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VW Derf September 21st, 2015 19:38

TDIFest 2015 Summary Thread
Thanks everyone who was able to make it out our support TDIClub and TDIFest 2015 in some way. There are a number of different threads so this is a quick summary thread.

First lets thank those that were able to make TDIFest a reality with their contributions:
Please considering giving those who support TDIClub your business before looking outside as they support us keeping us add free.

From the Tech sessions here is a link to TDIMeister's presentation about Diesel Exhaust Fluid(DEF) and SCR.

2015 BUG*PWR Winner : TDIDaveNH

Here is the final list of winner at the Show and Shine:

Best in Show:​
H​ere's where you choose your favorite car in the Show & Shine.
Winner: Tom Walker (tomo366)

Attention to Detail:​
T​his award is given to the vehicle in the Show & Shine that you think is the most meticulously cleaned/maintained.
Winner: Julie Storey (Hamsterdiesel)

Best Daily Driver:​
B​est daily driver. Any year or model, this car will get you from A to B TDI style.
Winner: Peter Storey (PeterV) * Special note that this car has made it to all 15 TDIFests.

Best Modified (No Engine Conversion):​
T​he best example of a modified car. Not necessarily the most modified, but one where the modifications have been done with great care and planning too. Engine conversions not included.
Winner: Glenn Norris (TransientTDI)

Best (Engine) Conversion:​ A​ successful conversion (engine) that looks like it could have come from the factory.
Winner: Brandon Bosworth (Iron Alterations)

Been Around The Block:​
T​he most used vehicle / vehicle showing the most age, but still road*worthy enough to make it to the event
Picture needed
Winner: Mike Haslam (yatzee)

Other award at this year's TDIFest include:

TDI vehicle with the highest mileage
Winner: abacus' 1997 Passat with 442,207miles (712,000 km)

Farthest distance driven to TDIFest (Google Maps shortest route from your home - extended road trips do not count):
Winner: john.jackson9213 with 3,100 miles (5,000km)

Best fuel economy on the trip to TDIFest:
Winner: millere5815 and his 2002 Jetta with 58 mpg (US) or 4.06 l/100km

If you want to see pictures from the event, this is the link.

A big thanks goes out to this years organizing committee, the volunteers, sponsor and everyone who made it out to the even this year. For those that attended we sent out a survey today. Please fill this in by October 5th, 2015 so we can use the feedback for future events. If you attended and did not receive one, please let me know.

We can end off with a view of the cars that made it up Mount Washington:

VeeDubTDI September 21st, 2015 20:08

I think Abacus got highest mileage.

jeepnguy October 1st, 2015 06:30

Wondering about a few details for the winners:
What was the total mileage for the Highest mileage; What was the best MPG; and What was the farthest distance driven.


TNguy October 7th, 2015 08:01

^^ Also wondering the same things

mishkaya October 7th, 2015 09:39

I am pretty certain that millere5815 had best mpg...

VeeDubTDI October 7th, 2015 09:44

Highest odometer was in excess of 400,000 miles, although I don't recall the exact number.

I think best mileage was 58 MPG.

Farthest distance was 3,100 miles by Google Maps, although John took a longer route through Michigan.

Sorry, all three of these things were a show-of-hands, and I didn't take very good notes on the final stats. :o

millere5815 October 9th, 2015 00:02

I did indeed have the highest fuel economy on the way to TDIFest. 58mpg right on the dot

Abacus October 9th, 2015 06:39


Originally Posted by VeeDubTDI (Post 4911891)
Highest odometer was in excess of 400,000 miles, although I don't recall the exact number.

442,207 miles if I remember correctly, it's obviously higher now.

VW Derf October 9th, 2015 07:06

Thanks for the missing details everyone. They have been noted and made official in the first post.

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