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kdawg89 April 22nd, 2014 00:31

06 Jetta BRM high altitude issues
Hi all,

Took my car on a trip from Salt Lake to Denver this weekend. On the way there once I had made large altitude gains the car would go into limp mode and have almost no power. It would barely made it up some of the hills in 2nd with full throttle. Issues seemed to start occurring around 9000-12000 ft. Basically car loses power and when I scanned with VCDS I got a code for boost pressure control out of range. Turning the ignition off and on will fix it for a random period of time. Once I got to Denver where the elevation is much lower it was fine again. On the return trip I had the same results, only problems at very high altitude. The car has Malone stage 2 custom tunes and I experienced the problem both with custom tunes and with stock tunes. Also my car has the zip-tie mod if that makes any difference. Any ideas what would cause this sort of issue?

Edit: I am going to run a charge control test later today. I think that when I did my zip-tie mod I might have overdone it, I thought a read that the minimum difference was 50 but I reread the how-to and the minimum difference should be 80. I think my car is set at around 60 so maybe that was my issue.

Edit 2: Ran charge control test in VCDS and found that my pressure difference was only 10! I forgot that I had to adjust my ziptie mod and at that time I didn't have access to VCDS so I just guessed and obviously did not guess close enough. I am going to fix that and hope that it was what was causing my issue but since it is about a 5 hour drive to where I had issues I probably won't ever get to actually test it out.

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bl00tdi April 23rd, 2014 18:18

Yeap it's probably underboosting due to not enough VNT angle but honestly, at those altitudes I would be afraid of running an aftermarket tune due to potentially overspeeding that tiny turbo. Adjust the ziptie to get that pressure difference up and load the stock tune before your next foray into the clouds if possible.

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