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ntmzp9 May 16th, 2019 11:55

TDI painful experience. HELP NEEDED
Let me start off by saying, enjoy this forum and others like it very much. Very helpful information out there, if you know where to look. I have a 2012 VW JSW TDI, bought in January 2015. Long story short, i bought it salvage, didn't do anything with it due to the emission scandal coming out, and then fixed what VW told me to fix (flipping from salvage to prior salvage). 3+ years later of doing what they asked, and waiting for the "prior salvage" issues to get resolved on VW's side, they denied my claim as well as my appeal via email. No clarification as to why. Car has basically sat still during this time. Can't get the fix either. No clue as to why on ANY OF IT. I'm crushed, but i'll get over it and fix this thing properly.

In "fixing" it, i took to a repair shop here in KC as the alternator mount was broken (interlocks with the HPFP) so timing would be an issue that I'm not familiar with. They timed it, it would move on its own, but not much more than that. i replaced the VNT mechanism, and it runs GREAT. 40 mpg all stock. Until yesterday.

Hop in to run a quick errand, grab my groceries, and car won't stay running more than 1 second. Call a tow, drop me off at house and hook up vcds and get an error code for camshaft/crankshaft signal error (00022 i believe). Let it sit for a few hours, car starts up, test drive it, and at 60mph it dies. Call tow truck, same damn driver appears and tows me home.

In doing some investigative work, i pull timing belt cover off and see one of the roller bolts is loose (small one, top right). Belt is still loose, so i keep digging and find the Large Roller (middle right) BOLT has BROKEN off. Car no go, and i can't catch a break. Its a money pit. Call shop that did timing (less than 200 miles on it since timing work done but its been a few months) and they have - can you believe it - CLOSED THEIR DOORS FOR GOOD a few months ago. MOTHERF!!!!!! They probably reused the bolt, engine torque from belt with WOT probably killed it.

My luck with life lately has been complete ****. While i wallow in self pity, what do i do? I'm assuming since belt broke and engine quite running, i need to pull heads to look for valve contact and to retime properly? there are a few guides out there for retiming but not much on pulling heads. where do i take the head if it is INDEED damaged? How do i release pressure in fuel line? Would this be same procedure of changing fuel filter or is it in the rail? Would full insurance cover any of this, or would i have better luck finding a train to do a meet and greet with my front end?

Thanks guys for reading my rambling. There's been a ton of other S that's gone on with this car, but this is it in a nutshell. I thought i was home free as i have been driving it 2006 vw has 260k miles on it and transmission is going. i need options fairly quickly...

ntmzp9 May 16th, 2019 15:38

I've ordered the new bolts and tools required. Would it be easier to pull the engine or accessible enough to do in the car? I think only thing in the way is the frame! I'm assuming since i have it all undone to check the HPFP as well (look for metal shavings)? Anything else to check while it's down? Main concern is the head and figuring out how to back out the broken bolt that is 1/2 inside of block.

On a side note, I've flipped 10+ cars from salvage to prior salvage, almost all VW's. Nothing has ever been this big of a money pit (first TDI).

afeinstein May 17th, 2019 08:09

Related question
Since you have so much experience with salvage, I thought I would ask you this. I am sorry for the bad experience you are having with the 2012 JSW.

I bought a 2011 JSW TDI from Copart and fixed it up. It now has a rebuilt salvage title. This vehicle was a buy back, had fixes done in Oct 2018 and was sold Dec 2018, and then was in an accident in March 2019. So it got the salvage title after the fixes were done.

Do you know how VW will treat this situation? DO they continue to stand by the complete warranty on all the fixes even after the car has gotten a salvage title after that?

JELLOWSUBMARINE May 17th, 2019 09:31

Stay strong brother, you dont sound like a quiter. Life can toss its share of crap but for me anyway I try to focus on good times that will be there in these cases
How many miles are on the car? You may want to pull the head to evaluate the go no go of the job 1st. Simply meaning is this particular JSW worth the cost or effort? I've owned a Passat TDI and now the JSW and by far one of my best allaround cars. I am a fan of only buying good histoty used cars simply some cars are just Monday built cars.
Keep us posted

ntmzp9 May 17th, 2019 10:33

Thanks guys. I've had a few restless nights, but feeling better about it today. Last timing job i did was on a F150, took me 3 weeks of research but finally big the bullet and did it, ran great afterwards. I can do this...just gotta find the right material.

afeinstein, VW will not touch that car again for any warranty work once it's been salvaged. I've had zero luck in taking in things for recalls, which is understandable but also irritating.

