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devonutopia January 13th, 2010 17:21

Log of quarter mile times
OK - Here is a list I will run and update with 1/4 miles as we go. :) Please PM me the details I need from each column and I will add you to the list in the right place. Keeping it in 1/4 mile time order for ease of tracking. :) Just PM me and eventually it will be done. :)

@ 02/09/2013 (that's 2nd September - UK style ;))

devonutopia January 14th, 2010 14:45

bump to the top - at least until it gets stickied by a moderator. :)

Rub87 January 14th, 2010 15:14

please also add 60ft time and maybe estiminated vehicle mass, has a huge inpact on ET and will give a better overview of performance or launching skillz

I did 14.093 @ 163.27 with 2.4s 60ft and 0.3s reaction, vehicle mass approx 1180kgs

turbo johan January 14th, 2010 16:30

Good post!!
60Ft and weight will be great.
I did 13.5 ET with 2.5 sec 60 Ft @ 173 km/h.
Weight about 1300 kg inc. me i guess.
300 hp & 530 Nm, no LSD (good) street tyres.


TheoSweden January 14th, 2010 22:14

More info about Gulus Golf please! Good thread!

You can add my 14.9sec/96mph if you like. ~230hp, 1460kg car, bad start:)

Alex tdi January 15th, 2010 04:58

also could add mine seat cordoba coupe agr about 260bhp and 420nm
car weight with me 1160kg no lsd m/t 22 slick tires.
1/4 mile best 13,598 @ 164,36 km/h 60ft 2,33s 0,3s reaction :)

greetz alex

fixumrich January 16th, 2010 00:00

That would be 288 hp with nos .. lol Rich

devonutopia January 16th, 2010 08:15

Got quite a few PMs, but I am away from home at the moment, so will not be able to update the spreadsheet until tomorrow night. :)

Piranha January 16th, 2010 09:28

14.5s 1/4
60' 2.2s
Golf iV 2000
1.9L ahf
Mods listed (before rebuild)
approx 180hp

devonutopia January 17th, 2010 13:59

List updated again. Please keep any discussion about particular results to other threads - start one if need be. Keep this one clear, thanks. :)

arcticcat93 January 17th, 2010 23:06

Im curious about what trans those cars have, i would think it would have a big influence on 1/4 times

devonutopia January 18th, 2010 14:55

Yeah, the autos should be slower. :p No point adding it now, so will just keep on going and if anyone wishes to PM people about the trans they are running, the member name is in the table. :)

Piranha January 19th, 2010 14:55

devon, Min's an AHF not ALh, Gearbox is 02J EBF

devonutopia January 19th, 2010 15:50

Will sort out for the next update. :)

MAXRPM January 19th, 2010 16:48

Great idea Devonutopia, and maybe we could do a separate list of cars that ran with NOS and another list without NOS.

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