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senez June 11th, 2009 13:55


Just wow.


I drove it home today and was finally worry-free.

Noise inside the cabin is comparable to before the switch.

But when standing outside the car at idle or with the window rolled down, H-U-G-E difference. Absolutely amazed at how quiet it was and astounded to hear how much noise it WAS making.

I was one of the original detractors, questioning the merits of the conversion and reluctantly had it done because I couldn't get the value I wanted on trade. I am over the moon at my decision to keep it and fix the issue.

Jon and gang down at German Speed Merchants in Wilmington did a bang up job and at the price they quoted.

If there is anyone in the Raleigh-Durham area that wants to have a listen, send me a message and I'll be happy to get in touch and meet you somewhere.

:D :D :D :D

I also have all the old parts, including the TB parts. May post pictures if anyone's interested.

PlaneCrazy June 11th, 2009 14:03

Please do post pictures, I am sure many would be keen to see the wear at your mileage, it will no doubt. Maybe we should set up a photo album with pics of the worn parts and mileage.

I hope to have mine done soon (111,000 miles). Yes I can hear the chain. It's not horribly noisy, but there is definitely a chain noise.

oilhammer June 11th, 2009 14:24


Originally Posted by rluteijn
.....silence, then he walked away from me towards my wife to tell her about the new Touareg TDI.

Which has FOUR chains just a waitin' to Fail. :p

leicaman June 13th, 2009 06:45


Originally Posted by oilhammer
Which has FOUR chains just a waitin' to Fail. :p

The fail quartet!

senez June 13th, 2009 06:49

Today may be a good day to take pictures of my assembly. Though it came back in pieces. I'll try to do that today and post them later.

volkswagendude June 13th, 2009 08:25


Originally Posted by oilhammer
Which has FOUR chains just a waitin' to Fail. :p


Originally Posted by leicaman
The fail quartet!

That is just too funny! :D

C'mon guys! If you can't laugh, then you must cry, right? :rolleyes:

maktas June 13th, 2009 09:16

I have a quick request, for the life of me, I cannot find pictures of broken guides/ tensioner of the chained BS module, can anyone link me to those pictures? Thanks in advance

I am putting together the case against my ext warranty company and I want to show that others have the same failure I did.

leicaman June 13th, 2009 12:57

Here is a few of the pix all in one spot:
Stripped Teeth Oil Pump Chain unit at 85k
Bad Tensioner
Same Bad Tensioner, different angle
Oilhammers wall of fail of replaced Oil pump chain units
BHW oil pump chain failure from car that Oilhammer had to fix

Old Style Oil Pump Chain
New Style Gears
Slide Show Showing steps to replace

senez June 13th, 2009 13:04

Honestly, there's no sense in me posting pictures of my stuff. Everything was fine...the hex shaft...the chain...everything, except for that tensioner. It's broken exactly in the same place all the others are broken. It's a wonder it didn't fail en route or at any other time.

leicaman June 13th, 2009 15:20

Sure seems like the casting for the tensioner is just not up to the task at hand.

oilhammer June 13th, 2009 15:25

Moot point now, with a proper gear drive fitted no worries :) .

Another one done yesterday, the word "wow" came up several times after I started the engine once I was done. And he did not think it was noisy (it was). :D

leicaman June 13th, 2009 16:13


Originally Posted by oilhammer
Moot point now, with a proper gear drive fitted no worries :) .

Another one done yesterday, the word "wow" came up several times after I started the engine once I was done. And he did not think it was noisy (it was). :D

Well, you are right. I will too soon be in the chainless category!

aja8888 June 13th, 2009 18:10


Originally Posted by leicaman
Well, you are right. I will too soon be in the chainless category!

Over 8,000 miles and chainless (and quieter).....;)

tdicdi June 13th, 2009 20:18

I just got back today after getting it done (yesterday, Friday).Yes, Brian is AWESOME… and the word ‘wow’ doesn’t even describe it. It went really well... Brian works with surgical precision and efficiency....he really knows what he is doing, and I felt totally comfortable letting him operate on my baby! He let me sit and watch the entire time, while chit chatting about a lot of things, mostly VWs .... it was a treat. Everyone there is so friendly and nice and helpful.... it was a great experience.
I thought my engine was quiet before…. But after hearing it after the job, I changed my mind real quick – even though my chain, tensioner, pump, etc. all came out looking pretty darn good. I think 55000 wasn’t enough to doom it, though it IS a time bomb waiting to go off. The glow plugs weren't bad either, but we put in steel ones anyway. Now I got to flash the ECU… the relay is currently disconnected till that can be done.
On the way back I felt psychologically like the car handled so much better… but that could be because I wasn’t treading on eggshells each time I gunned the engine to pass somebody on the freeway – Each time I stepped on the gas pedal, I couldn’t stop smiling! Confidence, peace of mind, and the satisfaction of knowing everything under the hood is dependable and secure!
As an added bonus Mogolf dropped in unexpectedly while I was there... he was driving through St Louis... so I got to meet him and spend some time chatting with him, too. What a great guy, and what a treat meeting folks who are intelligent, knowledgeable and so down to earth – and all share this love for VWs. Sometimes makes me wonder if VW, with their inexcusable attitude, deserve the respect of such great folks. Oh well!
The sound is the same inside the car (pretty low) but outside there is a huge difference. Now it is a healthy diesel sound, unlike earlier when it was adulterated by chain noise that made it sound more like a rattle.
Anyway, overall a very good and positive experience…. Well worth the 9.5 hour drive each way! I would NOT trust anyone else to do this job... least of all the ignoramusses at the dealership!
Thank you Brian, you are truly amazing. And MOGolf, it was really nice meeting you and chatting with you. Thanks to all of the Car Doc folks who were so helpful and gracious – particularly Mark, Debbie and Pame – they made this whole trip so pleasant.
Thanks guys, keep up the good work… you guys truly make a difference.

leicaman June 14th, 2009 05:41

I am glad it went well. I am thinking about the photos I posted earlier. I think the BHW with the stripped teeth is a poster child for how bad this design is. The photos that show the broken tensioner also rate in that category.

Reviewing the photos of epic fail made me so thankful that our dynamic duo, Oilhammer and MoGolf, got this upgrade parade on the street.

After next week, I can change my sig file to say that I am chainless....

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