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jesus_man December 10th, 2019 08:23

NorDak here I come!
We are moving to Minot this summer. Aside from placing and order with Frostheater, anything else you recommend to prepare my TDI for ND?

Would covet any other information about the area you may have.

Cold; I am aware of that. What sort of outdoors stuff is there to do? My main hobby is 4x4 (rock crawling), but I don't believe that area lends itself to this sort of hobby.


TPW December 14th, 2019 14:55

I recommend a set of four snow tires for winter. Salt is not used in ND as much as in Minnesota.

There are a lot of places for fishing there both summer and winter (ice fishing). I prefer Northern Pike.

jesus_man December 18th, 2019 09:00

I am thankful to hear that salt is used in moderation!

I am looking for a set of wheels to put some winter tires on. Any recommendations?

Found a good deal on some 18" detroits (what I am currently running), but I fear that is not a good size for winter tires.

TPW December 18th, 2019 16:21

I personally like the Continental Viking 7 (16"), I also have two cars with the Nitto SN2, but there are other good choices. The General Altimax arctic is a great tire for traction, but starts to get pretty loud as the tread wears down.

jesus_man December 19th, 2019 08:45

Thanks! I am running a set of 18" GTI Detroits now. And in my initial local search, found another set. I worry 18" is a bad size for snow tires, but there are some...
I want to avoid steel. Just not my style, but I do love to mix it up a bit, so I am keeping my eyes open for something different.

ramseygoat38 December 25th, 2019 20:44

I go for about the same size rim or an inch smaller and just get about any snow tire you can find. I have had good look with hancook and tiger paw. Any snow tire is better than any all season that's for sure.

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jesus_man December 26th, 2019 14:33

Just picked up a set today that will become my winter set. Not what I was looking for but the price was right. Unfortunately they are another set of 18" detroits...

ramseygoat38 January 20th, 2020 00:45

Just got my set of winter wheels in a couple weeks ago. 17" with winter pirellis. Works like a dream.

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