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NarfBLAST April 17th, 2008 12:34

CETANE ratings in Canada Eh?
Anyone notice that it is hard to find CETANE ratings at filling stations in Canada? I decided to email some companies and post the replies here. My understanding is that the minimum requirement in Canada is a cetane 40. Anyone else ever pay attention to cetane?

I was inspired to do this research after reading BleachedBora's thread on fuel economy:

Here is the summary as of the last edited date below:

CETANE Ratings in Canada

Claim to EXCEED the minimum requirements:

45 - 52 Petro Canada
45 - 50 Sunoco Gold
45 - ?? Shell V-Power
45 - 50+ Autogas/Cascadia Biofuels (British Columbia)
42 - 45 Husky's DieselMax
41 - 43.5 Red River Co-op Co-op EP3000 Summer cetane is 46.5, winter is 44.0.

Claim to meet the minimum requirements:

40 Sunoco non-Gold / Pioneer
40 Pioneer (they buy Sunoco non-Gold)
40 Shell non-V-Power
40 Flying J
40 Ultramar
40 Irving

oEo April 17th, 2008 12:36


Originally Posted by NarfBLAST

Anyone else ever pay attention to cetane?

I'm pretty sure the VW Manual for the PD engine states minimum 49 cetane. I use Amsoils Cetane Boost and Total's Diecyl Plus.

NarfBLAST April 17th, 2008 12:41

regarding cetane at Sunoco in Canada:


Originally Posted by
Thank you for your email. In answer to your questions:

Ultra low sulphur diesel has a minimum cetane rating of 40
Ultra low sulphur Gold Diesel has a minimum cetane rating of 45
For your reference, we have highlighted some key points regarding both the immediate and long term benefits of our Sunoco Gold Diesel for your convenience.
Immediate Benefits:
· Gold Diesel has "higher cetane rating", therefore our customers will get quicker starts (especially in cold weather) and smoother running engine with less smoke and emissions. Sunoco Gold Diesel is guaranteed to have a 45 min. cetane number and often exceeds that by 1-5 cetane numbers.
· Gold Diesel has a water de-hazer and a de-icer, which helps to prevent water freeze-ups, especially in really cold weather.
Long Term Benefits:
· Gold Diesel has a great detergent which will keep engine parts clean, especially fuel injectors!!! Clean injectors are necessary for maximum power and fuel economy.
· Gold Diesel has a lubricity improver to provide added lubrication to engine parts (versus the base diesel product), such as fuel pumps.
· Gold Diesel has corrosion inhibitors and stabilizers to keep decomposed fuel from fouling or attacking engine fuel system components ………this can reduce need for maintenance over the life of a diesel engine.
Please feel free to contact me directly at the following email address or at either number noted below should you require further information.
Best Regards,
Jenny Stathopoulos
Customer Relations Co-ordinator
416-733-7423 / 1-888-858-7242

NarfBLAST April 17th, 2008 12:45

Petro Canada
regarding cetane at PetroCanada...

Originally Posted by
Thank you for contacting Petro-Canada online.

Current cetane of Petro-Canada diesel in Ontario ranges from approximately 47 - 52, depending on various refining factors.

****mah Boganee
Telephone 1-800-668-0220
Facsimile 1-800-837-1228

NarfBLAST April 17th, 2008 12:50


Originally Posted by oEo
I'm pretty sure the VW Manual for the PD engine states minimum 49 cetane. I use Amsoils Cetane Boost and Total's Diecyl Plus.

Yeah, good point... running out to my car to check the manual now...

edit: Found the pages on Fuels in my 2001 Golf manual and in the gasoline section it talks about octane but the diesel section just says "Use No.2 Diesel, do not use home heating oil or gasoline" and then it talks about low temperature operation but that is it. So is cetane rating just not important in the VE engine or what?

blizzak May 5th, 2008 00:59

Can't wait to see what you hear back from truck town terminals....I typically fill up only there if I can plan it that way.

NarfBLAST May 7th, 2008 07:37


Originally Posted by blizzak
Can't wait to see what you hear back from truck town terminals....I typically fill up only there if I can plan it that way.

Great to hear that! Have you opened an account with them yet so you can unlock the pump yourself 24hours? Its free, and they send you an invoice monthly... if you want they can put that invoice directly on your credit card automatically each month and they send the receipt with the bill. Thats what I do. I LOVE truck town!

Will email them again and ask these two questions: cetane rating for dino diesel and availability of 100% biodiesel.

NarfBLAST May 7th, 2008 17:02

BioDiesel at Trucktown this summer...
I got this reply from Mike at Truck Town Terminals in Milton


Originally Posted by
As to B100 the verdict is still out. We have decided to supply B50 at our pump #1 for the summer and are hopefull that the price will continue to match Diesel.
Regards Mike



Originally Posted by
Hi Paul I have no specs as of yet because I still cannot find bio at a reasonable price. At this point there will be no B100 this season. I will let you know if something changes.

