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BUG*PWR February 3rd, 2000 05:43

Changing a NB headlight bulb.
First off all the head light bulbs including the fog are H1s.

1. There is a plastic, black lever above the headlight assembly. You need
to slide this up to unlock the assembly.
2. You may have a hard time sliding the lever, if so you will see this
little black button/tab. With a screw driver press it in. The lever will slide much easier
3. Pull the assembly out. If you did the above correctly, dont be afriad
to use a little elbow grease. Dont pull it out to far! There is a black
connector attached the assembly.
4. Remove the black connector. Pull on the back catch tab to release
5. You now have the assembly in your hands. Take the back, black, plastic
cover off. Again relieving the tabs.
6. You are now in the assembly. There are two bulbs. The one closest to
you (not deep in the assembly) is the low beam bulb. The metal retaining
clip that keeps the bulb in place. Push down on the clip and lift it up and over.
You can now carefully pull the bulb out. It will still be attached to a wire with a
7. Attach your new bulb. Make sure you do NOT touch the bulb. If you do,
clean the bulb with alcohol and dry it off. If you touch the bulb it wont
last long.
8. Reassemble in reverse order. The headlight housing slides in after putting the
connector on. There is a channel for it to slide in so align it into the channel
before sliding in.
9. Twice now the dealer fixed my headlight. Both times the bulb was OK and only a connection problem.
So I sprayer all connectors with Tuner Cleaner to insure better electronic connection.
10. One less reason not to bring it to an incompetent dealer

HowardZ February 3rd, 2000 14:23

Re: Changing a NB headlight bulb.
Am I to assume that first the wheel and inner fender must be removed?

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