about $1250 American.
Engine with all the normal built on accessories. (183K kms) 113K miles.
Wiring harness
Fuse panel
Gas pedal
Air box
Intercooler piping and fuel lines

Promptly drove up and picked up my motor. Nice fellow who skillfully forklifted the engine into my van.

Just the day before I picked up the engine, I had secured an engine stand. With some backyard leveraging I managed to get engine onto the mount an into my work space, which sadly is my carport shed. It will do though. I stripped of the accessories and mounts. I cleaned the engine a good deal. I don’t have pictures, but the intake was caked with carbon and spent a good week or so cleaning that out. Same for the intake manifold. It was worse. I think I have it fairly well cleaned out though.

So while I’ve been cleaning the engine up, I was collecting up some replacement pieces. ($400 spent so far)
Timing belt, idler, tensioner.
Serpentine belt, idler, water pump
Oil pan and valve cover gasket
New right, left and rear rubber engine/transmission mounts
New flywheel bolts
Diesel Fuel filter (wasn’t sure if I needed it, but have it now.)

And acquiring the Euro parts ($500 spent) courtesy of FRANS with Dutch auto parts
4cyl transmission carrier 02B409905K
lower timming belt cover 028109127H
Oil dip Stick/housing 028115629E, N90461401, 044115611F, N 028 224 01
Oil filler neck and cap 044115308A/070115319
Sump (oil pan) 044103601D
Transmission upper cover plate 044103647B
right-side engine mount 028199207E.

to include these ABL parts I thought would be convenient
lift pump (fuel tank pump) 701919813B
Oil cooler bracket 028115417G (more clearance for drivetrain pan?)

I'm presently a little over budge at $2100 with problably some expenses to come. I'm hoping it all drops down below the 2k mark when I sell off my gas engine and accessories.

As of now, I’ve completed boring the new dipstick hole and have bore/tapped the right side mount holes. Also tapped the old dipstick hole to M12 with 1.75 pitch. Cut the end of an M12 bolt and slotted it. I will be red locktiting it. With the metal shavings mess out of the way, I’ve put on my ABL oil pan and gasket and installed my ABL oil pickup. Modified the windage flap to fit the oil pan as well. I shouldn’t have to flip the engine over any more.
Next step is to install the new timing belt. Will give the engine another good wipe down, and then pull the belt and accessories. I’ve managed to construct 2 of the 3 tools I think I need. Grinded down a flat bar a little to hold the valves in place and made a tensioner tool. My tensioner tool still needs a couple hardened bolts though. I ended up ordering the fuel pump locking pin. That’s coming in the mail.

njt1rider July 14th, 2015 13:18

SO awesome. You are going to love your new van when finished! Keep up the good work.

Josh_WA July 14th, 2015 13:27

Hey thanks njt1rider. I've read your thread I don't know how many times. It really is a good reference on converting a van in North America.

twentyeight July 19th, 2015 13:08

Hey, this looks awesome! I'm working on gathering parts for the same build.

I'm curious about your parts list— I don't see the L-shaped right-side engine mount 028199207E.

I also see you have a transmission bracket listed, but I don't understand how that changes if your transporter already has a manual transmission.
Edit- I think this is the carrier for mounting the axle extension to the 4-cyl TDI block (number 11)

(BTW, for posterity, a 7/16" quarter-inch-drive Crafstman socket is a perfect fit for an AHU/1Z injection pump locking pin in a pinch. I finally found a use for my imperial sockets!)

Josh_WA July 19th, 2015 13:35

Thanks, I've edited my original post.

I ended up just buying a locking pin, but that is good info for others. I've actually just put on the new timing belt, idler and tensioner. Started to put on the accessory brackets. I'm going with the ABL oil cooler mount, so I'll follow up later it allows for a full size filter. With the bottom engine cover on. This will be at the expense of longer coolant lines and I'll need to extend the oil line somehow. Or just buy a braided oil line of the right length.

By the way, the L shaped right side engine mount comes in a non L shaped version as well. I had one of each for a short time. I'll post some pictures later today.

Josh_WA July 19th, 2015 21:50

4cyl transmission carrier being #11. I haven't pulled my engine. I'll have an extra if the exact thing is in there. I seem to be doubling on a few parts in error.

My progress pics though. Got the timing belt on after getting my injection pump pin.

Then got the new water pump on, some of the accessory pulleys and brackets. The alternator that came with the engine is a little noisy. still got to check to see if its actually working. Will otherwise use my current alternator from the Weekender.

Here's the pic of the two different right side engine mount.

jimbote July 20th, 2015 18:20

nice project.... i have a 99 full camper in the works for a tdi swap ... not sure if you've already tightened the t belt tensioner or it's just hanging loose for assembly purposes ... if it is tight it's tightened backward ... if so you should remove it and inspect the stop tab for bending and/or cracking... it'd be ashame to do all that hard work converting and then the tensioner fail on ya .... good luck !

twentyeight July 21st, 2015 13:39

What's the part number on the angular engine bracket? I'm having a hard time finding a reference to it.

Are the end dimensions the same?

Josh_WA July 21st, 2015 14:19


Originally Posted by jimbote (Post 4847657)
nice project.... i have a 99 full camper in the works for a tdi swap ... not sure if you've already tightened the t belt tensioner or it's just hanging loose for assembly purposes ... if it is tight it's tightened backward ... if so you should remove it and inspect the stop tab for bending and/or cracking... it'd be ashame to do all that hard work converting and then the tensioner fail on ya .... good luck !

Good save. I did have it turned the wrong way. I pulled it off and it wasn't bent out of shape luckily. I don't remember forcing it though. Looks more correct now.

Josh_WA July 21st, 2015 14:24


Originally Posted by twentyeight (Post 4848254)
What's the part number on the angular engine bracket? I'm having a hard time finding a reference to it.

Are the end dimensions the same?

The part number on the angular bracket was 044199207G. It does have the same dimensions as far as where the rubber mount are as well as the attachment points to the engine. There are different size bolt lengths that will be needed though. Still 10mm though. There isn't a picture that I've found of the part but the part # is listed with the L mount # as a version of the part.

twentyeight August 19th, 2015 23:36

Any update on this?

Josh_WA August 20th, 2015 07:15

Not at the moment. I'm waiting til September to do the swap. The engine is ready to go in though. Just have one more trip that I need a known good running van for this month.

Josh_WA September 9th, 2015 13:05

Path of no return
Summer trips are over and now its down the path of no return. Just a couple pictures of the the progress. Don't expect this to be a quick turn around. I tend to not get much time to work on projects in successive days or hours. At any rate, I've started. Just got the van set up on some ramps for more access.

Just the plastic bumper off. Had only one bolt loosely holding it on.

Front end off. A lot less pieces than I thought. Was easiest for me to remove the healights and the covers under them first, followed by the radiator and condenser(slightly heavy). My A/C has been depleted of cold for a long long time. I released the lowside on the evaporator(?) and it hissed just momentarily. The radiator hoses were easy enough to get off, but the power steering hoses created a little mess for me to sop up with the front of my pants. Last the steel bumper(heavy). not really many bolts holding this on. 12 I think and easy to get to. It's just loosing to the wires and hoses out from all the securing clips. Otherwise, it came away easy. Front end is now clear.

Next will be pulling the wires back across towards the battery side. Not too scary deep yet.

oilhammer September 9th, 2015 14:12

What transmission are you using?

Josh_WA September 9th, 2015 15:16


Originally Posted by oilhammer (Post 4883241)
What transmission are you using?

I'm sticking with my CPW.

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