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VeeDubTDI June 15th, 2016 07:52

Who's Registered?
It's that time! Here is the official list of this year's TDIFest attendeeds (in no particular order).

If your name doesn't show up on this list, and you think it should, send me a PM! You may not have paid, or there may be some other problem with your registration. If your name is in red, you have not finalized your payment and checked out.
  1. GeekDrew
  2. VeeDubTDI
  3. mishkaya
  4. MonsterTDI09
  5. Lug_Nut
  6. AARodriquez Corp.
  7. PeterV
  8. Hamsterdiesel
  9. tomo366
  10. john.jackson9213
  11. NarfBLAST
  12. Mrs. AARodriguez Corp.
  13. VW Derf
  14. T.W.
  15. rocketeer928
  16. whitedog
  17. MonsterDog
  18. 3L3M3NT
  19. DI fan
  20. Rebecca K.
  21. Hazel K.
  22. Coralline K.
  23. Alchemist
  24. Lynn F.
  25. Kriesel
  26. 11JSWTDI
  27. Jayne T.
  28. Sprocket
  29. Sprockette
  30. n1das
  31. Mrs. n1das
  32. Jo E.
  33. Adley S.
  34. Oscar S.
  35. Fix_Until_Broke
  36. mklabunde
  37. paramedick
  38. Mrs. Paramedick
  39. Rachel T.
  40. The Ripster
  41. Mrs. Ripster
  42. greengeeker
  43. meerschm
  44. pglan
  45. ben stevens
  46. bobt2382
  47. SummerTDI
  48. TD
  49. Babalew
  50. Judy B.
  51. Joanne G.
  52. pjgonwa
  53. JFettig
  54. aja8888
  55. Mrs. aja8888
  56. Drivbiwire
  57. Shelly P.
  58. Kevinski4
  59. Vince A.
  60. mslaptoptx
  61. Carl Ulli
  62. Richard R.
  63. Platinum_PD
  64. Clif_3d
  65. Sarah M.
  66. John Barrison
  67. Virginia B.
  68. papaperk
  69. Julie P.
  70. leicaman
  71. 1854sailor
  72. CoolAirVw
  73. Nash_TDI
  74. skelly
  75. car54
  76. Carolyn F.
  77. psst1997
  78. compu_85
  79. red golf tdi
  80. Kristine F.
  81. mrchill
  82. BleachedBora
  83. McLean M.
  84. jsrmonster
  85. Lynn R.
  86. Toronto_TDI
  87. IndigoBlueWagon
  88. John Kuhn
  89. Erdody
  90. BuzzKen
  91. KCCats
  92. garrettp
  93. Contessa F.
  94. Liv F.
  95. Tammy F.
  96. russman
  97. Tammy D.
  98. Whitbread
  99. vw_london01

VeeDubTDI June 15th, 2016 07:58

We're off to a pretty good start! We're excited about celebrating 20 years of TDIClub in beautiful Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin! :cool:

VeeDubTDI June 16th, 2016 07:11

We're up to 35 people as of this morning. :cool:

Fix_Until_Broke June 16th, 2016 21:20

There's a couple errors in the registration list - PM Sent

VeeDubTDI June 17th, 2016 15:55


VeeDubTDI June 30th, 2016 15:25

List updated. :)

Have a great 4th of July, everyone!

The Ripster July 2nd, 2016 07:47

Paid up now had trouble at first to pay for both parties.

VeeDubTDI July 5th, 2016 14:27

The list has been updated.

Our hotel room block will be released to general sales on August 1st, 2016. At this point, there are only economy-priced double-queen rooms remaining. The only king rooms left available are the junior suites.

We anticipate selling out, so please make your hotel reservations soon. More room availability and pricing can be found at

DI fan July 7th, 2016 04:52

My pay pal shows I payed for my enthusiast membership. I thought that would get me in the the fest. I also noticed that in my posts that it doesn't say enthusiast. Could this have something to do with me not being finalized?? Or is something else I'm missing??? I went into the registration page and as far as I can tell it show that I'm registered and have don't have a balance. The menu's only ask if I want to cancel my registration. Did miss a secret handshake or something. Lol

VeeDubTDI July 7th, 2016 08:19

Okay I see what the problem is. You didn't add any events to your registration (meet & great, group breakfast, fireboat, or banquet), so you don't have a balance, which is why your status is still "pending" for me.

If you can please confirm that your family won't be attending any paid events, I'll go ahead and mark your registration as complete. :)

greengeeker July 7th, 2016 11:07

How many attendees do you anticipate?

VeeDubTDI July 7th, 2016 11:29

Historically, we end up with 125 to nearly 300 attendees. An average would be around 175-200. I'm not sure how this year will go, since the hotel is on the smaller side, but the location is good for a lot of people.

TheGrove July 8th, 2016 04:28


Originally Posted by DI fan (Post 5100572)
My pay pal shows I payed for my enthusiast membership. I thought that would get me in the the fest. I also noticed that in my posts that it doesn't say enthusiast....

Sorry VeeDubTDI but I saw this and it jogged my memory. I won't be attending but I paid my Enthusiast subscription back in April but also don't see it saying that on my posts.

VeeDubTDI July 8th, 2016 05:39

"Enthusiast Member" status is updated manually by Fred. That should be automated when we switch to the new forum software. Thanks for supporting the forums! :cool:

LUC8 July 8th, 2016 12:20

Just made my hotel reservation, super excited as I really tried to go last year and this is my first year attending! What's the difference for the enthusiast versus contributor? Will the contributor status allow me to bring my children in free of charge as in years past?

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