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Jerz December 6th, 2019 12:01

Coxster TDi
It's been discussed here before, but AFAIK not done yet. I've just test fitted V6 TDI + 6 speed into a Boxster S . Lots of room, but will have to go twin turbo due to limited height.
Planing to go mTDi , big nozzles, big IC, the usual, 300hp+ is the goal.
Any turbo recommendations from the experts?
Also looking for Euro only parts source in Canada/US. Anybody selling 2.5 V6 TDi parts here, or do I have to bring them from Europe? The engine I got with faulty pump, upon closer inspection also needs one rocker tappet and valve spacer. Otherwise seems pretty healthy.

d24tdi December 10th, 2019 22:09

Look forward to seeing pictures though of course in a Boxster there might not be much to see. ships to US at reasonable prices, I presume Canada too.

What pump do you plan to use in place of the VP44 for the mechanical conversion? And what nozzles?

Sounds like fun, do you know what engine code your 2.5L is? And how did you come across the motor on these shores?

Subscribed for updates.

Jerz December 12th, 2019 15:36

Thanks for the link for parts. The engine is AFB. Got it from somebody who imported A6 TDi to Canada and eventually gave up on trying to have pump issues sorted.
The mTDi pump will be Cummins VE 12mm with less aggressive cam plate for better RPM potential.
Bigger nozzles, have couple different sets.
Tranny will be DQS 01E from Frans.
Twin turbos , probably 1852.

d24tdi December 16th, 2019 11:46

I have seen where a couple of folks have adapted VE pumps to the V6 engines. Will be watching to see how it goes. The power band of the 2.5L Audi engine might be much higher than the 5.9L 6BT which I don't think runs much beyond 3k, any thoughts on what you may need to do with the governor to make it keep fueling up beyond 4000 rpm? Maybe a hybrid pump with Cummins elements and control parts from an AAZ or similar car engine would work.

Hope to see pictures of whatever you end up doing. The V6 as you probably know has a reputation for valvetrain trouble, if it's got a bad follower you might consider doing them all. Search for Indiared's thread on his 2.5 V6 swap into an Audi A4 on here, he recently had a few followers wear out and then pop off and the engine was only running on 2/3rds of the 24 valves. Still ran but not right. The AFB engines seem to be the most common for problems with cams and followers. Complete repair kits with all 4 cams and 24 followers appear to be pretty cheap now though.

They are certainly sweet running engines when all straightened out and from what I can tell the issue with valvetrain is really more a victim of Audi's 30,000 mile oil change "extended service" intervals that they were playing with in Europe around that time, not as much a result of design issues. Seems like folks who put fresh cams and follower fingers in and then stick to reasonable OCI with good synthetic oil have no more problems from there. But if I were in your situation with an engine that will be very hard to service once it's installed, if I found one problematic part in the valvetrain I would probably want to bite the bullet and just do it all now....

Jerz December 20th, 2019 15:24

The pump will be build with less aggressive cam plate and tweaked governor to allow higher rpm , yet provide enough fuel for 300-350 hp.
The issue I see right now are the delivery valves - they are larger on the VP44 pump. May need custom injector lines - $$$.
The cams and followers look in OK shape, so they will be reused for now. The damaged lifter will be replaced.


d24tdi December 21st, 2019 16:51

Looked at the rest of the photos in your album, I'm amazed how well that looks like it fits in there. Looks like even the height of the motor is almost ideal and the way the intake plumbing snakes along the front looks like it was meant to be there. I would have imagined a V6 would be too tall to put where a boxer engine had been, but I guess the way the intake manifold and accessories are piled on top of the original motor, it's not as much of a difference as expected.

Keep the updates coming, fun to watch this come together. Wonder if you could custom-order some threaded bushings to make the stock lines from the VP thread onto the VE delivery valves? Will the lines fit otherwise? I would have guessed the length of the pump body and the diameter of the spread of the fittings on the back of the pump would have been different enough between the two pumps that the lines would be hard to adapt anyway. Do you know what the other folks who did the mechanical VE swap have done?

Nice looking pump adapter bracket, looks like that part at least was simpler than I would have thought.

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