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that tdi guy December 5th, 2017 11:11

VagCom question
I just finished doing some vagcom stuff on my 2006 mk5 BRM. I was able to use vagcom to turn off my DRL, but when I tried to activate the comfort windows, it didn't work. I followed a procedure I found on myturbodiesel, and it just won't work. The one thing I can think off is that the back drivers side window doesn't work, so maybe the comfort windows won't work?:confused:

goodmonkey December 5th, 2017 11:20

Are you trying to do comfort windows by key (in drivers door) or by remote? I know there are multiple check boxes to both inactive and activate based on what you are trying to do. Mine works, also a 2006 model. I think my remote battery is getting weak, because while I can unlock the car from a distance, I feel holding the button down to get the windows to roll down or up I have to be a lot closer, and may have to try a couple of times.

that tdi guy December 5th, 2017 12:04

I am trying to do it with the remote, it could be that my remote batteries are getting weak. Also, after getting an aftermarket radio, my car no longer honks when it is locked. Any idea on why, and how to fix this?

goodmonkey December 5th, 2017 14:00

No idea on why swapping the radio would change the ATA horn behavior. You could see if it is just the confirmation honk or the horn itself by using the panic on your remote or setting your alarm off. If only the lights flash then there might be a problem. Also, the alarm horn is controlled via CCM, the same module you were in looking at for comfort windows. You could look for fault codes there if you aren't getting the horn to work at all. I think that would be a good place to start, since you already have VCDS.

crazyrunner33 December 5th, 2017 14:07

For the beep after locking, make sure that all the doors and trunk is closed, and try pulling on each door handle when the car is locked. If all doors are closed, then double check your VCDS settings and follow one of the tutorials for enabling and disabling the beep after the door. If the settings check out, then you'll want to test the triggers for all the doors. If there's a problem, a VCDS full scan should reveal a fault in one of the doors.

For the remote, try the VCDS tutorial again and double check the long coding and make sure the appropriate boxes are checked and unchecked.

that tdi guy December 5th, 2017 15:13

It honks when the panic button is pressed. Thanks for the help guys, I'll look into it!

goodmonkey December 5th, 2017 16:16


Originally Posted by that tdi guy (Post 5356068)
It honks when the panic button is pressed. Thanks for the help guys, I'll look into it!

Great! Now you know it isn't the horn, but most likely a setting or one of the doors not locking/confirming they are locked.

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