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tarynl519 December 4th, 2018 07:31

Anyone else been told their 2012 Passat has a "special TDI engine"?
My car is currently at the dealership for its 120,000 service. When I scheduled this appointment two weeks ago, I also requested to have the timing belt replaced since the last couple of times it was in for service, the service advisor had been telling me to consider getting it done and it was going to be quite an expense. So I saved up the money the last year to have it done. Well, a few minutes ago, I get a phone call from the dealership saying they are unable to do the timing belt today because my Passat "has a special TDI engine." I asked what he was talking about and he rattled on about how 95% of 2012 Passats have one engine and the remaining 5% have a different TDI engine. Since I apparently have a "special" engine, they don't keep the timing belt parts there to replace mine. They have to be specially ordered. Is this true? Has anyone else been told this?

jck66 December 4th, 2018 09:25

Sounds B-O-G-U-S to me. Go on any VW parts site on the internet and it doesn't ask your build date for engine parts. They probably had the parts ready for a Jetta/Golf TB change and that's the 95% they are used to.

tarynl519 December 4th, 2018 09:40

Thanks. We thought so as well so called a neighboring dealership and that service department all but said the same thing (that there was no "special/different TDI engine". Also, I forgot to mention when I dropped my car off this morning that the price to have the timing belt replaced magically jumped from around $1,200 up to over $2,000 at my current dealership. The service advisor offered no explanation other than asked who quoted me the $1,200. The neighboring dealership confirmed the pricing is around $1,200, so not sure what that was all about either. Guess it doesn't matter as they called and said they didn't have the parts to do it anyway. I will just take my car somewhere else to have it done.

oilhammer December 4th, 2018 10:05

The CKRA engine IS unique to just the 2012-2014 NMS Passat, no other TDI model sold here uses it. And the timing belt and related bits ARE different. That is probably what they meant.

jrm December 5th, 2018 19:30

pick up a t belt kit + water pump from then have a trusted indy shop pop it in- or take a drive up to oilhammers shop :)

740GLE December 6th, 2018 09:41

cut and run ASAP, did they even crack the TB cover to start the job?

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