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C00lit December 2nd, 2019 13:25

Sad Roadtrip for my now ex Money Pit Jetta
I am unsure of if this is a happy or a sad ending. One thing is for sure, it was a shock for me and my wife.

After owning a 2000 ALH for over 6 years until someone hit me in the passenger door, I figured it's time for an upgrade and decided to make it the car of my dreams.

Had to be a white MK5 Jetta TDI, fully equipped and properly modded.

I found what I wanted, but on a 2007 Wolfsburg with a blown 2.0 TSI.
I bought it, found a mechanic to do the brm swap... and he did a horrible job.

I found another mechanic who is also known for tuning and he just made things much much worse.

Car had a 1.9 BRM, PD140 turbo, bigger injectors, 3bar maf stage5 custom tune and a strong clutch I didn't like, and was poorly installed by that other mechanic.

I eventually brought it to my regular guys and they fixed many things for which my car was now a half decent daily but many things still not working requiring lots of time to fix given it's poor Swapped Nature.

On the way back home with wife and dog from a day of hiking Mont Megantic in Quebec... I totaled the car by hitting a deer who jumped in front of me. (we were going 90kmph)

Dash cam video if anyone is interested (Note that it's a bit graphic)

Before and after

Now I got myself a perfect replacement.
a 2006 TDI, bone stock and perfectly maintained. Running on it's OEM turbo with 320000km
I managed to buy back my old PD140 turbo from the company who bought my car from the Insurance company. (The turbo got under 10 000km on it) I am happy they sold it to me for 300$

Lesson here, don't swap unless you have the skill to do it yourself.

I am now happy with my Stock 06 TDI and hope to keep it as long as it runs and as long as I can get the body to stay as rust free as possible. (Which is hard in Montreal Quebec due to winter salted roads)

It will get a stage 1.5 tune and installation of my PD140 when the OEM goes out or when I have the spare cash to make it happen.

jmodge December 3rd, 2019 11:02

It happens fast doesn’t it? They are like ghosts, pop up and disappear in an instant. When I hit one I didn’t even have time to take my foot off the Excelerator. Anyway, sounds like everyone was Ok except the pedestrian and the perpetrator

Nuje December 3rd, 2019 12:58

Glad to see/hear you and your woman were safe; thanks for sharing the video - it ain't pretty but certainly illustrates how fast a relaxing drive can turn into a mess.

Tdijarhead December 3rd, 2019 16:05

I’ve hit several deer here in northern PA, they just pop out of the brush with a death wish. Glad everyone is ok.

turbobrick240 December 5th, 2019 02:32

Brutal. I hope it didn't suffer much. I have close calls with deer almost weekly. Have to be super vigilant scanning the roadside, especially at night.

Lightflyer1 December 7th, 2019 02:31

We have the same issue down here in the Austin area with hogs crossing some of the newer fast roads. Texas 130 has a 85 mile an hour speed limit. Several people recently have hit wild boars (200 lbs) at those speeds. When I used to drive for UPS one of the feeder routes I drove took me out to San Angelo and back. Right through deer country at night. I had a clicker in my hand and counted 374 deer on the road in about a 70 mile stretch. You just have to slow down and be vigilant. Glad you all made it okay. Hate to see one come through the windshield.

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