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dubStrom January 5th, 2017 09:01

New Project
With the loss of my '14 wagon (, I needed to find a replacement. I decided to go back to the ALH.

It is a GLS, needs an engine. The body and interior are OK. I have a charger on the battery, and I will probe the codes soon. by gs1100ghoot, on Flickr by gs1100ghoot, on Flickr

maxmoo January 5th, 2017 09:53

Looks the ALH wagons!
I just picked one up 2 days ago .... looks identical.
Mine was a victom of a prothe timming belt (lasted 18,000kms.)
I scooped mine for $600cdn with a mint body and an auto trans,(plan on 3 pedal mod).

turbovan+tdi January 5th, 2017 12:40

Love wagon's too, you won't be disapointed.

dubStrom January 5th, 2017 16:44

Some history (what little I actually "know")- the PO tells me he ran it after "breaking the oil pump-hit something" so I assume the main/rod bearings and overhead cam journals are damaged. It will need rebuild or swap a used running engine in. He said he had it repaired, but it did not "fix" it. CLEAN oil in the engine is obvious on the dipstick.

The battery is flat dead, and did not respond to an overnight floating charger. It may revive if I pull it out, put it in a warm place and put it on a real charger, but I suspect I'll be buying a new battery!

I jumped it with my running Passat to test electronics before the sun went down tonight.

Some stuff checked out OK:
power windows
power sunroof
hatch door release
fuel door release
all door locks open close button (only with key on)
both power mirror adjusts

briefly turned over the engine- the starter worked (but labored, slow crank)

Question, was this because of engine bearings damage? Not sure.

What did not work?

remote lock/unlock doors
driver side seat heater

So I will repeat this exercise and connect my HEX+CAN this weekend and probe the codes this weekend.

turbovan+tdi January 5th, 2017 18:23

If it ran without oil, mains are done for sure, followed by the rods. My wife just did this and mains were done, rods were ok, head was ok. Made it a 2.0L.

Millennium Falcon January 5th, 2017 18:33

Looks Great! I just got my ALH wagon on the road... I love it! Mine had front end damage and a bad tranny. It was a bunch of work but totally worth it! I hope you get this one rolling again with out too much trouble.

dubStrom January 8th, 2017 15:53

It is sitting in my back yard now. I jumped it to test the electronics and get an autoscan (VCDS). No CAN, but it is a 1J category "golf/bora" ECU. All checks out and I had to replace a 5amp fuse for the door locks (5 or 6). Then, the driver door key locked, or unlocked ALL doors, no problem.

More cool, the twist and hold activated the ALL windows up, or ALL windows down feature after ~5 seconds, as it should. Very good! Saving $ for this project now. It will take a few months. More soon ;)

Frosty hood!

[IMG] by gs1100ghoot, on Flickr[/IMG] by gs1100ghoot, on Flickr

KCTDI January 11th, 2017 06:25

Nice find!
I'd drive my '02 Jwagen anytime rather than drive the '14 Sportwagen the CFO had. It was noisier and the seats weren't as comfortable to me.
Another MkIV saved, Yeah.

dubStrom January 18th, 2017 06:06

I looked under the front and the oil pan seems like it might be new (shiny clean aluminum silver). I need to get a floor jack under there and get a better look.

I went down to Belton and talked to Mo at Cool Air about it, and he told me he thought the turbo would go first when the oil pressure dropped. But it won't start, and labors to turn over, so crankshaft main bearings must be dragging. It makes me wonder why the mechanic that worked on it bothered to bolt in an oil pump. Seems that it would not have been difficult to tell that the crank was hard to turn.

There is NEW parts on top of the engine. Obvious new fuel filter, but also there is a new valve on the ducting that comes out of the top of the manifold. What is that? Does it go to the intercooler?

Also, the splash guard ("skid" plate) is missing. Presumably removed before or DURING the road debris impact! May have to get a Panzer plate or one of those nice aluminum skid plates from IDParts after this wagon is on the road again. The dollars are adding up, and I haven't even started :eek:

turbovan+tdi January 18th, 2017 11:17

Post a pic of the thingy, :cool:

Some mechanics are lazy, also greedy. If they condemn the engine right away, they won't make any money, so replacing the oil pump is gravy-labour plus a pan and oil pump.

Turbo will go but won't make any difference as the engine will lock up, lol.

sisyphus January 18th, 2017 15:10

Well. I'd start w/ the basics, seeing as how it's had a bunch of work done, you don't know the full scope of the problem that made it stop running, and so on.
I'd check the timing real quick, pop the valve cover off and compare the cam to the timing mark on the flywheel, see if the IP is on time too.
If you don't feel like doing that start with a new starter and jumping the battery that's in it.
I bought a car that was in a field for a year and the first two things I had to buy were a starter and a battery.

dubStrom January 18th, 2017 19:55

It's the valve behind the oil filler cap. New part (within a year I suppose). What is this thingy? Seems like two vaccum actuators... one on top of the thing and another on the post on the side actuator. It connects to the manifold, and also to the newish looking fat tube that passes by the cam belt to the plastic squarish tube. To intercooler?

[IMG] by gs1100ghoot, on Flickr[/IMG]
Another view. The new fuel filter can be seen in this one. Seems the car had maintenance. PO is clammed up regarding what was done about the oil pump.

[IMG] by gs1100ghoot, on Flickr[/IMG]
No engine cover, no skid plate on this engine... Who knows why.

UhOh January 19th, 2017 02:46


I wonder whether that EGR valve was replaced because it was leaking (some signs of that) or because it was dirty? If it was because it was dirty then perhaps this work was done in conjunction with cleaning the intake? Botched intake cleaning?

What does the engine feel like if turning it by hand (via crank bolt)?

dubStrom January 19th, 2017 05:00


Originally Posted by UhOh (Post 5223275)

I wonder whether that EGR valve was replaced because it was leaking (some signs of that) or because it was dirty? If it was because it was dirty then perhaps this work was done in conjunction with cleaning the intake? Botched intake cleaning?

What does the engine feel like if turning it by hand (via crank bolt)?

No reason to suspect a botched intake cleaning right now. OP's story is he biffed the oil pump, ran it with the oil light on for 10 blocks :eek:

Turbo, main bearings, rod bearings probably gone. Maybe some issues in the head as well. I had a running Passat connected to it (jumper cables), and it labored when trying to turn it over briefly. I don't think it is a weak starter.

If the intake was cleaned, that's good. The cam belt appears to be fine. Hopefully this is the original engine and original head.

Saving up for this. I am buried at work, can't do it myself.

turbovan+tdi January 19th, 2017 09:40

The thingy is the EGR valve and ASV valve. The ASV closes the intake when you turn the key off to stop an engine runaway.

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