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mattboyd January 7th, 2019 07:11

TDI Mechanic Recommendations (between DC and Richmond)

Infrequent poster here, but I'm looking for advice on someone who regularly works on TDIs). Mine is an 04 Jetta wagon. I bought it from a friend a couple years ago with 209k miles and am just about to hit 300k. When he had it it was meticulously dealer-maintained with Castrol Edge synthetic oil changes every 5k miles and a mostly "if you see something, fix it" approach. Since I've had it, I have done the majority of the maintenance myself including that same Castrol Edge oil change (although I stretch it to 10k miles since it is synthetic). I've replaced one axle and had the CV joints redone on the other, I did the front brakes for the first time in the car's lifetime at 255k miles and did rears for its second time at the same time. I had the dealer replace the cat back exhaust due to bottoming out on the muffler and causing a hole. I just had the steering rack replaced, and other than other normal maintenance (e.g.-fuel, air, and cabin filters) it's been pretty seamless.

Now it is time for a few big jobs:

i) Replace the original clutch
ii) Timing belt (and likely waterpump)
iii) Replace one of the rear calipers and e-brake cables (I might do this myself)

I'm looking for a fairly local mechanic in proximity to Fredericksburg, VA (mid-way between DC and Richmond). It could be an established independent shop or a moonlighting mechanic. I just am looking for someone with experience and a documented good reputation who I would trust more than the dealer network and who would be less expensive than the dealer. I also am looking for someone to look at what might be deferred maintenance that I have missed. Even potential for considering installing a taller 5th gear since we're in doing a clutch.

Thanks in advance for any advice.


1854sailor January 7th, 2019 08:25

Look HERE.

MKIInut January 12th, 2019 17:37

Matt see if Ninedee Golf TDI is still doing timing belt etc. He did one for me a few years ago and it was reasonably priced. I purchased all the parts and he did the work. He may be able to help you with the other things as well. He is located in the Stafford area.

mattboyd January 14th, 2019 08:15

I've PM'ed and emailed him, several days ago. Based on what I've seen on here about him, that's exactly what I want to do, but I need to be able to contact him so if anyone can help me contact him that would be much much much appreciated.

My goal is to get this done before 300k but I'm at 297,500 now and driving it every day....

Will Halsey January 14th, 2019 17:07

I know it's a far drive for you, but there is a company located in Reading PA that specializes in diesels. I had them do a dpf delete on my mk6 golf and they do excellent work. If you're willing to make the drive, it would be worth it. The shop name is Dirty Diesels and their phone number is (267)-935-9755

1854sailor January 16th, 2019 14:32

I don't know if I'd be advertising for a company that does deletes, which are Federal crimes. The EPA has fined folks like that hundreds of thousands of dollars...

Lakenum09 February 3rd, 2019 17:29

I am looking for a good machine shop in the Richmond, VA area. I need my PD head rebuilt.

1854sailor February 7th, 2019 06:51


Originally Posted by Lakenum09 (Post 5480493)
I am looking for a good machine shop in the Richmond, VA area. I need my PD head rebuilt.

Contact Richard at You will have to ship the head to Kansas City, but it will be done right.

Ker-Pow February 7th, 2019 13:03

Check out Cuz's TDI Werks in Stafford.
Allen Bristow is the owner. He works on my 05 Jetta Wagon. He's reasonable and does great work IMO.

packarman2000 February 9th, 2019 19:04

i have been working on BEW tdi's for years now. built a few and done what you need many times. that work is very easy for me to do if interested. i have a shop that i do side work in when i am north in my normal job. i live in north carolina though in fort bragg now. if willing to drive you can call me at 305-788-8033 andy. its not that far of a drive being that i have driven your way several times.

tdi'Nator February 16th, 2019 09:48

Alan Bristow- tdi Mechanic in VA- *Strong* endorsement

I am thrilled with mechanic, Allen Bristow, whose shop is just south of DC I learned of Allen's shop on this site and am thankful to whoever created the list of shops tdi owners can trust.

Alan specializes in tdi's, his pricing is very fair, he finished the job on time, he gave fantastic advice and my car now runs *far* better than it ever has.

I own a 2002, 5 speed Golf tdi with a stock ALH motor, stock suspension and original factory clutch. In fact, entire car was stone stock. The car has been wonderful, but it was due for a timing belt kit and the original OE suspension and springs were shot. The motor, transmission and body were in great shape, and I had recently replaced both CV axles and lower control arms. I decided to some money and make it better than new. After talking with several mechanics, I chose Allen and could not be happier.

I had him install the following:
  • High mileage timing belt kit w/water pump along with serpentine belt & tensioner. *The high mileage kit also includes a new cam pulley since these wear out around 200k mi.
  • Heater, radiator hoses, fluid
  • fuel, air and cabin filters
  • motor mounts
  • Koni Red struts/shocks with heavy duty Supplex springs and all hardware
  • inner/out tie rods & [front alignment at nearby outside shop]
  • rear axle bushings
  • I *splurged* on a set of calibrated Bosio Fratelli 520 DLC injectors and had Alan optimize them with VAGcom, he also cleaned the intake manifold and mass air sensor
  • new stock cam and lifters (stock ones are known to sometimes wear after 200k+ miles
  • rear hub bearings, discs and pads

Fun stuff first! The Bosio 520 DLC injectors are totally amazing. The motor feels like it picked up a 33% increase in torque and hp. It pulls right off idle and just keeps pulling. It is, dare I say, almost a sports car! Holy crap- I can pass cars and still pass the fuel station!

The Koni Reds + Supplex springs have completely changed my car's handling. The car no longer wallows, it no longer bucks over bumps in the road and is tossable in corners. The old springs were completely sacked, so it now sits about 2.5-3" higher all around. This is wonderful since last year I managed to put a hole in my oil pan on the dirt driveway leading to a friend's farm.

Anyhow, if your tdi needs some love, go to Alan. He does amazing work and his pricing are extremely fair.



Originally Posted by Ker-Pow (Post 5481872)
Check out Cuz's TDI Werks in Stafford.
Allen Bristow is the owner. He works on my 05 Jetta Wagon. He's reasonable and does great work IMO.

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