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Coffeemade May 28th, 2012 18:18

2012 Passat HID DIY Install
I contacted DistantXtremes because I heard from some of my friends they had some very high quality HID kits. I talked it over with their customer service and determined that the best kit was the XE+ Premium 35w Slim H7 Kit in a 6000K color option.
I placed my order and in 3 days they where at my door :D By accident I got a 35W kit and a 50W kit. They corrected this by overnighting one of each so I could choose. The difference was minor but the 35W had a much cleaner look from the front end....driving down the road they looked very similar and the 35W kits are recommended over 50W kits, less energy usage.
I went to install them without paying any attention to a real DIY but I did read the section of this DIY about the wires and color codes (Thanks TDI Brad)
Please read this whole thing prior to starting so you won't feel like this later.:banghead::banghead::banghead:
The below picture is for reference of what the back of 2012 VW Passat Headlight housing looks like:
This install was done by my friend Jasen and I documented it all. So just ignore the part where I keep saying I, because that was all him. I started by removing the headlight bulb from the driver and to my shock found this:
Yes, VW again has come up with their own unique bulb harness. I was determined to install the HIDs. I did find a set of headlight bulb adaptors from USP (Click here for the link) during my install which was too late and I didn't want to spend $24 for adaptors. I am cheap and with my buddies help and a Dremel we made it work. So in order for the bulb to fit you need to dremel out a nice big hole while retaining the front portion of the housing as seen below.
Once you have done this and saved yourself $24 now for the fun stuff. Install the new HID headlight.
HID bulb
When reinstalling the headlight keep in mind this notch is straight up and down.
Do that for each side.
Now onto wiring, refer to the picture above to locate the headlamp housing harness. Disconnect the harness. (I am terrible at getting these connectors off, so Jasen did that.) On either light you will notice the connector is numbered. The headlight wires are Pin 5 negative(-) and Pin 6 power (+). On both sides the negative wire is brown, but the power wires are different on each side so the driver side driver side is a yellow wire with a black strip and pass side wire is a yellow wire with a blue strip).
So you can splice, tap, or solder the wires. We soldered the wires to the ballasts.

Coffeemade May 28th, 2012 18:18
I connected the HID harness to the ballasts and turned them on. We accidentally plugged the connector upside down so it was reverse but that doesn't cause damage, unconnected and reconnected and turned the HID on and first words out of my mouth. "Dam, I should have done this months ago!!!"
I was driving down the road back to my house and it was the first time I felt like I was back in my GTI. The lights look awesome and cutoff on the HID is really nice.
This is my google plus photo gallery for the install
All of the above pictures were taken with a camera phone, below are taken with a good camera :-)

Keep in mind the below picture is with HID's and fog lights on.

Click here to check out my google plus album for more photos

VeeDubTDI May 28th, 2012 18:29

More pictures please. Beam pattern, oncoming shots, pattern on a wall, the whole nine yards. Looking forward to seeing these. :cool:

Fixmy59bug May 29th, 2012 22:14

Oh... I see this not going well...

Coffeemade May 30th, 2012 17:31


Originally Posted by VeeDubTDI (Post 3818283)
More pictures please. Beam pattern, oncoming shots, pattern on a wall, the whole nine yards. Looking forward to seeing these. :cool:

Hope you are happy :p

You could drive 15-20 mins and see them in person.....:rolleyes:

VeeDubTDI May 30th, 2012 17:40


Thank you! Yes - I need to get down there and see what's up. How'z about tomorrow?

dogger37 May 30th, 2012 20:14

So you got them to function correctly without any issues? Would the setup you used be able to make the chinese ones work?

Coffeemade June 1st, 2012 13:52


Originally Posted by VeeDubTDI (Post 3820804)

Thank you! Yes - I need to get down there and see what's up. How'z about tomorrow?

Oh now I see why you tried to meet up last night....sorry I had a really busy day at work and some how missed this. I'm home now :cool:


Originally Posted by dogger37 (Post 3821031)
So you got them to function correctly without any issues? Would the setup you used be able to make the chinese ones work?

Yeah not one single issue, almost plug and play. Next time I won't wait so long and I am happy I went with the company I did because I know not all HID kits are the same.

nkgagne June 1st, 2012 18:10


Either retrofit some proper HID projectors (see in your housing with a proper beam pattern or live with the halogens! HID "drop-in" kits in halogen reflector housings are as bad as driving around with your high-beams on all the time! It's annoying, rude, unsafe, doesn't give you good light output since it's out of focus, and it bounces back at you in fog and blinds you! Just say HAIL NO!

VeeDubTDI June 1st, 2012 18:16

Being in the lighting industry, I tend to agree... but I'm not gonna rain on someone's parade. Plenty of that going on lately as it is.

Coffeemade June 1st, 2012 18:24

I am starting to understand why others with either complete chinese lights or other DIYs aren't taking the time to document and post up DIYs......

I might take a step back myself.

VeeDubTDI June 1st, 2012 18:28

Not asking you to step back as I'm genuinely interested in your retrofit. From my experience and what I've seen in other cars on the road, many drop in HID retrofit kits have very poor light control. I have seen some cars that respond well to drop in HIDs and I'm very curious to see if the Passat is one of these cars. It also depends on the kit - some are worse than others.

So please, continue sharing!

PS- complete Chinese lights would fulfill the "requirements" set forth by nkgagne since they're factory projector HIDs.

Coffeemade June 1st, 2012 18:31

So please, continue sharing!

Maybe just to a more limited audience (you included)

Oh and I would go out and take some more night photos except for this stupid rain. maybe over the weekend,

VeeDubTDI June 1st, 2012 18:41

Pouring here again... crazy weather today! :eek: Tornado and flash flood warnings earlier, now just flash flood warnings.

Stay safe!

dogger37 June 2nd, 2012 21:46

Hate to ask the question again but can this kit help make the OEM chinese lights and/or the aftermarket LED/HID lights work?

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