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Wingnut April 19th, 2012 14:35

Southern Ontario Mechanic Reviews Thread
This is a trial run as suggested by a few members. If you have an experience with a mechanic you would like to share, please do so in a civil manner. If its possitive, then great. Its is always good to hear good stories. BUT, if it is a negative review, please state only FACTS and please don't turn this thread into a head hunting excercise.

I am counting on the veterans here to keep things civil, that way, we can all have a valuable resource for choosing who we decide to give our business to.

TheTDIWagonGuy April 20th, 2012 03:56

I'll start......
I am my own mechanic and only have myself to blame when things go wrong. :D

BuzzKen April 20th, 2012 04:11

I second that!

OmegaRenegade April 20th, 2012 14:45

i used to do all my own wrenching - but priorities change and now i send my car to AutoSelectTuning. They've done everything from swapping motors, timing belts, Clutch upgrade, suspension upgrade, brake upgrade, turbo upgrade, intercooler upgrade, exhaust upgrade, basically anything you can think of in the car short of upholstery work they've done it. Good reliable work at a fair price.

298 Rutherford Road South

redlinedave April 21st, 2012 00:37

I do most of my own, but being the wrong side of 40 and not feeling like putting my back out doing my clutch in my driveway.....took car to G-Tech in scarb
they mostly do Porsche, BMW and Benz but slummed on my clapped out old rig

work was done right and price was fair

ik0n April 21st, 2012 21:35

Have always had good service from Jason @ Foreign Automotive in Kitchener.

mjhandy April 22nd, 2012 03:05


Originally Posted by ik0n (Post 3777818)
Have always had good service from Jason @ Foreign Automotive in Kitchener.

Jason is great, the only one in town i'll take mine too.

Steve Clark April 22nd, 2012 07:50


My 2012 Golf Wagon is only a few weeks old and plan to do service within the warranty period at the dealer. After that I might be interested in looking for a TDI guru close to London. Any recommendations on that?

pcguru April 22nd, 2012 09:01

In Hamilton if I decide I don't want to tackle a job I use Bittner's auto on Concession.

RDA3440 April 24th, 2012 07:46


I take my car to a GTA local named Phil Douglas. So far, he has been honest and reliable with better than fair prices. A very nice change after some not-so-great challenges at DCB with respect to pricing, work quality, and work ethic.

On the Dealership side, Cornell and the guys at Town & Country VW have been very nice to me with respect to warranty work, corrosion claims, and even last-minute emergency help (Alan in parts).

For performance specific items, I have been taking my vehicles to Defcon-racing for many, many years.

Please don't ruin this thread. If you have questions, shoot me a PM.

ymz April 24th, 2012 08:17


Originally Posted by TheTDIWagonGuy (Post 3776045)
I am my own mechanic and only have myself to blame when things go wrong.

Much Appreciated!

Now when I mess something up I'll know whose fault it was...


PS: reminds me of an old joke:

This fellow from Britain comes to St. Louis for a visit. During a conversation, the taxi driver offers him the following riddle: "It isn't my sister and it isn't my brother, but it's a child of my mother and father... who is it?" Well, the Englishman ponders it over and can't figure it out... So the cabbie says "It's ME !!!"... Well, the visitor thought that one brilliant, and when he got back home, he offered it to his friends: "It isn't my sister and it isn't my brother, but it's a child of my mother and father... who is it?" Well, they couldn't figure it out either, so they asked him... he answered: "It's a taxi driver in St. Louis!!!"

jeank April 25th, 2012 09:02

Me and my wife have 2 diesel vws.One 05 passat and one tdi jetta wagon.While i was on vacation my wifes passat had a popping noise coming from the intake/airbox area.So she had it taken to an above mentioned GTA local.I wanted the car back on road quickly as possilbe so i ordered a cylinder head complete from the us (Odessa cyl head florida).The mechanic installed the head , the car would not start.After investigation it was a chinese head.This is after 2 months of sitting.Then i rebuilt my own passat cylinder head.The car would start and run for 30 seconds then stall.He suggested that i do my injectors , i had them sent to dbw in idaho.They came back and same problem.4 months later , and lotsa $$ still wasnt fixed.Finally i had enough and towed it to Brandon at DCB.A week later it was up a running again.Thats my story.Thanks Brandon

OptimusFuel April 26th, 2012 13:07

Why are there ALWAYS newbies on this forum that are "PRAISING" DCB? Smells kinda fishy, if you know what i mean. Looking at jeank's post history, only 2 posts. 1st one was back in 2007, and now all of a sudden he is back for a "DCB is so great" post in this thread? Please. where the F have you been in 5 yrs? And just like Kristina, hasnt posted forever.

I tried to buy some parts off of him through PM, and the guy took a coment that i called him a halfarce so seriously when i said i dont know if he is or not but he didnt want to sell me parts. I said alright, its your loss of business. I was just kidding. but he took it very seriously. And was very rude. I wouldnt want my car serviced by a rude person.

But to stay on topic, I have used H2sport and Wroth. Both are great shops, but H2 is kinda expensive.

rhskcdn April 27th, 2012 10:30

When I don't do it myself, I've always had good experiences dealing with Brandon (DCB website) at 400 and Finch. Blaine at B&L Motors in Waterloo, has also lent me a hand (and a hoist) back when I was an apartment dweller.

clamb May 6th, 2012 15:37

I have used 410-auto in stouffville since moving here in 2008 on both my dubs. He has always done good work and is honest.

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