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BarryT82 December 30th, 2018 07:06

You can probably find the shifter console cover on eBay or put some vinyl wrap on it.
Pull out the radio, remove the screw on the top cover. On the sides of the radio you’ll see two screws in the middle. Those four screws hold the cd changer in place. Take off the top cover and pull the changer out. Disconnect the cable on the bottom that connects to the radio and check the connections on the changer.

KeyTDI December 30th, 2018 10:36

Thanks Barry, will look at that once I have everything else done.

So, here are some pics...

This is the rear edge of passenger door, where the piece is missing...

This is the Drivers door with the part that I believe is missing...

I think this may be the part... but its $108 and i'm not sure what it does, or how important it is..

This is the scruffy drivers seat....

And the scruffy shifter and surround.

tactdi December 30th, 2018 10:47

That is weatherstripping for the door, you can find that on any 2005.5 on up Jetta at a pick a part yard. Be sure to get all the plastic clips that hold it to the door.
No need for a new part.

KeyTDI December 30th, 2018 11:00

So, this is how the Glovebox door latch looks currently...

I think I found the handle, but i'm puzzled by the lock barrel assembly.
Is this what I have to buy?

KeyTDI December 30th, 2018 11:01


Originally Posted by tactdi (Post 5469264)
That is weatherstripping for the door, you can find that on any 2005.5 on up Jetta at a pick a part yard. Be sure to get all the plastic clips that hold it to the door.
No need for a new part.


KeyTDI December 30th, 2018 12:17

Have put 80 miles on it since I bought it...
No CEL yet!
I wish I could say the same for the ML, which threw a Glowplug timer code friday!

VW Engine bay shot...
A little scruffy....

Note, missing Battery cover.
Should I get one?

New Intake I think...
Do I need to stress about the frayed pipe cover?

I noted some oil/fuel residue on the top of the motor...
Anyone suggest where this normally come from?

At the back of the engine bay, there is this component..(Note what looks like a new looking Turbo shield below?).

There is a heat cover on the wire or connector, but I could not figure out how it should sit.

This is it pulled up and rotated into view.

D-Cup December 30th, 2018 15:56

Something I did with my car, you may or may not find it to be beneficial.
I had the timing belt/waterpump, etc done every 110k miles rather than every 120k.
For me there were 2 benefits:
1. Itís free insurance against a timing belt failing early. Thereís plenty of folks on here that have had their TB break 8k miles away from its next service. Maybe not so much in the CR engines, but others. I figure, itís free insurance unless you do 12 of them. But at that point, youíve driven the car over a million miles, so whatever.
2. It spreads out the cost of maintenance.
At 120k, youíre due for your 40k service.
If you do TB @ 110k, thats a 10k service. At 220k, thatís a 20k service. At 330k, thatís a 10k service. At 440k, then you have it fall in a 40k service.
So that may be helpful for some but maybe not for others.
Just thought Iíd share. Welcome to TDI club!

KeyTDI December 30th, 2018 19:38

All fair comment.

Anyone tell me what make these roof bars are and/or how to get them off????

D-Cup December 30th, 2018 19:48

Nice pics.
Battery cover is a thin soft material like the insulation under the hood. I wouldn’t worry about it. I almost threw mine away when I last changed my battery.

Mesh wrapping on that intake pipe is about twice as frayed as mine is. I have 192k miles. I have no idea why though, the only time I see anything contacting it is when I change the oil filter. If it matters, someone will chime in.

Look at the hard coolant return line that runs across the top of the intake manifold.
You’re missing a T30 screw on the left that helps hold that hard line in place.
My worry is vibrations over time causing a failure. May not be a problem if you don’t drive it much. I drive about 1600mi/mo, so I worried about it. (Dealership lost that screw when they replaced my intake manifold).
Side story: I had P2015/P2017 error code. Intake flap position limiter problem. Fixed it with the dieselgeek bracket. Dealership didn’t find that acceptable to do the emissions fix, so they replaced the entire intake manifold on their dime. If you, in the future, experience the P2015 (I think it is) error code, you can fix it with the dieselgeek bracket for like $64 or something like that. Way cheaper than a new IM. You can get them at

Fuel residue...on the tandem fuel pump (thingy immediately the to left of your timing belt cover) on the anterior side of it, where the fuel line comes out from it and runs to the HPFP. There’s some copper seals that can start leaking. If you have any fix warranty remaining, it’s covered. My dealer replaced the whole pump. If it’s not, I’m told it’s a semi easy fix and just a few dollars for new copper seals.
I just remembered, when the dealer replaced my intake manifold...the tech failed to properly secure the fuel lines coming to/from the HPFP. Oops. Since yours got a new IM...keep an eye out.

If it’s an oil residue or oil leak, I’ll keep an eye on this thread so I can learn - I haven’t experienced any oil leaks at all to date (on this car). Fingers crossed.

KeyTDI December 30th, 2018 19:55

Awesome info, thanks!

I found the bars... They are Yakima!
Seems the locks only lock the plastic covers in place.
I have the covers off but the clamping bolt wont move.
A little PB blaster, and some more force will be in order tomorrow!

KeyTDI December 30th, 2018 20:48

So, I need to get moving on this Timing belt project.

Anyone got the Timing belt tools for rent or sale???

Geordi December 30th, 2018 22:02 will sell you the timing tools.

On the oil, of course when you ask 5 people their position on oil, you get 7 different opinions.
First things first: Mobil 0w-30 ESP or European Car Formula is NOT diesel rated! There is no API "Cx" rating on the jug at all. FYI, Mobil 1 TDT is CH-4 rated. No that might not be low-ash enough for the DPF, but I'd rather the engine lasted long enough for that to be a concern.

Chevron has a Delo400 full synth product that is CK4 rated, their bottles pretty much scream it at you in the store. I've run it, seems good enough in older diesels. If I had any around when I changed my oil last week, I might have used that on my 2014. But my DPF also... had an accident. ;) I used TDT.

Don't mess with the DSG oil type unless you have a really good reason, the cost for that isn't bad enough to make it worthwhile. IDparts has a transmission kit, just buy that. The funnel method into the filter housing is the easiest way to fill the transmission, but it does take time. I will be developing an alternative option for that method... Results TBD.

BarryT82 December 31st, 2018 03:40

If you look on eBay there’s a company in Oregon selling the DSG service kit cheap. They have it on their website too. it was $70 on eBay for the fluid, filter, o-ring, and crush washer. I have the fluid install tool from previous cars.

KeyTDI December 31st, 2018 04:14

Thanks for the input guys.

I wondered about the M1 ESP and had a thought that it was not Diesel rated!

No reason to mess with the DSG fluid tho.
Ordered the kit you suggested Barry.

So, back to this timing belt saga.
Looked at all the kit sellers.
How to videos. Have a better grasp of the procedure now.
So, timing and serpentine belt, metal impeller water pump, tensioner, 3x guide pullies, new bolts and studs.
How often at the first service do people find the crank seal needs replacement?
Anything else I should have on hand while I’m in there?

KeyTDI January 1st, 2019 08:44

Had rain here yesterday which flagged the wipers were past their best. A excuse to drive to Costco! $18 but two Costco s later I had an 24” and a 19”! When does anyone ever leave a Costco with one item and under $10 lighter.... twice!

Magnetic oil pan plug arrived.

Air and Cabin Air filters arrived. Oil and fuel filters, and DSG kit should be here by Friday.

Do I need to have VCDS program to do the fuel filter???

Ordered the Timing belt kit from DieselGeek, so I should have everything but tool soon.

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