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SoTxBill January 19th, 2001 19:45

be sure to use synthetic blinker fluid
I had been putting off changing the blinker fluid in my TDI because R** L*** synthetic is so expensive. As an unexpected benefit, I am now able to reroute more power to the ECU core and now I can keep up with my friend's S4 Turbo.
You may want to try KaleCo's new blinker bleeder kit. I am testing one of the prototype ones as we speak. You simply start at the farthest bulb from the switch. Remove the bulb, install the bleeder and pump until you get fluid with no air bubbles. Repeat this process for all bulbs working your way to the closest light. After performing this procedure, you will not experience any more hard or spongy blinker switch. I recomend this highly to anyone already using KaleCo's synthetic blinker fluid.

Al Kane January 19th, 2001 22:18

Re: be sure to use synthetic blinker fluid
Iíve heard some troubling reports about KaleCo synthetic blinker fluid. When you use KaleCo, the blinkers will occasionally fail to self-cancel after you make a turn. That never happens with the monoester blinker fluids, but itís a known problem with the synthetics, including the polyesters. Also itís said that the blink rate rises to unacceptably high levels resulting in shortened life on the bulbs. Any truth to these reports in your experience?

I was taught that youíre supposed to start bleeding at the bulb closest to the switch, work your way to the farthest, and then back to the closest. If you start with the farthest, you never get a full purge because of all the air in the system closer to the switch.

By the way, one of our Florida members says that blinker fluid never needs to be changed as a preventive maintenance item because you can always use hand signals temporarily if your blinker quits Ė then again, he doesnít have to worry about frostbite in Florida. He says youíre just asking for trouble if you change the fluid before you really have to. What do you say?

2000 Jetta GLS TDI Silver/Gray
1989 Dodge W250 Cummins Turbodiesel

mickey January 19th, 2001 23:04

Re: be sure to use synthetic blinker fluid
You don't need to worry about it. The dealer changes the blinker fluid for free the first time.


Lug_Nut January 20th, 2001 06:48

Re: be sure to use synthetic blinker fluid
My 96 Passat does not have ABS. I use the squeeze method of braking but will release the pedal pressure if a wheel or two locks in order to get them rolling again. With the snow and ice here in New England that means that I'm almost "pumping" the brakes, and the brake lights are also blinking.
Should I consider changing to this synthetic blinker fluid for my brake lights as well as using it in the directionals? What is the proceedure for bleeding the high mounted lamps? Will I have to do each individually or just the end ones?

Karl Roenick January 20th, 2001 07:17

Re: be sure to use synthetic blinker fluid
There is a revised procedure for flushing the blinker system: check the tsb's. Also someone on vwvortex reports dealer voided warranty because of problems introduced by the e-code light modification.

SoTxBill January 20th, 2001 07:48

Re: be sure to use synthetic blinker fluid
Jonathan,, beware of the new laws they passed in Texas,,, It now illegal to drive with no hubcaps...You will get pulled over a given a ticket... because everyone knows you can't run around town with you nuts showing..
Please take that into account and modify you anti lock braking procedures acordingly..
And don't forget in florida and the warmer climates to be sure get some cigarette lighter grease.. if your up north, you might want to use synthetic and only apply it once, but in florida, you will need multiple applications due to pregnant chad problem.
Next week will be testing a new NOx reducer from Kaleco. It appears to work best on NB but will work on the jettas and golfs as well.

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RabbitGTI January 20th, 2001 07:54

Re: be sure to use synthetic blinker fluid
You guys who drive that German Junk have to worry about blinker fluid? Ahhhahaha, on my Hondas the blinker fluid is a special lifetime fluid which never goes bad. And there is a special Mugen Racing Blinker Fluid available for $750 a pint. The racing fluid has zero resistance and results in a 50hp increase in engine power.

GotDiesel? January 20th, 2001 08:30

Re: be sure to use synthetic blinker fluid
Is the German blinker fluid better than the Brazilian blinker fluid?

RabbitGTI January 20th, 2001 09:18

Re: be sure to use synthetic blinker fluid
German Blinker Fluid is much better than Brazilian Blinker Fluid. Both are better than Mexican Blinker Fluid.

SoTxBill January 20th, 2001 11:24

Re: be sure to use synthetic blinker fluid
...I am trying the lastest in Nitrous Oxide Boost technology!!!!

For just $19.95 you can purchase 2 "Nitrous equipped" Stickers to put on your car; BUT These are no Ordinary Stickers!!!

Oh, no! for chemically blended into the adhesive on these patches in the REAL Nitrous Oxide Compound,:

NO2+H20+HN03+other cool stuff=N.O.4.HP!!!!and a by product of OH.NO!!

The secret is when they are applied to any automotive finish, the Nitrous Oxide Passes into the car through Osmosis, travelling through the metal parts of the car, right to the fuel injectors!!!, providing a grand total of 100 HP!(as measured at the wipers)

Dyno tests are at this time unavailable, for we are looking for test cars (yellow NB with the sunflower hubcaps is prefered, for it alone adds another 20 HP.
Caution! Not for human use!!(viagra works better for humans)
KaleCo is working on a new series of patches to stop smoking,, YES for $20.95 each you will be able to get a patch to stop you car from smoking...But they recommend one patch per cylinder. These are especially good for those who are running tractor fuel. But these MUST be applied on the exhaust side.. If applied on the intake side,, can cause hard starting and very very very low performance issues.

notice,, manufactor makes no offer to mary you daughter and driving on public roads during between the hours of 12:00:01 am and 11:59:59pm will void any warantee claims to KaleCo, however if product is returned in better than new condition and at least two days before purchase, KaleCo will accept 100% cash refund from you. Remember to drive safe and never play with plutonium.
and if it aint' fixed, dont break it.

RabbitGTI January 20th, 2001 13:17

Re: be sure to use synthetic blinker fluid
Since we're talking serious mods, check out the mods on this Beetle Makes sure you look at the spoiler :-)

couple of Rabbits, a Golf and a Passat TDI

GotDiesel? January 20th, 2001 16:05

Re: be sure to use synthetic blinker fluid
I don't know if Valois is behind this but I found some "Absolut" blinker fluid at a specialty shop the other day.

Unlike regular blinker fluid, which is usually amber-colored, this stuff was crystal clear.

And oddly enough, the clerk said I was supposed to pour it in myself, not the car.

Anybody used this stuff before? I need to be careful or I could end up being President of the USA.

DZLguy January 20th, 2001 17:41

Re: be sure to use synthetic blinker fluid
My blinker fluid appears to be gelling up in the cold weather. It was -19c here this morning, and I am concerned that the dealer put the wrong stuff in. Is there any anti-gel additive for the blinker fluid?

Best idea is likely to go into hibernation until spring, then I won't have to worry about it for a while.

RabbitGTI January 20th, 2001 18:19

Re: be sure to use synthetic blinker fluid
You need to buy Anti-windchill Blinker Fluid when you live in a climate where the temp may drop below 40 degrees F and the wind blows over 20 mph.

valois January 20th, 2001 18:34

Re: be sure to use synthetic blinker fluid
Amsoil blinker fluid is produced by a rare chemical found only in the high Andes, there is a small bush that grows on the western face of the high peaks, it takes a guide and 2 llamas 3 days to pick the berries and get them down to Al waiting at the basecamp, he then eats the barries and walla, Amsoil blinker fluid is produced, sometimes they have to squeeze AL to get enough production to meet demand.

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