Jello- vehicle only has 50,005 miles on it. Hence the reluctance to give up on it just yet. I'm going to pull the heads to be sure, will post pictures but it'll be a week or two before i get to it. Gotta finish ordering all the bolts and gaskets as i hate letting a project sit while i'm in the middle of it. I'll be back this weekend to post any links I've found in case this happens to anyone else.

vincej May 17th, 2019 11:50

My father in law used to say do it little by little. I think you'll get there in the end. Maybe consult with someone close to you that knows these engines well, if you can find him.

I wouldn't worry about the "fix". Your car will run better without it. I know that some people did nothing and are still driving their cars as they bought them new.

atomicalexc May 17th, 2019 13:21

Should make this a running thing, keep us updated. I don't have anything to add that hasn't already been said but I feel your pain and would love to see you succeed over this car.

ntmzp9 May 17th, 2019 16:33

I think I’m going to try and Dremel the bolt smooth, and tap into it with a left handed drill bit. Will require removing the engine I think. As soon as the weather permits working outside (been very rainy) I’m getting started. Tried calling around to shops for an estimate as I’m close to biting the bullet but A. it’s a volkswagen and B. It’s a diesel. No one but dealership will touch it. Glad they’re upfront about it but would be nice to have a tech here to bounce questions off of. Will keep you updated though!!! My spirits are up thanks to you all

ntmzp9 May 17th, 2019 16:36

PS how do i add pictures? would be nice if this were a mobile do i upload them to something like imgur and add the link?

JesseTDI May 19th, 2019 10:59

If you find yourself not being able to fix it yourself you do have a TDI guru right down the road from you in Belton, Mo. The name of the place is Cool Air Auto. From what I've seen he has a solid reputation and is very knowledgeable.

ntmzp9 May 19th, 2019 13:32


Originally Posted by JesseTDI (Post 5509404)
If you find yourself not being able to fix it yourself you do have a TDI guru right down the road from you in Belton, Mo. The name of the place is Cool Air Auto. From what I've seen he has a solid reputation and is very knowledgeable.

My man! thanks Jessi, i'm going to give him a call when i dig into it.

ntmzp9 September 1st, 2019 20:30

I'm back
OK so quick update with a question

I've officially had to do an engine swap. Long story short, found one on ebay for $600, only difference was a connector on front of engine that i'm assuming is for the fog lights on previous car (connector is shaped like headlight connectors, but only 3 wires going to it and there's only one???) I have double/triple checked everything is plugged in/nothing is missing.

Took about 20 hours total - lots of nights and weekend work. BUT ITS IN! popped the cover on old one and all cam followers are snapped, so i'm assuming valves are crushed as well.

Now a new issue has emerged. I'm not getting any fuel. I run vcds to prime the system, and can hear the pump in tank (lift pump im assuming) running. My auxiliary pump never comes on though. When should this get power? I thought i could hear it before when doors would open or turn the key on? No voltage what so ever. Checked wiring diagrams for hours today, checked the fuse under the dash SC27 and J17/J832and it all checks out. Still, no power.

I've been trying to prime the system by hooking up a battery/cables to power the aux. pump. VCDS says to run system 30 seconds and do it 3 times but i've gone longer than that, and i get no fuel. Replaced fuel filter and filled housing/repeat/nothing. Is there something I'm missing here? Do i need to run this for hours? Only 50k miles on it...but do i need a new one? That doesn't fix the power situation though.

1A: Why wouldn't a closed system prime? Even if it wasn't closed, system should still be pumping fuel in one direction, right?

1B:What would cause no power to aux. unit as that wiring cable hasn't been touched (runs by ECM so no kinkage possible/wasn't moved).

I'm ready to burn it all down....

Growler September 3rd, 2019 05:29

So do you have VCDS? I couldn't tell based on your description of what you are doing to prime the system.

did you check the new replacement engines HPFP for blockage (AKA HPFP Shrapnel) on the micro filter screen on the black removable sensor on it?

was the engine in an obviously wrecked car or did it look normal otherwise but still in the junkyard.

ntmzp9 September 3rd, 2019 07:19

Yes i used vcds, will figure out how to post that info here after work hopefully.

I pulled the black electrical thing on HPFP and no blockage. Car was wrecked on driver side, nothing with engine was damaged. I'm running VCDS to run fuel pump (can hear it run) through both the basic settings 035 and also by selecting fuel pump through output tests. Auxillary fuel pump doesnt turn on due to no voltage going to it. but again no wires were messed with on that so I'm not sure why I'm not getting any power to it (J49)?

ntmzp9 September 3rd, 2019 20:41

I'm going to swap the wiring harness back to original. Read something where dude had same issue. Hoping to have this done tomorrow if all goes well

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