I asked again about CETANE... maybe truckers just never ask about the CETANE rating?

NB_TDi May 7th, 2008 17:08

I asked Shell a few months back about their Ultra Diesel. They said it has a min cetane rating of 45....and some other goodies.

I always add PowerService anyway :)

NarfBLAST May 7th, 2008 19:55

Thanks! That reminds me to send an email to Shell because I remember seeing that they offer two grades of diesel and they must have different ratings.

Please let me know if there are any other companies in Canada I should email! Or, if anyone would like to email and post the replies that is cool too, I've had no luck with web pages... its as if nobody cares?

NarfBLAST May 11th, 2008 18:41

CETANE at Truck Town Terminals
I give up...

The min rating for regular diesel is 40. They will not be exact but will supply me a spec sheet.

-----Original Message-----
Sent: Wednesday, May 07, 2008 7:55 PM
To: Cyndi
Subject: Re: bio

Hi Cindy,

Can you tell me the CETANE rating of your regular diesel?

silverbox May 12th, 2008 05:49

Narf it would be interesting to see the Imperial oil and Irving oil cetane numbers...good luck with your research.

fuzzywulf May 15th, 2008 20:58

Flying J sent me this:

I do not have the cetane rating. The government issued the rating needs to
be between a certain range. Our fuel always falls into the required range
but is never guaranteed to be a specific number.

Kathryn Norris
Administrative Office Assistant
Diesel Fuel Marketing
Flying J. Corp.

NarfBLAST May 23rd, 2008 08:39

CETANE at Shell
Received this today, sorry I had to cut and paste the brocure that they sent, I've asked them if they have an online version. Glossy overview of the additives in their ultra diesel. I think I would rather just run 20% bio myself.

Thank you for your interest in our Shell Canada products.

At present our diesel products all meet, or exceed, the Canadian Government's regulated CGSB (Canadian General Standards Boards) spec
which is a minimum Cetane of 40.
Both the standard pump ULSD (Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel) and the premium UltraDiesel.
Both have the same base ULSD product, with a maximum of 15ppm of sulphur, as well as the UltraDiesel , which has a premium diesel additive package.
The UltraDiesel info is attached for your perusal.

I trust this answer your question.

Shell Canada Products
Lubricants & Fuels Technical Help Desk

Try it.
Be convinced.
Here are some of the technical reasons why the
fuel additive package in UltraDiesel is right
for your engine.
Maintains proper spray patterns in fuel injectors
and keeps them clean. This may improve engine
performance, reduce emissions and increase
mileage. The additive package passed the Cummins
L-10 detergency test with a “Superior” rating.
Prevents the formation of water/fuel emulsions. Helps
prevent fuel system corrosion and filter plugging.
Reduces sediment formation with fuel aging which
helps prevent premature fuel-filter plugging.
Corrosion Inhibitor
Protects all ferrous-based parts in the fuel system.
Lubricity Additive
Enhances fuel lubricity to further reduce premature
wear of the fuel injection system.
Prevents the formation of ice in the fuel tank and
lines in cold weather. The additive package does
not contain methanol (alcohol).
The additive package in UltraDiesel has been
tested rigourously to provide the above benefits and
to be fully compatible with elastomers and filters.
It contains no harmful alcohols and is ashless.
Choose the fuel that means optimum performance,
lower maintenance costs and longer engine life.
Choose UltraDiesel at Shell, Turbo and Payless sites.
For more information, please call
Perform At
Your Engine’s Best
UltraDiesel delivers optimum
pulling power from your vehicle.
For as long as your engine lasts.
And in any weather. When you’ve
got UltraDiesel, you’ve got better
cold-weather starting and performance.
New UltraDiesel
contains an additive package
which improves performance
and protects your engine.
And it’s all pre-mixed —
you don’t have to add a thing.
We Put Something Special
In The Fuel So You Get
Something Special Out Of It.
Helping Your Engine
Helps The Environment
Not only is UltraDiesel better
for your engine but better for the
environment too. It keeps your engine
clean, resulting in less black smoke
and emissions. That’s another reason
why it’s the right choice.
Protect Your Engine
And Investment
With UltraDiesel, you can count on
fewer problems, lower maintenance
costs and longer engine life.
UltraDiesel ensures this because it…
• keeps your fuel system and
injectors clean and lubricated
• removes and prevents deposits
which worsen fuel economy
• inhibits corrosion
• stabilizes fuel
• protects against fuel-line freeze

BleachedBora June 2nd, 2008 14:42

Hey guys, thanks for the Petrocanada information, I added it to my list. I only add information when I have either talked personally on the phone with them or I see a letter type format like what you guys have.

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