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Ricsi168 August 22nd, 2019 06:00

GTC1549VZ Questions!
Hello guys!
Iam planning to fit a GTC1549vz turbo (817047) to my 2003 audi a4 b6 1.9pdtdi 130hp quattro car,with BA pd unit injectors(factory).
I would like to ask some advice or information about this turbocharger i read somewhere this turbo spools very fast and it can boost up to 1,6-1,7bar.
So my question is is this turbo will a good choice to my car?
Any1 has ever fitted that kind of turbo? MAybe some pictures about the install
At the moment i did not find any info about turbo flange dimensions to fit my AVF/AWX exhaust manifold.Oil feed and drain line locations seems the same.
Please if any1 know anything about this turbo share with me!
I found some pictures about the flange -->


Yucca August 22nd, 2019 06:27

I think GTC1549VZ is from CR motor, it does not bolt on straight to AVF manifold.

BV43 is from PD motor, it bolts right to AVF manifold.

adamss24 August 22nd, 2019 12:50

Ricsi here has already a bv43 but its spooling badly- methinks its not set properly or the tune is wrong... The CR tubos have a different angle on the manifold flange so they sit at a slightly odd angle compared tot the pd turbo. I advised ricsi to buy a CR bv43b cartidge and swap it into his existing housings thus making it a bolt on turbo but he is not sure about it ! With a bit of cutting and welding any turbo can be made to fit its how determined one is !

jhax August 22nd, 2019 17:48

Yep that's a cr turbo, you'll need an adapter p!are made.

adamss24 August 23rd, 2019 00:41

Also the exhaust flange is different- rotated differently and slightly lager spacing on the bolts and also larger discharge hole compared with the pd flange... You will figure it out once you have both turbos on the bench ! With a bit of grinding with a dremel or die grinder you can make the cr turbo bolt on the AVF manifold however it puts the turbo at a funny angle compared with the cr manifold...

Yucca August 23rd, 2019 03:27

bv43a dont spool that much faster

IJskonijn August 23rd, 2019 07:58

I'm also thinking of doing this!
Has someone already mounted it on a transversely mounted engine?
Does it really spool that fast and still make 180+ hp on our older TDI's?

Ricsi168 August 24th, 2019 03:24

Hello guys!

Thank you for ansewaring!
As Adamss24 said i have got a blue tag bv43 from 170pdtdi bva engine.My car is like a na diesel engine below 2200rpm so its really annoy me,my car is a daily drive car in the city so i would like to make a relative quick car!
Btw Adamss24 sorry for all these posts and silly questions but i dont want to fall into an other problem i would like to receive as much opinion or review as possible!
I can see the flagnes are different of course!
I talked a guy who said you can bolt to avf manifold you just need to drill the holes from 8,5mm to ~10,5mm size.
If anyone has ever fitted this kind of turbo withouth welding i would like to check that.
Also the maximum boost pressure is questionable i heared 1,6 to 1,8bar boost
Ps: as soon as i got any good info i will post here so if someone would like to know more about or would like to fit this turbo it will help i hope!

Thanks Ricsi!

adamss24 August 24th, 2019 09:23

I dont know how long The gtc will last for with 1.8 bar of boost, The tiny turbine is the botleneck... the Cr will fit with a bit of fettling on the AVF manifold but it sits raised up a little and it’s a bit twisted too. The downpipe will need modifying and also the intake pipe. Oil feed pipe will need to be custom (flexi) and the oil drain needs to be made a touch longer...
The reason why I recommended a bv43b is that it’s spooling similarly to a gtc...

Ricsi168 August 24th, 2019 13:47

Yes i know,but i dont have time to make an experiment with the car i need it to my work!
I also managed to get an engine block with cyl head on,exhaust manifold oil drain and feed lines....i have got get a gtc turbo oem turbo on his way so i can make some measure ments!
As soon as i got something i will post it!

Ricsi168 August 29th, 2019 12:17

Hello guys!
So i managed to do some drawing and made an upgraded Gasket to fit a gtc1549 to oem 8V pdtdi AVF manifold.
At the moment i just got draws and a metal plate that i made useing that draw currently trying to find a good turbo with a decent price!
So if you would like to fit this turbo i think you just need to make the holes little bit bigger.
Something like this:
I have got a gasket kit for Gtc1549vz and it seems the oil return line sizes are the same as gt1749va so gtc oil drain line gasket fit to 1749 and vica versa!
About the oil feed line it has got the same fitting but currently i dont have got the turbo so i dont know will the oem metal oil feed line will fit.
Same as turbo support bracelet i have to wait fot the turbo.
And the exhaust side is not the same as 1749va i will do a draw when i got time,and i would like to get a turbo as fast as i can!
I will keep you guys up to date so if any1 would like to fit this turbo maybe i can help because i dont find any help on the forums or on the internet!

Ricsi168 September 10th, 2019 14:36

Hello guys!!
So i got a Gtc1549vz turbocharger and today i made a few testfit.
First thing you have to reclock the turbo,there was a little pin that i removed and after i could reclock the turbo maybe needed to reclock 2cm anticlockwise.
I would like to ask some help here,because i made a testfit and the turbo sits in a strange angle when i put 2 bolts in from 3 bolts so maybe i need to make 1 bolt to work with but with this setup turbo is little bit twisted but 2 bolts aligned,and the manifold outlet port and turbo inlet port is okay.
Any1 who made an adapter plate could give me some info or picture? or any advise?
As for oil feed i have to made a custom pipe factory pipe is bolt is smaller than this,and for the oil return line is again a custom job, and the turbo support metal need to rework.

B3achbum September 10th, 2019 17:59

Matt Whitbread has done the most of these but no longer active on forum.
Ricsi, are you wanting to do transverse or longways? Longways might be easier but it will be a custom fit either way.

If transverse you will need to cut the ear off the intake housing (with the vnt actuator) along a scribed circle, so you can clock the cold side and keep the same lever angle on the actuator arm. Then weld the ear back to the cold housing.

That's the hardest part. For transverse you will also rather have the old transverse exhaust manifold from AHU or similar to keep the turbo tucked closer to block and away from firewall interference.
It works better for an adapter plate too, because the bolt pattern of that manifold has triangle more or less opposite so (6) bolts are between each other.

I will be doing mine soon (seems like I've been telling myself 'soon' for way too long...).
Will post pictures / drawings as I work them up.

Here is private site of photos, member did a bolt-up with adapter plate:
( Is really gtc1749vz )

jimbote September 11th, 2019 03:12

reduce the size of your pictures!

Ricsi168 September 11th, 2019 10:58

Hello guys!

Im makeing this for an a4 b6 so its a longitudinal engine.
Im looking foward for your pictures and advices!

I know my pictures are big but i dont know how can i edit those.

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